Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Tawhid vs. Trinity Debate: Dr. Jonathan McLatchie vs. Dr. Shabir Ally

This coming Thursday, at 6pm Eastern, I am going to be engaging in a friendly dialogue with Dr. Shabir Ally on the nature of God (Tawhid vs. Trinity). You can join the YouTube livestream by clicking on the video embedded above. You are also invited to join the Zoom room, for participation in the live Q&A. Here is the link. I hope to see you there!


Dan said...

hope fully you will do good job in the name of our savior Jesus Christ .my praying is God will fill you with His spirit and cast the devilish mind
God Act 8:4 But those who had gone in flight went everywhere preaching the word.
5 And Philip went down to Samaria and was teaching them about Christ.
6 And all the people gave attention to the words which Philip said, when they saw the signs which he did.
7 For unclean spirits came out from those who had them, crying with a loud voice; and a number of those who were ill and broken in body were made well.
8And there was much joy in that town. God bless you Daniel. From Ethiopia

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