Friday, February 20, 2015

Is Allah the Worst Communicator Ever?

In the Qur'an, Allah claims to be perfectly clear in his commands (see 6:114; 11:1; 12:1; 15:1; 16:89; 22:72; 24:1, 34, 46; 26:2; 27:1; 28:2; 36:69; 41:3; 57:9; 65:11; etc.). Yet when critics of Islam quote the Qur'an, many Muslims insist that Allah means something very different from what he says. This should cause us to wonder: Is Allah's speech clear, or is it horribly unclear? Since Allah regularly says one thing but means nearly the opposite (according to his Westernized followers), should we regard him as the the worst communicator ever?


smalltallest88 said...

Being discussing with one of my muslim friend online. He said the name Jesus is never found in the Quran and I said to him yes, that the only name you found in the Quran is Isa, a name Allah and Muhammad invented for their interest. I think guy just make an END to Islam by saying Isa who muslims refers to as Jesus is not found in the Quran. This means one of the 5 pillars of Islam is a false. The guy make Allah the worst coummunicator ever.

jay shawn said...

Exactly. Muslims have to go through manmade sources to interpret and "properly" convey the "clear" message of allah. The converts-to-be are being seduced into islam. Like ISIS, dawah employs fantastic video production, and has the financial back of millions to deceive mankind. Musl8ms have literally flooded social media with their b.s. that are specifically targetted towards young adults.

Ah Clem said...

This video raises an interesting ethical question. Suppose you have moderate Muslims who actually believe Islam is peaceful, as David expresses in satire here. Is it ethical to encourage such Muslims to take a literal interpretation, and thus potentially adopt a violent ideology as a result (as Maajid Nawaz warns us that literalism leads to)?

I realize David's intent is to sow doubt among believing Muslims, so I don't in any way claim there is bad intent here. I just worry a bit about a perceived encouragement of literalism.

I apologize in advance if it seems like I'm being a troublemaker with this question.

Sisgp said...

These passages are about the only thing that is clear in the Quran, I've been reading (or trying to read) it and quite frankly 90% of it is incomprehensible. How anyone can read this hate filled drivel and then convert is beyond my comprehension

Paige said...

Hi David,

Let me first just say, this is a brilliant expose on a central problem for all Muslims! Thank you!

When I was recently studying, my lecturer, a well-known and highly respected Iman, said on our first day. Don't try and read the Qur'an like you would read the Bible, it will not make sense to you (most in the class were Muslim, so I thought this was a strange way to begin).

"The glorious Qur'an" he said, must be explained to you by scholars who have been acknowledged through the consensus of the community of believers (Ummah).

Realizing that Islam was a religion that had to be strained through the minds of men to be understood, I felt both sad and fearful for my Muslim friends.

Not only would Allah not communicate with them as the word 'commun-i-cation' explains, but they could not understand their own sacred texts except that human beings interpreted it to them.

These students were like balls in pinball machines and whenever Allah did a 360 on one of his commands, BAM! Al-Ghazali, Ibn Sina, Nasr or some other scholar were quoted by our lecturer to explain why Allah said one thing, but meant the opposite.

The lecturer taught that the contradictions in Allah's teaching were often to do with the fact that Allah spoke in a way that would be relevant to the culture of Mohammad's time. But why? While we see culture of the time in the presentation of Jesus' teaching, we do not see it in His teaching. The sermon on the Mount, is relevant to any culture in any age.

Why could Allah, supposedly the one who sent Jesus, not speak to Mohammad with the clarity and cultural diversity that he supposedly spoke to Jesus with?

During breaks, people were more honest and discussed these dilemmas openly, but then the 'No True Scotsman' defense would be used - It doesn't make sense, but it must be right because the Qur'an teaches us that the Qur'an is right and cannot be questioned because it's the Qur'an and the Qur'an is right and cannot be questioned...and the cycle of intellectual suicide began.

When faced with one of the many contradictions, the process was always the same. Show through the teachings of men what Allah really meant when he specifically ordered the deaths of non-believers, or what Mohammad was really demonstrating when he allowed his men to rape captives, and then remind students that this interpretation could not be wrong (despite the other schools of thought that said it was) because it had received consensus. Who by? You guessed it, men.

