Sunday, August 2, 2020

Unsheathed - The Story of Muhammad is now on YouTube

How much do you know about the life of Muhammad? Perhaps very little, or perhaps a few episodes here and there? Or do you know enough to become annoyed by popular propaganda pieces that deliberately misrepresent Muhammad’s story?

Welcome to Unsheathed, the story of Muhammad as the original Muslim historians told it.

Connor O’Grady has combined his pictures of Muhammad with the audio of my text. Thank you to Rosa Terry for her beautiful narration.

This is a work in progress. Connor has hundreds of ideas for drawing new pictures and his final edition may be a semi-animation. However, this production will take many more months to complete. Given the urgent need to educate the public about Muhammad, we decided not to wait before releasing this preliminary edition of the Unsheathed video.

Each chapter is about 12-14 minutes long. I have posted the first one here, and I will post the subsequent chapters on each day. This first episode is about Muhammad’s childhood. What were his early years like? What shaped him into the man he became? What attitudes, assumptions and ideas contributed to the religion that he founded?

Episode 2 is now available:

Episode 3 is now available: 

Episode 4 is now available: 

Episode 5 is now available: 

Episode 6 is now available: 

Episode 7 is now available: 

Episode 8 is now available: 

Episode 9 is now available: 

Episode 10 is now available: 

Episode 11 is now available: