Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Shabir Ally vs. David Wood: Six Debates

Here's the schedule for my upcoming debates with Dr. Shabir Ally.

The first four debates deal with Jesus in Christianity and Islam. They will all broadcast live on the Trinity Channel.

Monday, Sept. 28
2:00 P.M. (EST): "Is Jesus the Son of God?"
3:00 P.M. (EST): "Is Jesus a Prophet of Islam?"

Tuesday, Sept. 29
2:00 P.M. (EST): "Does Paul Give Us the Truth about Jesus?"
3:00 P.M. (EST): "Does Muhammad Give Us the Truth about Jesus?"

The final two debates will be held at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. These will be live in front of an audience, but they will also be live-streamed by the university. Check back here on the night of the debates for live-streaming.

Monday, October 5
6:30 P.M. (EST): "Is the Qur'an a Book of Peace?"

Tuesday, October 6
6:30 P.M. (EST): "Is the Bible a Book of Peace?"


Unknown said...

The next debate I will like you to do is 'the perfect preservation of the quran'

Unknown said...

★********PM Dear David Wood God bless you in your work for the Lord. Math 18 19 two agreeing Jesus will be our Father for us... I agree with you that you will speak in the power of the Holy Spirit....that the Holy Spirit will give you words at the very time and minute..creative unique insights in phrasing and word useage to get the message home....dont look for will be devastating for the opposition..our physical eyes cannot see into the hearts..we pray for fruit to come forth from this seed of God planted and often watered in their hearts..imagine yourself as the apostle Paul..because you are
.angels of God sent to minister to and for those inheriting salvation hide David Wood in the secret place of the Most High..and say David...The Lord is my God He Is My Refuge Protection and Deliverance keep shield of faith lifted we bind the forces of darkness and call them inoperative.against David or the people listening and watching.we release peace illumination..understanding clarity..and conviction on the listeners there and worldwide. Angels of God fight for Davud Wood ..psalm 91 and Ephesians 6 are his. He who dwells in the secret place...shall abide under the Shadow of those great Wings..where no foe can assail...The revelation of Proverbs 4 22 and Jer 30 17..are yours too. There was a gold coin in the mouth of the fish. We call the meetings a victory for Jesus and say the Word of God like arrows shot hit the targets no matter how things appear physically. I love you brother David Wood much love flows out of you in your talks are blessed and a Blessing the earth :D XOX..satan ..devils..we demand in zJesus name you remove blinders iff the eyes hearts and minds if all who attend or watch later. JESUS IS LORD. IF you arent baptised in the Holy Spirit yet this is real and for everyone..its not what critics say..also you have a huge refutation community :) online..they ARE ALL LUSTENING TO EVERYTHING YOU SAY..They are not named The Osama Abdullah either...

Unknown said...

These debates are great and kudos to your effort David. However, i really dont think you christian apologetics should be debating Shabir Ally because all he does is to keep quoting one author after another claiming the bible is corrupt, adulterated or made up to make Jesus appear as God. He will always claim there is a progressive fabrication of Jesus as GOD from Mathew to John with John being the most culpable.Why doesn't he debate topics that questions authenticity of Islam, Mohamed or Quran? I think am tired of hearing him make the cyclical argument over and over. I have noticed that he likes to debate topics that relates to or questions Jesus's personality or deity. Please take him on issues relating to Quran , Islam and so called prophet Mohamed and lets stop giving him opportunity to spurn out his nonsense argument about deity of Jesus.His goal from watching his debates with Nabeel, Licona and Shamoun and David Hunt is to raise enormous doubt among muslims who might be considering getting to know more about Jesus and Christianity so that they feel that bible is so corrupt and adulterated it is better to stick with their disgusting Quran and Islam. Thanks David for all work and videos.God Bless you and your family.

Unknown said...

will it be aired on trinity channel?

Unknown said...

