Sunday, August 2, 2020

Unsheathed - The Story of Muhammad is now on YouTube

How much do you know about the life of Muhammad? Perhaps very little, or perhaps a few episodes here and there? Or do you know enough to become annoyed by popular propaganda pieces that deliberately misrepresent Muhammad’s story?

Welcome to Unsheathed, the story of Muhammad as the original Muslim historians told it.  Connor O’Grady has combined his pictures here with Rosa Terry's beautiful narration of my text.

The first episode (below) is about Muhammad’s childhood. What were his early years like? What shaped him into the man he became? What attitudes, assumptions and ideas contributed to the religion that he founded?

There are sixteen episodes, each 12-14 minutes long, available at

My YouTube channel is at  If you enjoy these videos, please subscribe.  I need 100 subscribers to get a channel name that isn't a random string chosen by YouTube.


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Anders Ljungberg said...

girls in Egypt who are not Muslims and Pakistan are kidnapped are forced to convert and marry. Is this something that the Qur'an and the hadith or sharia law allow or prescribe

Unknown said...

Please make us another comparison video on Jesus Vs Mohammed. We don’t have any recent ones. The world needs to be reminded. I have sent the link here of my suggestions for this video. Please feel free to use this content without the need to reference me. Most of the reference are from Sam Shamoun's website anyway:

Unknown said...

Hey! I just found your blog and I was sent this link by a Muslim friend about the Qur'an and a called Mathematical phenomenon in it, would you take a look at it? I don't know if it can be "debunked":

Unknown said...

Ok later I found this so maybe you can compare it.

Tara MacArthur said...

Dear Unknown, the issue of "mathematical miracles" in the Quran is outside my field of expertise. But I would have thought that any sufficiently large body of text would contain some numerical patterns. That wouldn't be a miracle; it would just be the normal properties of numbers.

Termin80r said...

Hello, can David advise followers of the live videos? We want to join and support him as he does not respond on Facebook.