Let me sum up the logic that ultimately all debates in Islam fall back on:
"This must be true because it cannot be false. It cannot be false because it says it's true."

Millions of Muslims are caught in this cycle of confusion, where their doubts are answered with riddles and syllogisms. Millions of people with good intentions are pressured to believe that when Allah says "jump" he means "lie down". The source is always right. Why? Because it cannot be wrong.

And did Allah reveal that to believers? No, he revealed it to one man, one man in a cave with never a witness. And why did everyone believe him? Because he told them to.

Do you see the pattern?

I leave you with Isaiah 5:20 "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who call darkness light and light darkness and call bitter sweet and sweet bitter".

Paige said...

Dear Ah Clem,

I don't think there's any need to apologize as yours is very relevant and pertinent question that we should all consider.

If I could suggest an answer, I'd say that the polarization of Muslims has already begun. Some that call themselves "moderate" are already beginning to adopt a sense of militancy as they see the possibility for a world ruled by Shari'a law become an actual possibility.

Others are recognizing that their current lifestyle would be impossible if the Islamic State strengthens and expands, and that they will also be branded as apostate. Leaving or betraying Islam, is a greater crime than being a kaf'r, so this is no small concern for them.

Either way, many Muslims will be in a state of flux. If you look at recent writings by previously moderate Muslims you can see these changes in outlook appearing.

The other issue is that even the most moderate Muslim accepts violence to be acceptable to some degree, which in effect means that no Muslim is really peaceful. I have a number of Muslim friends who I would fight to protect, so I say this without prejudice.

Either way, David, from what I can tell, is demonstrating the hypocrisy of Islam in the hope that some might be saved. This can only be a good thing, but it will come with risks.

Nojmul Huda said...

Is Allah of Quran and the God of the Holy Bible same?

Answer is No. Reasons: 1) Per Quran Allah is “Worst Communicator Ever” as David Wood elaborated in the video with evidence from surah. But unlike Quran, God of Abraham, the Father of Jesus Christ communicated with us thru the Bible in simple and plain language even a dummy could understand. Example, Jesus very plainly explained to us nature of God thru The Prodigal Son, Kindness and Righteous God, we find Him throughout the Bible from the 1st book Genesis to the last book Revelation. Can any Muslims show a contradiction in the Bible as David showed in the Quran?

2) Anybody will find to its astonishment, soundness and consistency of glorifying One and Only God thru those 66 books of the Bible written by different authors in different time since creation of mankind until the last Book of Revelation, written at the end of 1st century. Unlike Quran there is no inconsistency in the message of God throughout the Bible. But Muhammad’s Allah ordered to kill non-Muslims unjustly, oppose to tone of God in the Bible we find.

3) Muhammad’s Allah favored Muhammad without justification, the best prophet of all time even though he committed adultery by marrying his daughter-in-law and a teenage girl Ay┼če at the age of 53 and killed many innocents. But we find in the Bible that God punished King David when he committed adultery for marrying his soldier’s wife. This and other evidence proof that Muhammad’s Allah is imaginary god of his creation like any other idol god. God of the Bible is True God Whom we Christian worship.

It is up to Muslims to believe Muhammad and his Allah in the Quran. Unlike Jesus Christ, Muhammad left no miraculous signs and eye witness evidence to proof his prophesies. But with 66 books of the Bible I am convinced that Kingdom of God is not for Muhammad and his followers. Judgment remains with merciful God and He left all doors open for all mankind to come to Him before our time goes up by stop breathing in this world.

Thanks David Wood for educating us to believe by faith with knowledge. Foolishness is way to Evil not to Holy God.

billwhit1357 said...

Just as in Babylon, when satan/allah is in charge, there is nothing but confusion and evilness.

Stick man Sam said...

Seems like some Muslims (Osama) will be excited to see the stupidity of the failed of communication of Allah explained in this video.

Shame upon Allah! He has very strong language difficulties.
He is wanted!