Is Jesus the Son of God? Rationale
Jesus appears in the Holy Bible account as a man who some call prophet because the Jews were accustomed to prophets doing supernatural feats and Jesus did many miracles in public known and proven by all.
The above seems to indicate no divinity BUT ..Scrioture clearly states the LOGOS/WORD humbled himself to Take On the FORM ...FORM ...FORM..OUTWARD FORM..of a Servant...humanity of Jesus BOWED DOWN TO FATHERGOD..just Jesus s humanity Bowed... LOGOSGOD...THE WORDGOD... didnt bow But Bible quote thought equality with God not something He would enforce..instread He emptied Himself of using any Godhead power ans instead accepted submission subservience and obedience living thru His humanity instead. He did not take up His Godness nor luve from it.. He completed his earthmission on his humanity side as the second Adam fulfilling his life in obedience to God never sinning.
If he lived at any time on earth out of his Godness he would immediately cancel his mission of not sinning as a man during his lifetime..a qualification necessary to fulfill the mission of the cross...sinlesd he died for others sins..sinless he FULFILLED THE LAW FOR ALL OF MANKIND...EVEN HITLER...if Hitler would have repented and turned to Jesus.

This explains why muslims see Jesus appearing as a man in looks actions some the gospel. Jesus came to fulfill his man only missions..picking up and living out of His Godness would have cancelled his manmissions of sinlessness- only man can be tempted with sin..he had to accomplish sinlessness as a man only his Godness would - if he used it would have been cheating and would have rendered his sinlessness a mute point- and cross sacrifice...only a sinless one who first fulfilled the law could provide the complete obedience no human previously achieved...this sinlessness was a necessity in order for him to qualify for the sacrifice. This idea needs to be fleshed out a little more explaining what exactly was acvomplished on the cross and what human and divine natures did....I think this idea should be explained to muslims if they will listen they will see it.( in Jesus s Name YHVH we demand all blinders be taken off everyone who hears these debates. Amen)

Happy said...

Shabir will do what all Muslim apologist's do! Since they have no way of authenticating Muhammad and the Quaran (Islam) through the Bible, he will smear the Bible as corrupted but still Quote from it to Islam's advantage!. Islam is a "must have" religion! Because in order for Islam to be true they believe the bible "must have" been corrupted, Jesus "must have" been replaced by someone else on the cross, Allah and Muhammad "must have" been wrong when they agreed and confirmed that what was revealed before the Quaran (Torah, Injeel, Bible) could not be Corrupted, etc.

Unknown said...

You go Champ : Brother David Wood Am very proud of U! Thanx and Praise GOD for U and defending our Faith so well and trying to help free muslims see too Big Love to U for real David Wood fan club Birmingham England Respect Bro

T.J.T.S.F. said...

I think that David definitely will be able to handle Shabir in the October debates, as Shabir is not good in defending the 'peacefulness' of the Qur'an, but today he will have his hands full with Shabir's use of liberal scholarship. Go David!

Rosina said...

Just finished watching the debate. And yes, Shabir Allie "debated as expected.
Thank you David, you did an awesome job.
I agree with Shallow Yeshua. ...shabir's aim is not for truth but to deceive muslims into believing the truth of the gospel.
Shabir is a deceiver, and he continues to blaspheme God.
Super excited for next one David. Will continue to keep you in prayer.

Unknown said...

I have to say David has exposed how Silly Dr. Shabir is. I watched the debate and could see the frustration on Shabir's face when he was told the truth about how Allah was a deceiver. What I was sad though is that for the prompt: Is Jesus the prophet Islam? David should hit on how Islam is a complete idol worshiper who kiss a black stone ritually. Which Jesus would have not preached by any stretch. He should also hit Shabir with the Satanic teachings of Allah which contradicts the Jesus's teaching. Plus, as a critical thinker, Shabir would be challenged that he should be cornered on any document that states Torah was corrupted during the time of Christ. Christ never preached about corruption of books rather corruption of heart.
Islam is false which can not be defended without dodging questions and complete lie.

stvn said...

@ David,

shallom yeshua was correct in his statement as proved by the debate yesterday.
Also i agree with shallom yeshua that you should tackle Shabbir Ally with the unpleasant stuff in the koran. Thats why i am really looking forward to this one: "Is the Qur'an a Book of Peace?"

Greetings from Suriname, South Amerika.

Craig said...

If I don't get to ask Shabir a question someone ask him to "write a book on what he believes to be true in the WHOLE BIBLE" and I bet we can still get the true gospel and proof Jesus is lord over all!!!

And prove Muhammad is a false prophet!

Samatar Mohamed said...

David instead of going to other verses, why don't you just address john 17:3. By going to other verses at best you are showing the book contradicts itself.

Dacritic said...

David, just a personal question. Do you have a preference about going first or second in a debate, or do you think it depends on the topic?

Unknown said...

Very True Shalom Yeshua You have it so right Peace Love Respect

Unknown said...

Nothing too too personal to shabir ally but I could really see the panic in him when certain points were raised ; especially in the latter two debates Hahaha the way he had a slight dig at David too about the use of a laptop ; yes shabir we saw you with "those little cards" thems one from flat packets of bizcitz innit lol

Keith said...

Sometimes I feel like I want to give up talking about religion. I want to go back to being the nice guy who says every religion teaches good and stop riling up any Muslim feathers, especially more so since I have countless Muslim friends. I do not want them to find out that I have been fervently criticising Islam without their knowledge. Arguments stress me out. It also seems to me that sometimes atheists also have very valid points when they pitch it against certain beliefs in any religion.

What kept me coming back is the elephant in the room. Why are most terrorists Muslims, or at least identify themselves as Muslim? This is one question, no matter how hard I try, I cannot ignore.

Anonymous said...

Keith, atheists don't have a necessary foundation to launch any arguments against Christianity. When they demand "evidence" they are assuming that the universe is uniform and conforms to laws of logic which atheism cannot account for. Not only can atheism not account for the laws of logic, but the worldview is contrary to the concept in the first place. When they argue, they are borrowing from our worldview. When they wish to raise moral objections against the God of the bible, again they lack the foundation. It's like saying "In my world, there are only marbles, nothing else, and to prove it, I'll get buckets of marbles to show you." How can they show you buckets of marbles if their worldview doesn't have buckets but only marbles. In the same way, if they worldview is that the world is just materialistic, then why do they ask for evidence which presupposes immaterial laws of logic? See the problem?

Don't be stressed about arguments. The Christian faith is supremely robust and able to withstand attacks from all angles. We are all called to be prepared to give an answer for the hope that is within us. If you have any pressing questions or arguments that you'd like to discuss, feel free to drop me a line at

Much grace.

Dacritic said...


"Then this is eternal life, that they may KNOW you, the only true God, AND Jesus Christ whom you have sent."

So the verse says that to attain eternal life, we got to know who the Father is (says here he is the only true God...which is not wrong as Yahweh is the one and only) AND also who Jesus Christ is.

So WHO is Jesus Christ? How would I know if I do not look at the other verses? And the other verses say...

1. the Word was God. But that's contradictory since if the Word was with God, how can he also be God?

2. the Father judges no one but leaves all judgement to the Son. But that's contradictory, I thought only God should be the final judge?

3. just as the Father gives life to whom he wills, so also the Son gives life to whom he wills. But that's contradictory, since I thought only God has the power to give life?

The only explanation is the Trinity. I don't understand it. You don't understand it. But it doesn't matter, it's there. Just like if we say God has no beginning. I don't understand it. I never had. Even as a young child until now. How can something or someone have no beginning? Some people find it hard also to understand something that has no end. I find "no end" easier to understand than "no beginning", personally. Why do women like shoes so much? Why do like football? I don't understand it. But it doesn't matter. It's there.

Keith said...

Royal Son, are you also a Christian apologist like David? Thank you so much for your email address. I will be in touch. Kind regards.

Anonymous said...

Keith, I'm a simple Christian with a desire to defend the faith. I have had a number of Paltalk debates and my page is I am no way anywhere near in the league of David Wood, but as he is a busy man, it would be my pleasure to have fellowship with you and help you on some matters if possible.

Unknown said...

This is a very late comment toward this early October's article, but sorry I have to deliver it especially to Bro.David as a friendly critique,

In my personal opinion apparently Shabbir has always manipulatively managed to arrange the agreeable themes that benefited him more.

