Saturday, October 10, 2015

Debate: Is the Bible a Book of Peace? (David Wood vs. Shabir Ally)

Is the Bible a book of peace? Christians point to Jesus' commands to "Love your neighbor as yourself" and "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you" to prove that Christianity is a religion of peace. However, the Bible also contains reports of Joshua invading the land of Canaan, Saul fighting the Amalekites, etc. So what's the Biblical position on peace and violence? In this debate, David Wood and Shabir Ally examine the texts to get to the truth.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Debate: Is the Qur'an a Book of Peace? (Shabir Ally vs. David Wood)

Many Muslims insist that the Qur'an promotes peace and religious tolerance, and they quote verses of the Qur'an to justify their position. However, other Muslims claim that the Qur'an calls for the violent subjugation of unbelievers, and they also quote verses of the Qur'an to justify their position. Who's right? Can we reconcile the Qur'an's peaceful commands with its violent commands?

In this fast-paced debate, Shabir Ally argues that the Qur'an is a book of peace, while David Wood argues that it isn't.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Chattanooga Debates

Tonight and tomorrow (October 5th-6th), I'll be debating Shabir Ally at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga on the topics "Is the Qur'an a Book of Peace?" and "Is the Bible a Book of Peace?" Those who want to attend can get the details here.

The university will be live-streaming the debate. Here are the links:

"Is the Qur'an a Book of Peace?" Monday, October 5th, 6:30-9:00 P.M. (Eastern Standard Time)

"Is the Bible a Book of Peace?" Tuesday, October 6th, 6:30-9:00 P.M. (Eastern Standard Time)

Sunday, October 4, 2015

David Wood vs. Shabir Ally: "Does Paul Give Us the Truth about Jesus?"

Christians believe that the Apostle Paul was one of history's most faithful men of God. Muslims, however, often claim that Paul was a deceiver who corrupted Christianity. Can an examination of the evidence help us decide who's right? In this debate, David Wood and Shabir Ally debate the question, "Does Paul give us the truth about Jesus?"

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Debate: "Was Jesus a Prophet of Islam?" (Shabir Ally vs. David Wood)

Christian sources tell us that Jesus is the divine Son of God who died on the cross for sins and rose from the dead. Muslim sources tell us that Jesus (Isa) was a prophet of Islam who didn't die on the cross and never rose from the dead. Who's right? In this debate, Shabir Ally argues that Jesus was a prophet of Islam, and David Wood responds.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Debate: "Is Jesus the Son of God?" (David Wood vs. Shabir Ally)

Is Jesus the Son of God? Christians and Muslims give very different answers to this question. Can an examination of the evidence show who's right? In this debate, David Wood and Shabir Ally give their reasons for affirming and denying the claim "Jesus is the Son of God."

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Shabir Ally vs. David Wood: Six Debates

Here's the schedule for my upcoming debates with Dr. Shabir Ally.

The first four debates deal with Jesus in Christianity and Islam. They will all broadcast live on the Trinity Channel.

Monday, Sept. 28
2:00 P.M. (EST): "Is Jesus the Son of God?"
3:00 P.M. (EST): "Is Jesus a Prophet of Islam?"

Tuesday, Sept. 29
2:00 P.M. (EST): "Does Paul Give Us the Truth about Jesus?"
3:00 P.M. (EST): "Does Muhammad Give Us the Truth about Jesus?"

The final two debates will be held at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. These will be live in front of an audience, but they will also be live-streamed by the university. Check back here on the night of the debates for live-streaming.

Monday, October 5
6:30 P.M. (EST): "Is the Qur'an a Book of Peace?"

Tuesday, October 6
6:30 P.M. (EST): "Is the Bible a Book of Peace?"

Upcoming Debate: Is the Muslim Denial of Jesus’s Death by Crucifixion Valid? – Ijaz Ahmad and Keith Thompson

Topic: Is the Muslim Denial of Jesus's Death by Crucifixion Valid?
Debaters: Br. Ijaz Ahmad of Calling Christians and Keith Thompson of Answering Islam.
Date: Saturday 26th of September, 2015.
Time: 10 PM EST.
Location: Paltalk, Answering Christianity Room.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Questions about CAIR's Free Qur'ans

In response to Dr. Ben Carson's claim that he wouldn't want a Muslim as President of the United States, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is giving away free copies of the Qur'an. I have a few questions about these free Qur'ans. (In case anyone is wondering, I wouldn't have any problem with a Muslim president, provided he or she doesn't take certain passages of the Qur'an seriously.)