Criminal name: Allah
Date of birth: 610 AD
Nationality: Saudi Arabia
Job: previous moon god, (610ad&onwards)Merciless imaginary warlord of Muhammad
Religion: Islam (denomination not known yet)
Followers: Previously Meccan pagans, (610ad&onwards)Muslims
First appearance: Mentioned in a cave by a demon disguised as Gabriel
Physical appearance: Hands,palms,legs,waist(Easily indentifiable by Salafis)
Friends: Himself,Muslims and Muhammad
Enemies: Christians, Jews, Hindus and other nonislamic religions
Book: Quran the uninspired historically, spiritually and scientifically wrong book from Allah
Weapon: His mouth and brain plus the brain of Muhammad
Army:ISIS,AlQaeda,Boko Haram,Al Shabab,Taliban,Hezbollah,Hamas and many other peaceful jihadist movements known today
Wanted for: Encouraging his followers to kill for his name,carelessly misplacing the supposed Muslim gospel of Isa, being a bad communicator and grammar errors,contradicting himself,offering harsh sharia laws, misconcepting what Jews and Christians believe,best deceiver,offering false paradise of virgins for jihadists

Current status: Stuck in Muhammad's dead brain cells since 632 AD but has his forgettable words in Quran (imaginary warlord)

jay shawn said...

David, please i am begging you to upload your videos in a facebook format. The only successful tool muslims have is socual media and tge pripaganda they put out. Here are some big names in Facebook:
1. Deen show, 1.3 million followers
2. Mission dawah 500k followers
3. Omar suleiman, 639k followers
4. Yasir qadhi, 524k followers
5. Mufti ismael menk, 1 million followers
6. Bilal philips, 2.7 million followers
7. Talk islam, 729k followers
8. Yusuf estes, 550k followers
9. Yusha evans, 217k followers
10. Hamza tzortsis, 87k followers
11. Nouman ali khan, 1.1 million followers.

I can go on and on. You gwt the point. These guys have reach and are very smart with the marketing. You and others need to be a household name. Every christian should know about you. Im not kidding that people like you, sam, and dr.white have done more in making christianity and islam more understandable than anyone else. Muslims cannot be the ones "teaching" christians about christianity. The deen show just put up a small video of monotheism vs. Trinity. Although its false, they have 1.3 million people they can potentially mislead. You will occasionally see a chriat8an pop up in the commentary and suggest that tgey are interested in becoming Muslim. Not only is it humiliating for us, but Muslims see this as a victory for islam since they view this as a competition. Olease david th8nk about my suggestion.

jay shawn said...

Checkout latest video from deen show. Depressing.

David Wood said...

Jay Shawn said: "David, please i am begging you to upload your videos in a facebook format."

Why don't you do it?

jay shawn said...

Im a nobody, brother david and dont know how to do it. Sorry for asking. :(

akairey said...

@Jay Shawn and @ Dr. Wood...I just went through each other list Mr. Shawn had provided and replied to each of those sites with Dr. Wood's video...took less than 10 minutes...If everyone on this site would do the same...maybe a reaction would be inspired?

Nojmul Huda said...

"This (Quran) must be true because it cannot be false. It cannot be false because it says it's true."- Paige

@ Paige,
Your quotation above, says it all about Islam as a religion. It is Muhammad’s black magic that hypnotized 1.3 billion Muslims; literate/illiterate, poor/rich, employed/unemployed, terrorists and moderate Muslims around the world.

Because Muhammad’s Allah pledged in Quran 1) with fire, water and air that Quran is true, they believe his word blindly not verifying from other sources, like Bible. Muhammad blocked exploring truth from other sources saying that those books were corrupted.

We believe Bible is true because words of God written not by one man like Muhammad in one time but by many authors in different time. Which evidence does make more trustworthy one book or multiple books?

2) Muslims believe Quran is true because they failed to write another Quran as their Allah challenged them in Quran. Quran forbid Muslims to ask question to know the truth, otherwise they could ask their Allah to write a book like Shakespeare.

3) The most compelling reason to believe Quran, is its threats to kill any Muslims who dare to ask question to Allah and Muhammad. Muhammad left in fine print in Quran like corrupt gang that leaving Islam is punishable by death.

That is why moderate Muslims scholars like Osama Abdullah tries to neutralize outside pressure reversing meaning of their Allah said in the Quran. Thus they satisfy both their corrupt Allah as well as pressure from American and western world.

jay shawn said...

Brother David, what do you think of Nouman Ali Khan's explanation of "Slay them where you find them?"

Is this sugarcoated, watered down, half true? Please take a look

Radical Moderate said...