Being closely analyzed; The theme , "Is Jesus Son of God' is certainly put the pressure solely on christian to proof this premise, then it was becoming even harder in "Is Jesus A Prophet of Islam?" where here the apologist has to proof and win in the 'enemy territory' coz on what basis/parameter we can dismantle Jesus status as Islamic Prophet if it's not based on ISLAMIC STANDARD?? and after all in christianity itself Jesus is also a prophet besides being The Incarnated God! then in the debate apparently Shabbir like always , had managed to make a SPIN out of this theme IN ORDER TO KEEP BRINGING UP THE DOUBT ON THE AUTHENTICITY OF BIBLE.

Then 'Does Paul Give the Truth about Jesus'? here certainly again the burden to proof the premise was being put solely on christian apologist. And after that ,"Does Muhammad Give Us Truth About Jesus"? here the islamic position and christian's position have been clear without the needs of debating it actually coz Islamic parameter for Jesus's status & how Jesus should be described are obviously different from the christian's PARAMETER. However again Shabbir as always had again SPIN this to become a questioning of authenticity on the bible debate.

Personally I think to put some pressure toward Muslim the theme should've been " Does Muhammad A RELIABLE PERSON TO TELL THE TRUTH about Jesus?"

Then move on to "Is Quran or Bible the Book of Peace", the theme itself is not so clear, i prefer the theme should've been " Is Quran or Bible The Book that TEACHES PEACE" , coz fairly to say both Quran&Bible contain violent stuffs and Shabbir as shown had thrown some cheap shots using OT (primarily) and some few verses in NT, in order to EQUALIZE Bible down into the same level of Quran on teaching violence. However if it had been emphasized on "Which One Genuinely/Primarily Teaches Peace", I think it would've been more tougher for Shabbir to try to spin it around.

Sorry to say though I have to give huge compliment to Bro.David however I'm sick and tired to see how we frequently have always let Shabbir getting away with arranging themes that dominantly about attacking christianity rather than positioning him on defending islam. I think this is why Shabbir has been refusing to face Shamoun after his first and only debate w/ bro.Shamoun.

Unknown said...

Whoever is writing here on Islam and about David Wood are all Fxxxxxx idiots. We can see from their comments. David Wood is no where close to Dr. Shabir. Dr. Shabir is a scholar and he speaks scholarly. Dr. David Wood is a fundamentalist Christian ISIS. We can not compare this two people.

Unknown said...

As-Salaamu Alaikum...


Truth has always been simple throughout History. However, we out of our ignorance, pride, envy etc. makes it complicated.

Just imagine the world with out any prophet, without any religious scripture. Do we need them to know God and for good moral conduct? In the absence of these will we be immoral? The is No.

Every human being will have the inherent inclination towards Good and God. So, there are those who encourage the goodness and then there are those who suppress the goodness. God sends His Messengers/Prophets and scriptures from time to time to differentiate between those people. This is a very important thing that we need to understand.

The root cause of all the evils today looks like incorrect understanding of the Message of God by some people from each community. Brothers, The Truth is very simple for those who use common sense which is inclined towards Good and God and not towards selfishness.

We usually come across things like "Focus on the solution and not on the problem" and we take it very seriously to solve the issue of our day to day problem. However, when it comes to Religion we tend to forget that and we focus on the problem so hard that we loose the very essence of Humanity.

I'm sure everybody will agree with me that the end of times is very near and the 2nd coming of Jesus may be witnessed by our grand-children or their children. So, we have a good vantage point of looking back into the History and understand the work of God.

The Truth Shall Set Us Free...
If you want to know the truth with Love and Compassion and Logical Approach then reach me at

Those who want to argue and prove their superiority can go back to what they have been doing.

Note: God has given us Mind for a purpose and that purpose is not limited to 1+1 is 2.

Unknown said...

david wood is a former mental acting like an abnormal person eventhough mental curing.Whatever comments said by him and his friends about islam doesnt make any sense and fully bull shit.What ever the critics islam is the peace religion and doesnt critics any other religion like u david and this religion will grow fast.Prophet esa fabricated by christians as jesus.Bible is also fabricated from ingiel.

Keith said...


Where is the bullshit part?

"Bible is fabricated"?

Your Quran at 5:44 and 5:46 doesn't seem to think so. So are the Quran and Allah endorsing something fabricated?

So please. Go away and study more Islam before spouting more stupidity here.