Friday, June 12, 2015

What Is the Qur'an?

What is the Qur'an? Is it the Word of God? Is it the greatest book ever written? Are there scientific miracles in the Qur'an? Does the Qur'an promote justice, fairness, and women's rights? Has it been perfectly preserved? Let's find out.

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Unknown said...

David, your cover picture of the video look like you are calling Muslims for prayer with melody of Adhan or Azan, very sweet to hear. This is the black magic of Quran to draw people of all kinds, terrorists, criminals, thugs, sex offenders, polygamy, rapists, cheaters, scientists etc., etc.

Holy God gave us Holy book the Bible to guide our life with the Light; core value: “Love your enemy/neighbor”. But importance of Light cannot be enjoyed without presence of Darkness. To my understanding God allowed Devil to work with Muhammad to make a book opposite to Holy Bible, preserving enemy among people. Core value of Quran is to fight those who love God and neighbors but hate devil. Thus criminals, sex offenders, terrorists love Quran but hate the Bible. The stupid intelligent do not understand language of Quran, but find enjoyable melody of lies written in Quran.

Red Bee said...

Indeed, Muslims are conditioned. This in itself is no surprise; we all are conditioned, at home, in school, on the sports fields, etc. Muslims, however are conditioned by the Koran. The Koran is meant to be recited in Arabic and that is what is taught in Koran schools. As most Muslims do not speak Arabic, many have no idea about the actual content. The fact they do not understand what they are reciting does not mean it has no effect on them; quite the opposite is probably true. When one is not aware of being conditioned one cannot make ones own choices and the conditioning happens without interference from cognitions.

An aspect of the Koran seldom mentioned is its divers repetitions of the same things. This hammering on a couple of themes like a drumbeat is important because repetition is necessary for conditioning to take place.

When Muslims praise the Koran, they are probably not lying. Their religious experiences must be taken seriously.
Mr. Wood mentions the death penalty for apostasy as a main cause of Muslim's obedience to the demands of their religion. Though it is an important factor I think there is more to it. The resistance to change of this medieval system can't be due to terror alone. Many cruel dictators have been overthrown despite their brutal methods. Ayaan Hirshi Ali said the abolishment of the death penalty for apostasy would result in Islam, going empty like an inflated balloon when released. This may not be the case because Islam has got a hold on Muslims as a result of early conditioning too.

At the end of the video Mr. Wood tells Muslims, they have been deceived and suggests they have a choice. He may overestimate the Muslim's freedom of choice though. People's behavior in general is a result from early conditioning of which the individual in most cases is unaware. This is not a problem if the conditioning leads to normal behavior and is beneficial to the individual. It becomes a problem if its result is maladaptive behavior; for instance, people who are a victim of child abuse are at risk of abusing their own children, often to their own surprise and frustration, too if they do not seek professional help.

If you are reading this and you happen to be a Muslim you should take a look at my website . Maybe it will improve your freedom of choice and make you question whether it is such a good idea to send your children to Koran school.

Kassander said...

I am Dutch.
I have a website pro-Israel and anti-Islam:
David Wood!
You have many, many, many excellent texts.
But this one stands out above all of what I've heard from you
One question: you damned bstrd, why don’t you make the written text of this monologue availabe on-line so that it can be translated into all languages of the world?
You’re so f**ng clever: so why is this so hard to grasp?
It IS obviously hard to grasp for you because you did not do it.
Too obsessed getting your talking head on the internet?
Get humble and be more efficient in the Good Fight.

Anonymous said...

To my Muslim friends,

It is the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta. Clause 39 reads, “No freeman shall be taken, imprisoned, disseised (ie. unlawfully removed from his land), outlawed, banished, or in any way destroyed, nor will we proceed against or prosecute him, except by the lawful judgment of his peers and by the law of the land.”. The term "freeman" was later replaced with the words "No man".

Written to address the then monarch's abuse of power, its contents were not new even 800 years ago, but a reminder of Biblical tenets. Its impact has been enduring, and historians suggest that at least one third of the American Constitution draws from its laws.

A document written expressly and purposefully by the hand of men, with variations of good intentions and self-serving agendas has impacted the course of history positively and continuously, yet it is only a document based on what the Bible had already taught men. It makes no claim to divine inspiration nor perfection, it is not holy nor needs to be recited or revered.

