Monday, June 13, 2016

Omar Mateen's Ramadan Massacre at an Orlando Gay Bar

Omar Mateen
Early in the morning on June 12th, 2016, American Muslim Omar Mir Seddique Mateen opened fire at "The Pulse," a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Mateen killed around 50 people and injured dozens more while shouting “Allahu Akbar!” During the attack, he called 911 to declare his allegiance to ISIS.

One of Mateen's former co-workers said that he regularly spouted hate-filled, racist, and misogynistic words, but wasn't fired because he was a Muslim. Mateen had ties to radical imam Marcus Dwayne Robertson and to other Islamic fundamentalists.

So, did this shooting have something to do with Islam?


Richard said...

"So, did this shooting have something to do with Islam?"

Not according to according to American Civil Liberties Union attorney Strangio. According to him, [and countless others like him], it is the Christian right who are to blame. Islam is totally in the clear.

“The Christian Right has introduced 200 anti-LGBT bills in the last six months and people blaming Islam for this?” Strangio tweeted. “No.”

After all gays are treated so well by countries who enforce Islam strictly, like Iran, Saudi Arabia and the Islamic State, how could Islam have anything to do with this?

Steve and Sarah said...

David--Yes, we need to speak the truth, but I honestly thought you were going to say what we need is LOVE. Only love can defeat Islam. I am not talking snively liberal love that promotes a logically incoherent belief that somehow everyone is right and true: I am talking a love that does what Jesus did: Speaks the truth, and then looks down the barrel of an AR and returns blessings for curses, forgiveness for unforgiveness, mercy for violence.

The Lord Jesus Christ taught us to bless our enemies, to do good to those who hate us, and in so doing enter the kingdom of God--the only kingdom that will truly last forever.

So, yes, speak the truth, but our highest calling is a radical, painful, sacrificial love.

Unknown said...

Do we need Harvard degree like President Obama to understand that Quran is the book where in several Surah as David cited in his video presentation, commanded devote Muslims to fight against non-Muslim to bring them to believe Muhammad and his imaginary Allah by terror? Shahi Bukhari 2977 Muhammad said “I have been victorious by terror”, so also he advised Muslims to use terrorism to force non-Muslim to believe Muhammad and his Allah.”

Famous Quranic devilish surah that every Muslim inspired to kill us, non-Muslims without fear of true Holy God, who is righteous, are as follow: 5:33, 9:73, 9:123, Hadith Shahi Muslim (129):36-(22), hadith Shahi Bukhari 2977 etc., etc. No Islamic scholars deny Quran’s Iblis teaching of killing non-Muslims and thus One billion Muslims are brainwashed by fear, by black magic of Muhammad. They believe Muhammad without logic and any miraculous sign from above.

Muhammad robbed our freedom to worship true God of Abraham/Isaac/Jacob and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ by commanding Muslims that no one has right to worship other than his imaginary Allah. Quran preaches hate crime against non-Muslims and Muhammad is worse than Hitler. I wonder after so much bloodshed by the name of Allah-Hu-Agbar, how Muslims still believe Quran is a book written by Muhammad’s imaginary Allah who has no power to protect himself.

akairey said...

once again! The "ORACLE" has spoken using sources and FACTS! BAM!

Keith said...

Steve and Sarah, so how are you suggesting we put into practice this "sacrificial love"? You don't mean at the cost of more non-Muslim lives do you?

Kassander said...

Why would I take notes if you, David Wood, could easily publish the full text of that video and, for that matter, all of your video's? That would make things a lot easier. Some people, maybe most people, learn esier from a written than a spoken text. If information is your goal, why would'nt you do what I suggest?

Richard said...

Here's another fact that has emerged: This Orlando murderer was gay
Gays according to Islam go to hell and not only hell but Islamic hell, a very bad place indeed, for those who are brainwashed to believe it (which are plenty).

So the question arises- why then does he kill gays?

Answer the Quran promises that those who are killed while killing the infidel are washed of all their sins and go straight to Islamic paradise, where you not only get 70 eternal virgins to have eternal sex with, but also smooth skinned young boys as "pearls" circulating among them.