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Six Debates: Support Needed for Additional Camera

Greetings! I have six debates with Dr. Shabir Ally over the next 16 days (four short debates on the Trinity Channel, and two longer debates at the University of Tennessee). I bought a professional camera last year, but the colors and resolution of the recordings doesn't match that of my other cameras. So, I gave one of my older cameras away, and I'm giving another one away to a friend who wants to start making apologetics videos. I'd like to get good recordings of these debates to put on DVDs. (Some of the debates will be broadcast live, but those recordings will have "Trinity Channel" logos all over them, so I need my own footage.) I think I'll need more than one camera angle to make professional DVDs. If everyone chips in a few bucks, I can get a second professional camera so I can switch angles. (I already have professional mics and Final Cut Pro for editing.) The Canon XA20 is $1999, and about an extra $500 for the warranty, extra battery, SD cards, etc. If you can chip in, donations are tax deductible.

***UPDATE*** I just checked my account, and I have more than enough for the camera I wanted (so, no further donations are needed for the camera). But my friend Josh (who's a videographer) just pointed out that since the camera I have now already has an XLR slot for sound, I don't need an XLR slot on another camera (I only need professional sound on one camera). Cameras without XLR slots are cheaper, so I can actually get two cameras without XLR slots instead of one with an XLR slot. Long story short, I'll be recording the debates from three angles! Thanks, Folks!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Ahmed Mohamed and the Myth of Islamophobia

Ahmed Mohamed in Handcuffs
Ahmed Mohamed is a fourteen-year-old Texas ninth grader who brought a clock to school to show to his teachers. (As we will see below, Ahmed didn't build a clock. He simply removed the outer casing from an ordinary digital clock.)

For years, schools have been encouraged by liberals to adopt a "zero tolerance" approach, leading to elementary school students getting suspended for bringing a Nerf gun to school or for chewing a Pop-Tart into the shape of a gun. While the "zero tolerance" policy has led to some absurd results, the media react much differently when the victim of the policy is a Muslim.

Ahmed's teachers decided to err on the side of caution and called police when they thought the clock looked similar to a bomb. For the record, I think their reaction was silly, and I certainly don't believe that Ahmed should have been removed from the school in handcuffs. However, I can understand how someone would conclude that Ahmed had put together a "hoax bomb," especially with a "zero tolerance" policy in place. Consider the following pictures. The top is a suitcase bomb; the bottom is Ahmed's clock.

There is clearly some resemblance, though I'm assuming that Ahmed's clock was much smaller and couldn't pass for a real bomb. But again, teachers are positively encouraged to be suspicious.

Hence, all we can fairly say is that teachers and police, constantly hounded into adopting a "zero tolerance" policy towards anything that looks like a weapon, went overboard and arrested a teenager for building a clock.

But that's not what's being said. Teachers and police are being accused of racism and Islamophobia, and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (unindicted co-conspirators in a terrorism funding case) is using Ahmed's story as their latest proof that America is filled with anti-Muslim bigots. Here's a small sample from CAIR's Twitter page to show the mileage the organization is getting from this story:

Of course, CAIR hasn't bothered to present the slightest evidence that Ahmed's arrest had anything to do with Islamophobia. Teachers and police, for all we know, would have acted exactly the same way if the clock had been brought in by a Christian, a Hindu, or a Jew. We might think that CAIR would be more careful when accusing someone of hatred and bigotry, but CAIR only seems to insist on not "jumping to conclusions" when a jihadist is slaughtering infidels.

Due to the instant international outrage, Ahmed has since been invited to the White House by President Barack Obama, been invited to Facebook headquarters by Mark Zuckerberg, and been offered internships at Twitter and Reddit. These invites are supposedly based on his knack for inventing things. However, Dr. Thomas Talbot has shown that Ahmed didn't invent anything. He simply removed the outer casing from a standard store-bought alarm clock and put the insides into his own box.

(If you're wondering whether Dr. Talbot is qualified, he's a research scientist at the Institute for Creative Technologies at the University of Southern California and Chief Scientist for the Armed Forces Simulation Institute for Medicine at the Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center.)

