Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Three Questions for Moderate Muslims

Islam is in the headlines almost every day now, and it's rarely for something positive. Moderate Muslims are distancing themselves from the actions and teachings of jihadis, but what do their responses to terrorist attacks really accomplish?

In light of recent events, here are three questions for moderate Muslims.


Unknown said...

David, global increase of terrorism as you showed in your video chart since death of Wall Street journalist Daniel Pearl in February 2002 indicates that Europe and President Obama’s policy on winning hearts and minds of moderate Muslims bringing down Islamic terrorism are flat wrong. They thought praising Islam, avoiding Quran’s true preaching hate crime against non-Muslim as you showed in Quran, would isolate fanatic Muslims. They would win hearts and minds of moderate Muslims. But that remain dream of Obama and Europe; never it will happen unless they hit on head of Islam which reward citizenship of Heaven for Muslims by terrorism.

Islam is not a religion that open inner eyes of followers of Muhammad and his imaginary Allah, as Jesus preaches about God of Love and Merciful. If we see picture of Pakistan, after 9/11 of 2001, we find moderate Muslims never comes to street to protest violently as they do for Quran burning, for any mass murder happened anywhere in the world. Eyes of Pakistani moderate Muslims are not yet open even after shooting school girl Pakistani Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai for her courage to stand against women education that Islam preaches sinful. Muslims content by fear as Muhammad taught. Saddam and Gaddafi were successful maintaining peace in their region for many years by fear. Freedom and Love as Jesus taught in 1st century by His crucifixion are obsolete to Muslims as Muhammad taught them in 6th century spreading Islam by sword.

May God bless you David for spreading light of Gospel to dark area in 21st century so that no one can excuse, at the Final Judgement Day to Jesus Christ, about unaware of God’s love for mankind including Muslims.

Andrew said...

Well done David. Great work as always. You are really getting under William's skin. He made a personal attack on you over this.

Naram-Sin said...

Plan B is violent jihad against infidels.

Traeh said...

To David Wood,
Have been meaning to say this for a long time but only got around to it now: I was listening to your video "What is the Gospel" -- you don't appear, just your voice and the animation. When I first heard that video, I wasn't sure it was you. It sounded kind of like you, and yet the voice seemed somehow beautiful and different from the one you use in most of your videos. Don't get me wrong: your voice is excellent in your other videos too, but different (normally you sound like a talented, trained announcer or a voiceover professional with a strong mind), but in "What is the Gospel" there is something different. Like a quiet sparkling brook. Come to think of it now, it reminds me a little bit of the voice of Edmund Gwenn in the very early Hitchcock film "The Trouble with Harry." (Gwenn was also Santa in "Miracle on 34th Street", but listen carefully to the beauty of his voice in "The Trouble with Harry", an excellent film, and not the nightmarish kind of Hitchcock.) Maybe there was some grace shining through your voice in that "What is the Gospel" video. Maybe you should see if you can sometimes use that voice in some of your other videos, too.

Jack Rainbow said...

Can anyone please recommend a publication of the Koran which is in simple English so I can make a start on examining the source of Islamic evil?