If a document written by man can impact and change the world in multiple and ongoing ways over 800 years, should you not expect something inspired by Allah, something that is supposedly divine and perfect to do a thousand times more? Is it not reasonable for you to expect that the Qur'an would result in something more significant for mankind, than a document that man wrote 800 years ago?

Shouldn't the Qur'an, supposedly Allah's most perfect revelation to man, be able to point to at least one law, or one great moment in history and say 'this is because of the Qur'an!'.

Jesus told his disciples when he was talking about false teaching and false prophets "you shall know them by their fruits" (Matthew 7:16). This teaching is affirmed in the Qur'an.

What then are the fruits of the Qur'an? What has it influenced and changed in the course of mankind's history to demonstrate its claims to be the supreme revelation of God's intentions for mankind. Or are you to just accept its claims because it says so?

Anonymous said...

Dear Kassander,

English is not your first language, so perhaps you didn't realize that you were being rude? Perhaps someone helped you with your English, and that person didn't like you and wanted you to look foolish? Perhaps your google translator is set to 'Charlie Sheen'?

While I'm not sure what has caused your unnecessary and highly contradictory rant, I can see that you've missed the irony in asking someone else to "get humble" when humility is indeed what you seem to be most lacking. "the Good Fight", as you refer to it, obliviously requires 'goodness', another quality that you may want to stock up on.

It may be time to pop open the old English books and look to the chapter on "Using adjective that don't make people want to avoid you".

If you are prepared to damn and maliciously attack a person for a technical issue on a website, then I suggest you've surrounded yourself by so much hate that it is now backfiring on you.

There are also women posting here, I am one of them, so I would appreciate that you don't come back until you've dealt with your anger and learnt how to speak civilly on an open forum.

Unknown said...

Paige, Long live freedom "Magna Carta", chartered on June 15, 1215. It is shameful and sad that Britain, the birth place of democracy adopted savage law of atrocities "Sharia Laws" in its modern society, drafted by Muhammad the prophet of Devil in about 1,400 years before.

If “seeing is believing” is true then by looking at all Muslim countries around the world we can conclude that “Fruits of Quran” is to make corrupt society like PAKISTAN, AFGANISTAN, Libya, Saudi Arabia etc. about 1.6 billion followers of Muhammad and his Allah, who are fighting to death for corruption.

Britain should make hay while the sun shines, that is to control Muslims like Anjem Choudary to keep long history of freedom and destroy sharia law from the face of the earth. Freedom of expression must be prevailed. God is with us.

ignatius said...

Beautifully done, David!

I especially liked your invitation to Moslems at the end to think critically and leave the deception behind them. Your reaching out was friendly, showed that you’re well disposed toward your listeners, and it opens new possibilities, helping some of them to consider things which were unthinkable before.

One detail: your remark “…Mohammed tortured people for money” is better rendered “Mohammed tortured a man for money.” Your reference cites only one man, and it is the only case of Mohammed torturing someone for material gain to my knowledge. Using the plural is frequent in such assertions and it might improve the rhetorical effect, but for the sake of accuracy, it’s best to keep it singular.

Paige, thanks for the remarks on the Magna Carta and the comparison with the Quran. Alas, the Quran has been at the root numerous bad historical events, such as the fall of Constantinople in 1453, and you are right that a positive Quranic contribution to world history is hard to find, probably because there is none.

I’ve been giving some thought on your earlier post on how to have a discussion with a Moslem without reference to religious texts in order to avoid the circular arguments. That’s ordering up a tough one. I’ll let you know if I come up with anything.

D. Collaric said...

@Nojmul Huda,

You compare Light and Darkness with “GOOD AND EVIL” which may be not correct. I for one do not see anything wrong in Darkness, it helps me sleep at night for instance. :-)

God allowed the Devil to create the koran? Well maybe God had no choice in the matter. Did God not create Angels? And if the Story in the Bible correct, the Angel on his FREE will went against God.

If I ever wanted to point out a false Messiah abu-l-qasim was this. You know all the PROMISES of GOD in THE OLD Testament caused the PAGANS IN YATHRIB to accept one FALSE MESSIAH, the Jews were still awaiting.
Did God create Islam, because of the promises in the OT?

abu-l-qasim = allah last prophfeet “Mohammad” is not really a name, but title “the praiseworthy”....