So here's what we have. A teenager took the casing off an alarm clock and put the rest into a box, then brought the box to school. His teachers, pressed into adopting "zero tolerance" policies, thought the device looked similar to a bomb and called the police. Police, suspecting that the student may have intended the clock as a "hoax bomb," removed the student from school in handcuffs. Because the student is a Muslim, the story has been spun into a narrative of bigotry, racism, and Islamophobia by organizations like CAIR and the media and politicians who mindlessly do their bidding. The student, who simply removed the casing from a clock, is now being praised for his brilliance and is about to head to the White House.

What message does this really send to young people?

Though I never agreed much with the late Christopher Hitchens, he was spot-on when he defined Islamophobia as "a word invented by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons."

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Blogging Logical Fallacies

Paul Williams posted the following on September 14, 2015:

From the two statements above, one from the Apostle Paul, the other from the Lord Jesus Christ, Paul Williams has concluded that Jesus and Paul taught two mutually exclusive religions, only one of which can be from God.

By juxtaposing these two verses under the heading “Two different religions. Which one comes from God?,” Williams is implicitly assuming that Paul and Jesus are using “the law” in the same way, which is something for which Williams offers no exegetical argument. Since the word “law” and “the law” can be and are used in a whole host of ways in Scripture, something universally recognized among Biblical scholars, it is incumbent on Williams to demonstrate that Jesus and Paul are using the term/phrase in exactly the same way. In other words, Williams is relying on the ambiguity of a phrase common to the two passages, i.e. “the law,” in order to generate a contradiction, which is a logical fallacy.

There are other problems with Williams approach to these two passages, but what is particularly interesting about the above point is that Paul Williams admitted on the very next day –in a post titled “thou shalt not commit logical fallacies”– that he is “…tempted to indulge in them [logical fallacies – AR] from time to time.” Here is Williams’ confession:

Notice that one of the logical fallacies included on the above list is the very fallacy Williams committed the day before, i.e. “the fallacy of ambiguity” (aka equivocation).

Here is the fallacy blown up:

Although Williams admitted that he is tempted to indulge in logical fallacies from time to time, from what I have seen he succumbs so often that it would be more accurate to say “time after time.” In any event, here we have both a confession and clear evidence that Williams’ is not always honest in his attacks on Christianity.

I think it is high time that Williams rename his blog: Blogging Logical Fallacies.   

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Danish Teenager Lisa Borch Stabs Her Mother to Death after Being Radicalized by Muslim Boyfriend Bakhtiar Mohammed Abdulla

The story of Danish teenager Lisa Borch brutally murdering her mother after being radicalized by her Muslim boyfriend reveals numerous problems arising from the ongoing clash of civilizations.

First, Borch met Bakhtiar Mohammed Abdulla at a refugee center. Abdulla was taken to Denmark as a refugee, even though he strongly supported the Islamic State and intended to propagate its message in Denmark.

Second, why are Danish teenage girls allowed to hang out at refugee centers?

Third, why did no one object to a 39-year-old Muslim refugee having a fifteen-year-old girlfriend? Were people so terrified of being called "racists" and "Islamophobes" that they refused to speak out?

Fourth, even as Borch announced her increasingly radical views (including her plan to commit murder), no one intervened. This girl was sitting around for hours a day watching ISIS propagation videos, and no one stepped in.

Can we talk about Islam yet?
Danish Teenager Lisa Borch
Telegraph—A Danish teenager stabbed her own mother to death after becoming radicalised by watching Islamic State videos of beheadings with an Islamist boyfriend twice her age.

Lisa Borch, then 15, attacked Tina Römer Holtegaard while she slept in her bed in her home in Kvissel, a tiny village near the northern tip of Jutland last October.

She stabbed her victim 20 times after spending hours on YouTube watching footage of the decapitations of the Islamic State of Syria and the Levant (Isil)'s victims David Haines and Alan Henning.

The court heard how Ms Borch and Iraqi Bakhtiar Mohammed Abdulla, 39, the radical Muslim boyfriend sentenced for carrying out the murder with her, relaxed in the evenings by watching bloody Isil executions on YouTube.

After the murder, Ms Borch rang the police to report the crime.

She told police: “I heard my mother scream and I looked out the window and saw a white man running away. Please come here, there is blood everywhere." Then she calmly waited, the court heard.

Iraqi Refugee Bakhtiar Mohammed Abdulla
When the police arrived, they discovered her calmly playing watching videos on her iPhone. When they asked where her mother was, she pointed upstairs without even pausing what she was watching.

