Monday, February 24, 2020

Unsheathed - The Story of Muhammad - now in three versions (and still free as a PDF)

(If you came for the free book, click here.)

Unsheathed: The Story of Muhammad is now available in three versions:
  • the original unabridged and fully-referenced version with minor updates;
  • a new short (~two hours reading) version with 118 colour pictures by my friend Connor O'Grady; and
  • the short version without pictures, for those who dislike pictures. +
Free PDF copies are available from  Please download them, post them anywhere and everywhere, and share them with anyone who might be interested.  Kindle and paperback copies can be purchased from Amazon*, which is the best place to leave a review if you’d like to write one, and a variety of other bookstores that you can find with your favourite search engine.

The audiobook is available from, or through Castbox or Soundcloud on your computer or favourite device via their free apps.  A video version is on Youtube#

See also: Tara is free.

+ Now on in English and Arabic.
* Unless you live in Australia.  Apparently Amazon won't ship print-on-demand books to Australia.
# Unless you live in Pakistan.  I'm banned in Pakistan.


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