Tuesday, July 5, 2022

How Convenient! Part 2: Zayd, Saowda & Rayhana

Muhammad's quest to marry Zaynab involved multiple prophecies and touched many lives. Here we learn about his special relationship with Zayd, his not-so-special relationship with Saowda, his almost-not-a-relationship with Rayhana, a postscript about a girl named Umm Kulthum - and the prophecies that guided them all on the straight path. Having a prophet close at hand - how convenient!

With a little help from Connor, Selma and Messrs Albinoni, Ravel, Chenci and Cohen. here is my latest video. Once again, we challenge you: watch it all the way through without laughing once.


Ben Mallepalle said...

Hello David: This comment is not related to this post. With all that is going on with Roe vs Wade, SOME muslims are saying Islam is abortion-friendly. Can you post on this?

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surj said...

The evils of Islam are exposed as much as it should be done in the West. I suggest all non Muslims to read Quran.