The court heard how she had been radicalised by an unnamed Muslim man, who had broken off the relationship to return to Sweden. She reportedly then met Mr Abdulla at a refugee centre near her home.

Jens Holtegaard, Ms Borch’s stepfather, said that his stepdaughter remained a strong supporter of Isil,and said he feared she would become more radicalised during her nine-year sentence.

“Lisa is completely uncritically enthusiastic about everything related to the immigrant community. She loves to talk about Isil and their brutal behaviour in the Middle East,” he said. “I dare not imagine what she can develop into during imprisonment.”

Prosecutors told the court that Ms Borch had planned to travel to Syria to flight alongside Isil. (Continue Reading.)

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Philadelphia Teenager Arrested in ISIS-Inspired Plot to Assassinate Pope Francis

A fifteen year old has been arrested in Philadelphia for plotting to assassinate Pope Francis. Can we talk about Islam yet?
International Business Times—A 15 year-old boy was arrested in Philadelphia for planning an attack on Pope Francis during his upcoming visit to the United States, ABC News reported Tuesday. The boy, whose identity has not yet been revealed, was arrested last month by the FBI after posting about the attack on social media. He was discovered to have multiple firearms in his possession and was allegedly inspired by the Islamic State group.

“The minor was inspired by [ISIS] and sought to conduct a detailed homeland attack which included multiple attackers, firearms and multiple explosives, targeting a foreign dignitary at a high-profile event,” read a joint brief by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security issued Aug. 14. ABC reported Tuesday that the "foreign dignitary" mentioned in the brief was in fact the pope.

The pope's visit will be the first to the United States since the start of his papacy and is set to be a landmark event, with people traveling from all over the nation to get a glimpse of the leader of the Roman Catholic Church. Authorities have already begun preparing tight security measures in case of an attack. (Source)
Apparently, the pope's defense of Muhammad hasn't stopped jihadists from wanting to kill him:

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ayatollah Khamenei Boasts about Destruction of Israel, Calls America "Satan"

As the Obama Administration continues to push its farcical Iran nuclear deal through Congress, Iranian leaders continue to openly proclaim that they will use the deal to annihilate their Western enemies. Feeling safe yet?
Huffington Post UK—For uncensored outbursts, the Twitter feed of Iranian leader Ayatollah Khamenei rivals that of Donald Trump or Katie Hopkins. On Wednesday, the supreme leader’s official account posted a series of missives, including one that said Israel would not survive 25 years.

The tweets followed a speech given at a mosque in Tehran on Wednesday in which Khamenei reiterated America's standing as the “Great Satan,” and that negotiations with Washington would not extend beyond the current nuclear deal.

In quotes that appeared on his official website, Khamenei said: “Some Zionists have said that regarding the result of the nuclear deal they (Israelis) have been relieved of concerns about Iran for 25 years. But we tell them that you will not see the coming 25 years and God willing there will not be something named the Zionist regime in the region.”

Wednesday’s outburst is part of a long-standing rhetorical barrage against Israel, with Iran’s Mullahs oft-alluding to an end to the Jewish state. However, Khamenei’s latest rant comes at a delicate time for President Barack Obama, who is trying to pass the Iran nuclear deal through Congress in the face of strident Republican opposition, as well as pushback from some pro-Israel lobby groups.

On the issue of a more permanent rapprochement with Washington, the supreme leader said: “We approved talks with the United States about the nuclear issue specifically. We have not allowed talks with the US in other fields and we will not negotiate with them.”

He added: “The Iranian nation ousted the Satan. We should not let it back through the window,' he said, referring to the 1979 Islamic revolution that toppled the US-backed shah.” (Source)

Escaped Yazidi Sex-Slave Describes Life in the Islamic State

One of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's sex-slaves escaped and returned to her family. She is now telling the world what we already know: non-Muslim women under ISIS rule are brutally raped and beaten.
Zeinat, an Escaped Yazidi Sex-Slave
(CNN)—When ISIS came for Zeinat and her family, they ran, terrified, for the safety of the mountains. They had heard the horror stories and knew only too well what might happen to them if they stayed in their home.

But they were too late; stranded at the foot of Iraq's Mount Sinjar by the huge crowds of refugees struggling uphill, they were easy pickings when fighters arrived.

Separated first from her father, and then from her sisters, she was forced -- like thousands of Yazidi women -- into slavery, treated as the property of the so-called "Islamic State."