More Muslims show up for dead terrorist then slain NC college students.

Approximately 5,000 people showed up for the funeral of Deah Shaddy Barakat, his wife Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha and her sister Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, there is approximately 2,595,000 Muslims living in the USA. Assuming that all 5,000 where Muslim that represents .19% of the Muslim population.

Now contrast that witht 500 Muslims, who showed up for the funeral of Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein. The Denmark murderer who shot down in cold blood a Jewish man guarding a synagogue and a film maker who was attending a free speech conference.
There is approximate 226,000 Muslims in Denmark, so that means that .22% of the Muslim population showed up for the funeral of a terrorist Murderer, who killed in the name of Allah.

So more Muslims showed up to say good bye to a murderer then they did for three "innocent" Muslims who where killed over a parking spot.
That says alot.

jay shawn said...

@akairy. Im banned from the muslim oages on facebook.

Jason said...

Don't confuse logic with belief. Every Muslim believes in their own Quran. There's no such thing as 'real Islam' just what a bunch of people think.

Paige said...

Hi Jay Shawn,

You wrote: "The only successful tool Muslim have is social media"

I'm not sure this is accurate, but I understand what you mean.

However, the 'flocking' we are seeing now on social media speaks as much to insecurity and confusion as it does to the strengthening of Muslim communities and effectiveness of their message.

Islam is not a religion for individuals, it can only exist while Ummah exists, so it is logical that the Muslims leaders should have so many followers. This is not entirely a bad thing.

We should not be drawn into a numbers war. You will hear statistics and numbers used all the time by Islamic historians and apologists to argue Islam's strength and validity.

Christians have always been outnumbered, and will always be outnumbered, but the Lord tells us that earthly man trusts in the strength of numbers while we are to trust in the Lord, to Whom numbers mean nothing!

I'm not trying to over spiritualise things, just get them into perspective. Be encouraged.

God bless,


Paige said...

Hi Nojmul,

Thank you very much for reading my post. I always appreciate reading your insightful responses and further advice.


You mentioned in your response the 'no-one can write another Qur'an' or the Literary Excellence argument that is very popular with Muslims.

Yes, I share your incredulity at this extraordinarily anti-intellectual and unscientific claim!

The evidence of excellence in any field should be taken seriously, but the notion that it can prove that something is divine means that not only the Qur'an, but any literary work not able to be reproduced has equal claim to such an assertion.

Muslims claim that the Qur'an is only perfect when written in ancient Arabic. They argue that meaning is lost when it is translated into other languages and therefore it cannot be understood in anything other than ancient Arabic.

Even if we completely ignore the irrationality, shortsightedness and inherent 'meanness' of designing a religion that can "only" be understood in an ancient language that borrowed from the Greek, Persian, Syriac and Hebrew, then we are still faced with the problem of a sacred text that is impossible, yes impossible for Muslims or non-Muslims to accurately translate.

This is what Prof. Gerd R. Puin, one of the most leading Qur'anic scholars who was also employed by Yemen government on a restoration program wrote about the Qur'an.

"The Koran claims for itself that it is 'mubeen,' or 'clear,' but if you look at it, you will notice that every fifth sentence or so simply doesn't make sense. Many Muslims—and Orientalists—will tell you otherwise, of course, but the fact is that a fifth of the Koranic text is just incomprehensible. This is what has caused the traditional anxiety regarding translation. If the Koran is not comprehensible—if it can't even be understood in Arabic—then it's not translatable. People fear that. And since the Koran claims repeatedly to be clear but obviously is not —as even speakers of Arabic will tell you —there is a contradiction. Something else must be going on."

My question to Muslim readers (who I would sincerely love to hear from) is it reasonable to ask for evidence that the Qur'an is perfect as it claims?

And if your answer is yes, then is it reasonable to ask for evidence that comes from outside the sources themselves (ie. the Qur'an and the Hadith)?

I look forward to hearing from you.


smalltallest88 said...


"My question to Muslim readers (who I would sincerely love to hear from) is it reasonable to ask for evidence that the Qur'an is perfect as it claims?

And if your answer is yes, then is it reasonable to ask for evidence that comes from outside the sources themselves (ie. the Qur'an and the Hadith)?"

