Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ten Fast Facts You Need to Know about the Quran

Approximately 1.6 billion people are convinced that the Quran is the eternal Word of Allah. Given the role the Quran plays in world events, isn't it time for the rest of us to learn about the book Muhammad delivered to his followers?

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Unknown said...

Absolutely spot on!

Michael C said...

Excellent video: thank you.As you point out, unlime the Bible with its forty or so contributors, The Koran - ALL of it - comes from what Mohammed SAID he had received. It all depends on the word of Mohammed, a leader who authorised deception.

Unknown said...

My advice to 1.6 billion Muslims please "Look before you leap". I mean before you put trust on Muhammad for your life after your death, examine trust worthiness of Muhammad's life on earth by Dr. Wood’s presentation by this video. It is important to find out reliability who could give us hope for our life eternal.

Christians, since inception, believed Jesus as Christ (Savior) not because He said so but because He proved by His deeds such as crucifixion and miraculous signs such as Resurrection for our hope in life after death as described in the Bible. Christ commanded us to spread the Gospel not to increase number of Christians by name only in this world but to save souls for life after death with living holistic life in this world.

But we find Muhammad and his Allah’s actions are in compliance with evil’s actions such as make Islamic Umma by threats of life of non-believers, lie for Muslims, use women as commodities as Muhammad said Aisha was good meal, rape women of non-believers etc. etc. These are all sings of Evil (Iblish)

Everybody knows that one false decision of today end up burning in Hell fire for eternal life if you believe life after death. Please pay attention 10 points Dr. Wood said to justify why I am not a Muslims.

Michael C said...

EVERYTHING in Islam rests on one man's word, a man who told his followers it is all right to lie.
Islam is like an upside down pyramid: it all rests on one small point.
Not long ago there was a very high profile person arrested in New York on a charge of rape.
It emerged that the person making the allegation admitted that she had lied on her immigration application.
The case was dropped.
A court or jury cannot convict on evidence from a liar: the testimony is unsafe.

D. Collaric said...

The idea of abrogation serves some other purposes also. THE ABROGATED passages can be LEFT IN the text. MOST importantly this allows muSlimes to lie. To show that Islam is a "peaceful" religion which it was not even in mecca, one needs just to botch up 5:32 (leaving 5:33 out of the discussion) and other passages.

Only one "being" needing means to lie to humans would use this approach.
Truth in Islam: "ONE GOD" & the LIE allah is this god.

Many muSlimes come with the defense for Islam, that it teaches one should love people, & God etc.
While all this and much more can be true, ONE lie which utterly destroys Islam is that allah is this very god. This lie is hidden or mixed in with many truthful assertions and statements.

The good, peaceful inclinations in human beings can also be addressed in muSlimes.
As Dr. Wood one said, on the surface Islam may look good, but if one digs deeper, a different picture emerges.

Islam is one religion in which good & evil deeds can lead to paradise. "Evil" as understood in the Christian world-view. In fact if one discusses with muSlimes some words need to be "defined" first. Like what is "Evil"in Islam, and what is good.

Peter said...

David, I have just discovered your videos and am very impressed then I was disappointed to learn you are a Christian.
How on earth can you do such an expert job exposing the flaws in the Quran yet still believe the Bible is true when that is clearly just as flawed and can't possibly be taken seriously? You should use the same method to disprove Christianity as you used to disprove Islam.

David Wood said...

I did use the same method to disprove Christianity. Then I left atheism and became a Christian.

(BTW, anyone who says what you just said immediately proves himself to have never studied the Bible or the Quran. Odd that the least informed, most ignorant people are the ones telling people who've spent years studying what we should believe. Dawkins trolls are the worst.)

Peter said...

Oh really? Would you say that to Bart Erhman, Dan Barker, Richard Carrier, Robert M Price, Francesca Stavrakopoulou, D M Murdoch and many other atheist biblical scholars I could name.

I'm not a Dawkins troll by the way but I do follow those I've mentioned who talk quite rationally and logically against theism (the Bible specifically) which is why I became an atheist. I've heard ALL the theist arguments and all I hear is speculation and wishful thinking.

No one can even prove Jesus existed, though Bart Erhman put forward a good case in his book "Did Jesus Exist" which I've read, but it didn't impress the others named above. They admire him greatly but say he made many errors here.

Erhman's video on the contradictions in the Gospels sounds very convincing to me. I have read them too btw and quite a lot of the Bible so I'm not just relying on what the most well known atheists say. I actually check things myself.

Finally why should we all need university degrees and many years of study to understand the Bible which has been suggested by some Biblical scholars? Surely if God wanted us all to understand and believe in him he would have written it clearly and precisely first time round and not in such a way that leaves it open to interpretation. He would also have made sure the original survived which should be enough on its own to put doubt in people's minds.

Having said all that I would have no problem changing my mind if good, solid evidence presented itself, but I can't see that happening anytime soon.

Thanks for replying anyway


David Wood said...

LOL! You're a Carrier/Price troll??? That's even lower than a Dawkins/Harris troll! Actual Historical Jesus scholars say that these guys are on the same level as Holocaust deniers. Did you catch the Q&A where Ehrman said that NO SCHOLAR ON THE PLANET agrees with these guys? And yet you follow them anyway? Have fun denying the Holocaust! Now go somewhere else. Arguing with Carrier/Price trolls is far less intellectually stimulating than arguing with Muslims.

Unknown said...

A quick question David,
What books should I study and which verse from the Quran and others to maybe help my friends understand why I am a christian and don't accept muhammed as a prophet.