Zeinat, though, wasn't working for ordinary rank-and-file ISIS militants; instead she was handpicked to serve terror boss Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his family and friends.

Speaking exclusively to CNN, Zeinat (not her real name), 16, has told of how al-Baghdadi beat and mistreated her. She also says he raped American hostage Kayla Mueller, who was held captive by the group after being taken hostage in 2013.

"He treated us so badly," she says, her beautiful, expressive blue eyes peering out fearfully from behind a rust-red tasseled headscarf as she relates her harrowing ordeal at the hands of one of the world's most wanted men.

"He would always tell us: Forget your father and your brothers. We have killed them. And we have married off your mothers and sisters. Forget them."

ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
Selected by the terrorist leader -- though she did not know who he was at the time -- at a slave market in "a white palace ... between the mountain and the sea," Zeinat and eight other girls were taken to his home in Raqqa, Syria, the de facto capital of ISIS' territory.

As soon as she arrived, she says, she was made to watch a video showing ISIS fighters beheading a Westerner and threatened with the same fate unless she agreed to abandon her Yazidi faith.

"There was a journalist, an American journalist, and there was a man dressed all in black," she remembers. "He killed the journalist. He beheaded him."

Zeinat's description matches widely circulated ISIS videos of the killings of James Foley, Steven Sotloff and other Western hostages.

"(Al-Baghdadi) showed us this on the laptop, and they said to me, 'If you don't convert to Islam, this will happen to you -- we will behead all of you,'" she recalls.

"'You have two choices,' they said. 'Convert to Islam. Or die like this.'"

The Yazidis, a small Iraqi minority who believe in a single god who created the Earth and left it in the care of a peacock angel, have been subjected to large-scale persecution by ISIS, which accuses them of devil worship.

ISIS militants have kidnapped, raped, tortured and massacred thousands of Yazidis; the United Nations has accused ISIS of committing genocide against them.

Al-Baghdadi and his family were constantly moving from one home to another, one town to the next, Zeinat says; the day after she arrived, an airstrike destroyed the house next door, forcing the entire household to pack up and move on.

Zeinat says she was beaten by al-Baghdadi, who insisted she and the other women "belonged" to ISIS, and taunted by his three wives and six children while cooking and cleaning for them.

In the face of such brutal abuse, she became determined to run away. On one occasion, she and others managed to steal the keys to the house they were being held in.

"We got the key and unlocked the door. We ran and ran ... we saw a house just outside Aleppo ... and there was an Arab woman. She said, 'Come in, come in. I will help you and bring you to Iraq.' ... She said ... she would help us, but then she called Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi."

She says ISIS militants -- and al-Baghdadi himself -- took retribution.

"They beat us all over our bodies," she recalls. "We were completely black from the beating. They beat us with everything: cables, belts and wooden sticks.

"(Al-Baghdadi) hit me (with a) garden hose and (a) belt. Then he slapped my face and my nose bled," she says, touching her left cheek to indicate where the blows fell.

Zeinat's arm was dislocated, she says: "Even now, when I carry something I still feel pain." Her friend suffered a broken bone in her face.

"Al-Baghdadi told us, 'We beat you because you ran away from us. We chose you to convert to our religion. We chose you. You belong to the Islamic State.'"

The former slave says she did not realize at the time who her captor was, only discovering his true identity once she had escaped: "I was so scared again, and very upset. I can't imagine he was the leader of ISIS. I was so frightened. He could have killed me."

Zeinat says that while in ISIS captivity she became close to U.S. hostage Kayla Mueller: "She was a friend, she was like a sister to me."

Zeinat says the pair met in a "jail" in Raqqa, where she was held as part of her punishment for trying to run away from al-Baghdadi's household.

Kayla Mueller
"The first time I entered the room, I saw Kayla. I thought she was Yazidi, so I spoke in Kurdish to her. She told me, 'I don't understand,' so I spoke to her in Arabic. ... I told her I am a Yazidi girl from Sinjar and I was captured by Daesh (ISIS).'

"After that we stayed together and became like sisters."

They were kept together at the jail for several weeks, Zeinat says.

"There was so little room (in the cell), and it was dark, with no power. It was summer and it was so hot," she says, explaining they were given bread and cheese in the morning, and rice or macaroni at night, "Just a little bit, and we were starving."