Our muslim friends will say "not all the stories you find in the hadith are TRUE". Reason is because the hadith also contradict each other like the Quran so as for me when I am dealing with a muslim I try to ignore the hadith since I know they'll still need to go back to the hadith for some meaning of what happened in the Quran.
One of such is their five times daily prayer which is never found in the Quran but in the hadith.

If any muslim try to use the hadith to prove a point to me then I also will use that same hadith to prove my point to him. But what do I get after using mine is that am using the wrong hadith.

May God open their eyes to see that the logic in which they try to implore is even working against them and also for their eyes to open to the truth of Jesus Christ.

midwesterngirl said...

David - Is Allah the Worst Communicator Ever? is one of my favorite you tube posts that you have done. It sums up the problem with Islam nicely. I, like Jay says in his postings, encourage you to post these videos on Facebook as well. Since 9/11 happened, I have been studying Islam and cannot beleive the underlying teaching of this hateful religion. You are doing God's work and you are in my thoughts and prayers. It boggles my mind how Muslims believe that this man was and is the most perfect man to emulate and follow.

JeSuisCharlie said...


The following scientific explanation for how the universe began ( tivity/GR/centre.html) supports Christ. That 'God' The Father which brought into being all things is an ever present, omnipresent force, creating, and within all - with no central origin. The Lord of the Universe. Everywhere AT ONCE.
How can the scientific 'There was not even a "before" to speak of' be any more LESS ridiculous than an omnipresent, invisible, creating force which brought about the circumstances of all of the universe and our existence.

It sounds like the same argument to me, except that those who believe do not claim that everything came out of nothing.
I feel that the truth of Aetheism comes from a misunderstanding that is partly the fault of believers who have misinterpreted scripture - in particular Genesis. For example; 'Adam' actually does mean 'human kind', it is not one single individual male.
Likewise, the word 'Creation' in scripture is a misinterpretation of 'caused to be brought into being'.
Misinterpretations are not surprising when you consider that 5,000 years ago, humans did not have the same level of accomplishment in language or the advantage of retrospect into discoveries which would give new meanings to words.
'God created' = That which is God had the ability and power to bring into being the circumstances which, fundamentally, ... led to us.
Back then, 'God created humankind' was enough.

Here it is (below are some biblical verses which point to 'scientific' knowledge of the universe):

According to the standard models there was no space and time before the Big Bang. There was not even a "before" to speak of. So, the Big Bang was very different from any explosion we are accustomed to and it does not need to have a central point.
If the Big Bang were an ordinary explosion in an already existing space, we would be able to look out and see the expanding edge of the explosion with empty space beyond. Instead, we see back towards the Big Bang itself and detect a faint background glow from the hot primordial gases of the early universe. This "cosmic microwave background radiation" is uniform in all directions. This tells us that it is not matter that is expanding outwards from a point, but rather it is space itself that expands evenly.
It is important to stress that other observations support the view that there is no centre to the universe, at least insofar as observations can reach. The fact that the universe is expanding uniformly would not rule out the possibility that there is some denser, hotter place that might be called the centre, but careful studies of the distribution and motion of galaxies confirm that it is homogeneous on the largest scales we can see, with no sign of a special point to call the centre.

JeSuisCharlie said...


Job 9:7-9
Who commands the sun not to shine, And sets a seal upon the stars; Who alone stretches out the heavens And tramples down the waves of the sea; Who makes the Bear, Orion and the Pleiades, And the chambers of the south;

Isaiah 40:26
Lift up your eyes on high And see who has created these stars, The One who leads forth their host by number, He calls them all by name; Because of the greatness of His might and the strength of His power, Not one of them is missing.
The One who leads forth their host by number is knowledge of the 'big bang'. The expansion of the universe, the origins of the universe. 'Not one is missing' can only be possible if taking into account the eternal existence of an entity (the spirit of God) which exists throughout the actual temporal existence of all stars - because we know that some have 'died' before our time. Thus this entity is eternal, it was there at the beginning, and existed throughout all time as if at any particular time is now (to it).

This underlying force behind all things, behind all existence, exists before, after and without them, it is very similar to the nothing that scientists claim existed (did not exist) before. The difference being that it had some 'power' to create the universe.

Not rocket science is it????