Steve and Sarah said...

Keith: Great question. I don't know the exact answer. I want to make it clear that speaking the truth like David does IS love--so I am not talking rainbows and lollipops--

I guess it all starts with a proper foundation:

(1) Jesus is Lord, so we should fundamentally ask in every situation, "What would Jesus do?"
(2) Jesus said his kingdom is not of this world--so ours shouldn't be either. Defeating Muslims and defending our land should NOT be priority number one.
(3) Jesus died for sinners, so we should die figuratively and literally for our enemies as well. Dying might be as simple as being fair in an online argument--even when one's adversary is not; it might mean something harder like forgiving someone who hurt your nation or a loved one; it might mean one day saying telling an ISIS invader who threatens to behead you, "Yes, but first, may I wash your feet?"
A practical example is we have two Muslim women who come to our Christian food pantry every week. My friend, they lie and try to cheat us ALL THE TIME (with market place tricks a baby would see through!), and they never seem thankful, but what a chance to show them consistent love and patience.

I would say if one's fundamental hope is that Muslims would be killed or defeated than something is amiss: God's desire is that ALL people be saved, and so our desire is that all Muslims be saved. Let's also remember, that being saved does not mean that all Muslims become Americans or Western. It's that they become Jesus followers within the context of their culture--that is, those aspects of culture that are simply personal taste. Good litmus test, wouldn't you think?

Well, just thinking out loud. I am no pacifist. Certainly there are situations where we have to kill and defend others and ourselves. No perfect one size fits all answer. Probably the best thing we can do is fast and pray for Muslims to reject Islam as a means of being reconciled to God, and get the revelation that Jesus is Lord.

Unknown said...

What good President Obama brought for people of American concealing truth about Islamic terrorism, fueled by teaching of Quran? Does he need proof to show that Quran spread hate crime against non-Muslims? Under one American Constitution, how Quran spread killing spree against non-Muslim. Those who kill mass murder by the name of Allah-hu-Agbar are all Muslims. No Muslims scholar denies spread of jihadism by terror as practiced by Muhammad himself in sixth century. Is it wise to conceal truth because of 1 billion Muslims in the world? Why does he fear Muslims? Non-Muslims are more than five billion. Obama by his shrewd politics lingering Islamic terrorism encouraging home-grown Islamic terrorists. President Obama will come to sense after loss of more American lives. Wake up before it is too late.

kenyon said...

David, great post as usual. You need to check facts. One of the worst mass shootings (worse than Orlando) in American history occurred Sept. 11, 1857 when the Mormons slaughtered 110 men, women and children over age 4, in Utah territory at Mountain Meadows. They were killed in cold blood and at point blank range.

Google Mountain Meadows Massacre or for more information read the reprint of the William Wise book, Massacre at Mountain Meadows.

It is difficult to not read what the lefty news prints and when they broadcast the misinformation as Orlando being the worst mass shooting in American history it is easy to swallow their false narrative.

Unknown said...


You are stone hearted person. When the whole nations are morning for mass murder of 49 people by the name of Muslim Allah, you brought history of Sept 11, 1857 to compare this heartbreaking murder, with the history of religious killing. All killings are condemnable. Whatever your point in bringing historical data at this sad time is nothing but stupidity. Many Muslims justify these heinous crimes comparing with other faith’s teaching for salvation. Please note that unlike Muhammad our Lord Jesus Christ never commanded His followers to kill any person for His name sake, rather He commanded to spread Gospel with humble and humiliation, remembering His sacrifice at the cross for all Mankind, including Muslims. Where are those so called “One Billion Good Muslims” to demonstrate violently as they do for burning a Quran, for this mass murder, showing their anger against those terrorist Muslims who they say hijacked their peaceful Islam???

zono said...


but who was 9/11 attack?

Keith said...

Steve and Sarah, great answer. You get no more debate from me. However, as a normal human being, most of the time I honestly think the question "What would Jesus do?" sets the bar too high. Maybe it's just me. Jesus wants everyone to be saved. So do I. Just maybe not up to his magnitude, if you get what I mean.

Gerrison said...

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