Later, Zeinat says, they were moved to a house belonging to Abu Sayyaf, a high-ranking ISIS fighter who U.S. officials say was in charge of ISIS's substantial oil revenues.

Mueller, she says, confided that she had been raped by al-Baghdadi.

"When Kayla came back to us (after being taken to see al-Baghdadi), we asked her, 'Why are you crying?' And Kayla told us al-Baghdadi said: 'I am going to marry you by force and you are going to be my wife. If you refuse, I will kill you.'

"Kayla told me specifically ... 'Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi raped me.' (She said he raped her) four times."

The humanitarian worker, who was captured in northern Syria in 2013, is believed to have been killed in February of this year. (Continue Reading.)
For more on women in Islam, watch this:

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Islamophobia vs. Hatred of Muslims

"Islamophobia" is a myth invented to silence critics of jihad. If you dare point out the obvious connections between what ISIS is doing and the Qur'an verses ISIS is quoting, you will be called an "Islamophobe." A "phobia," however, is an irrational fear, and people's concerns about jihad are legitimate and reasonable.

Nevertheless, hatred of Muslims simply for being Muslims is a real phenomenon. I read comments regularly from people calling for violence against Muslims. Here's an all-too-common example. ***WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE***

Here's the key to remember. Islam is an ideology. It has no feelings, and has no special privileges over other ideologies. Islam has been put forward as the truth; hence, we are entirely justified in scrutinizing it with all the tools of logic, epistemology, and rhetoric.

Muslims, by contrast, are human beings, and human beings have rights. Among these rights is the right not to be killed for believing in a certain book or a certain prophet. While we may disagree with our Muslim friends about their ideology, disputes about ideologies should be settled through argument, not through threats or violence.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Mississippi: Muslim Newlyweds Jaelyn Delshaun Young and Muhammad Oda Dakhlalla Arrested for Attempting to Join ISIS

Jaelyn Delshaun Young was a sophomore studying chemistry at Mississippi State University. However, after converting to Islam, she hatched a plot to join ISIS by marrying another Muslim student and posing as honeymooners. Her new husband, Muhammad Oda Dakhlalla, has a degree in psychology and was about to start graduate school.

How many more young people have to throw away their lives before we can have an honest discussion about Islam? Will politicians and the media continue to assure us that jihad is the result of joblessness and illiteracy when so many jihadists are highly educated young people with bright futures and loving families?
Jaelyn Delshaun Young and Muhammad Oda Dakhlalla
JACKSON, Mississippi - The would-be blushing bride and groom sat in a Mississippi courtroom Tuesday, side-by-side, facing charges that they tried to join the world's most notorious terrorist organization.

Criminal charges filed Saturday say Jaelyn Delshaun Young, 20, and Muhammad Oda Dakhlalla, 22, were arrested that morning at a regional airport near Columbus, Mississippi, allegedly on their way to join jihad.

Officials say the couple were trying to travel to Syria to join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS.) And they claim it was the 19-year-old Young who was the mastermind behind the plot to do so, which involved getting married and pretending to be on a honeymoon to get there, reports CBS affiliate WJTV in Jackson.

Both are officially charged with attempting and conspiring to provide material support to a terrorist group. An affidavit by an FBI agent says both confessed their plans after their arrest.

At a second hearing Tuesday in the case in Federal Court in Oxford before U.S. Magistrate Judge S. Allan Alexander, it was unveiled that on social media sites, Young expressed her happiness about the recent shooting in Chattanooga where five service members were killed, reports WJTV.

Judge Alexander Tdenied bail, saying that even though the pair have never been in trouble with the law and have relatives willing to oversee their home confinement, their desire commit terrorism is "probably still there."

Urging the court to keep the suspects in custody, Assistant U.S. Attorney Clay Joyner likened them to Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, saying that like him, they could commit violence with knives, vehicles or homemade weapons.

"They don't need a gun to do harm," Joyner said. "They don't need military training to do harm. What they need is a violent, extremist ideology, and that's exactly what they have espoused." (Continue Reading.)
To understand why Jaelyn Delshaun Young and Muhammad Oda Dakhlalla were willing to leave comfortable lives in the United States in order to join ISIS, watch this:

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Muslim Caller Hears the Gospel and Becomes a Christian

While we were doing a program on the Trinity Channel, a Muslim called in and said that whenever he visits the mosque, he can't stop thinking about Jesus. After answering some of his questions about Jesus, Christianity, and the Gospel, the Muslim caller became a Christian!