Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Upcoming Debate: Is the Muslim Denial of Jesus’s Death by Crucifixion Valid? – Ijaz Ahmad and Keith Thompson

Topic: Is the Muslim Denial of Jesus's Death by Crucifixion Valid?
Debaters: Br. Ijaz Ahmad of Calling Christians and Keith Thompson of Answering Islam.
Date: Saturday 26th of September, 2015.
Time: 10 PM EST.
Location: Paltalk, Answering Christianity Room.


Andy said...

It's insane that this is even debated. But we know why Muslims deny it, because the Quran says so. So rather than deal with facts, the resort to circular arguments and sources that are hundreds of years removed from the events.

Samuel Green said...

Ijaz cancelled the debate. This is the second debate he has cancelled with Keith Thompson. There is no news of debate being rescheduled.

Tom said...

My Dear fellow Christians,

I cant understand... The Bible has all the necessary EVIDENCE, in the form of Who, When, Where, What, How.. and the koran has NOTHING literally NOTHING, On this CORE foundational Doctrine of the Christian Faith... and the muslim want to Debate on this matter?

HOW???? When there is NOTHING in the form of Evidences from their authority the koran?

When debating this Topic, we must get the muslim to declare that their response is based on man made speculation & conjecture.. NOT based on their "all knowing" authority, allah..

We let them off too lightly!

Toll said...

He knew that he isn't in the same league as Thompson. It was all a publicity stunt in my view. He never had the guts or intention to go face to face with Thompson nor will he ever have to debate with someone of his calibre.

TAREK said...

Well I thought as much. It is not the first time and it won't be the last time. The only we must do is to keep up the pressure till they all giveup.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the debate did end up taking place, but it was moved from Paltalk onto Skype. Unfortunately, the internet connection of both speakers was not good and the recording suffered major breaks. It's easy to jump on the bandwagon and call Ijaz Ahmed a coward. I don't think that's wise. He has actually debated the likes of Samuel Green and Anthony Rogers. All though I completely disagree with his position and the manner in which he conducts himself, he certainly is not a coward. Let's not slip into ad-homs and just stick to the issues.

Unknown said...

Keith Thomspon is Good debater/apologist!! Thanx Keith!! Always Greateful to him His documenteries in particular refuted zeitgeist/new age agenda were soooooo Good they Really helped me ( on the human level) before I started to pray and GOD The FATHER started to give me faith so I could become a Christian ;Praise GOD!!!!!! Big Love Keith Thompson

Unknown said...

Ijaz Ahmed needs 2-3 years at least before he can debate our Top Christian Brothers!! At first ( I admit ) I did think he was pretty good but then he got dry roasted by Sam Shamoun and also C.L. Edwards Does he (Ijaz) have an ego problem perhaps???? He most Certainly has delusions of grandeur ; just like Osama Abdullah They shouldn`t let their pride get in the way of doing what`s best for their religion- then actually they should keep defending it - it`s so much fun to see!!