Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Questions about CAIR's Free Qur'ans

In response to Dr. Ben Carson's claim that he wouldn't want a Muslim as President of the United States, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is giving away free copies of the Qur'an. I have a few questions about these free Qur'ans. (In case anyone is wondering, I wouldn't have any problem with a Muslim president, provided he or she doesn't take certain passages of the Qur'an seriously.)


Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Mr. Wood. As you your own self have previously pointed out, you have no way of knowing if any Mahometan was telling you the truth if he said he repudiated the verse of the sword, and others, owing to Taqiyya.

Don't go soft on us now :)

David Wood said...

ABS, that's nonsense. If a politician spends years promoting open, honest discussion about Islam, doesn't use his power to shut down discussion or accuse critics of "Islamophobia," etc., the person clearly isn't promoting Sharia. Of course, you're free to see some conspiracy behind years of appropriate conduct, but if you're going to see such a conspiracy there, you could see it anywhere. (Perhaps, for instance, Ben Carson is an undercover Muslim pretending to be tough on Islam in order to take over the presidency so that he can promote ISIS!) People's true colors emerge over time. Recognizing this has nothing to do with "going soft."

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Mr. Wood. According to your several posts about taqiya and stealth jihad one could easily see an attractive (Not a Mr Ellison) politician publicly deny what he privately believes for the sake of deception and gaining political power.

Recently you had a post about Ol' Mo and his lying to the Jews and Christians who defended him even while he was privately planning to ice them asap.

O, and one word about conspiracy; that word, unfortunately, tends to describe as a lunatic any man who believes in such elementary truths (The French and Russian Revolution were conspiracies successfully actualised) even though, historically it is a trite truism that the few conspire to (mis)lead the many.

ABS thinks you do great work, sir, but Mahometanism is completely and entirely incompatible with any western government - even the worst ones.

Tilo Reber said...

I've never seen any Muslim promote open and honest discussion about Islam.
I've only ever seen Muslims try to rationalize all of the barbarity & inhumanity of Islam.
If Muslims wanted open and honest discussion about Islam they wouldn't have a blasphemy
Law that kills those who insulted Islam.

Clark Wilson said...

FWIW I received a Quran from CAIR years ago. It's a *very* nice edition. No salesman ever called or visited. :-)

The translation is by Muhammad Asad. I do not know whether the version they sent yesterday is the same one.

9:29 the translation reads: "[And] fight against those who - despite having been vouchsafed revelation [aforetime] - do not [truly] believe either in God or the Last Day, and ..."

98:6 the translation reads: "Verily, those who [despite all evidence] are bent on denying the truth - [be they] from among the followers of earlier revelation or from among those who ascribe divinity to aught beside God - will find themselves in the fire of hell, therein to abide: they are the worst of creatures."

I tried to be careful in typing these out, but let me know if it seems I have mistyped or mis-selected.

David, if you tell me the surahs of the first two verses you posted I can look those up also.

Clark Wilson said...

48:29 as translated in the edition I described in my previous comment: "Muhammad is God's Apostle; and those who are [truly] with him are firm and unyielding towards all deniers of the truth, [yet] full of mercy towards one another."

5:51 "O you who have attained to faith! Do not take the Jews and Christians for your allies: they are but allies of one another - and whoever of you allies himself with them becomes, verily, one of them; behold, God does not guide such evildoers."

David Wood said...

ABS, Ellison is a perfect example. We're not talking about someone publicly affirming something he secretly denies. We're talking about patterns of behavior. Patterns of behavior reveal themselves over time. If someone wants Sharia, he's going to do everything he can to undermine open, honest discussion about Islam. This is what CAIR, ISNA, politicians like Ellison, etc., all do. They can't help themselves, because they know that any open, honest discussion about Islam will undermine their goals. So if someone spends years promoting critical evaluation of Islam, it's silly to conclude he's a closet Islamist.

Unknown said...

(…….I wouldn't have any problem with a Muslim president, provided he or she doesn't take certain passages of the Qur'an seriously.)- Dr. David Wood


Dr. Ben Carson, GOP presidential candidate said the same thing in different word. He said if Muslims candidate accept American culture and value he have no objection voting for Muslims if he is qualified. But media colored his statement to down grade Christian value as they do all time to protect Muslim even if Muslim kill innocent reporters like Daniel Pearl. To deny teaching of Quran is equal to deny faith on their Allah and Muhammad. Muslims know that fruit of Quran is “Sharia Laws” like fruit of the Bible is “Love”. Quran’s justice is to cut hand for stealing, to kill adulterer, homosexual by stone throw, which is unacceptable to modern society. Dr. Benson also said that he would not support a President to take oath putting hands on Quran. Is this wrong if he does not agree with Quran and believe an unholy book?

Muslims in America should be ashamed of Quran that teach hatred and cruelty for non-believer as Dr. Wood referred in this posting. How CAIR could expect good relation with non-Muslims when Quran teaches hatred with whom Muslims expect to build relationship???

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Mr. Wood. ABS will just have to drop this after noting that Obama is quite likely a muslim whose behavior is classic Taqiyya but the media denounces any man who notices those patterns (accompanied by charges the one who notices is riven with bigotry, racism, profiling etc) and while it is clear YOU could notice these things, you'd never be able to have access to the major media to report your findings.

With all good wishes that you continue your excellent work, ABS disengages on this point.

Dacritic said...

I just think Islam is one lie being built upon another. It all started with the denial of the crucifixion. Then the supposed prophethood. And then even when you have Islamic materials such as the Quran, the Hadiths and the Sirat giving us clues about what the truths are, people defending Islam still try to dance around them, or denying them totally, or making an obvious lying statement e.g. "Muhammad never taught us to insult other religions" but never bothering to back it up. And when it is obvious they can't do it any more, the name-calling starts. Physics taught us about inertia. It works everywhere, even with people's minds.

David Wood said...

ABS, that's absolute nonsense. Obama's "pattern" is the pattern of a radical leftist, not of a Muslim. He drinks alcohol, eats pork, and has done more to destroy the Middle East than any other leader in history.

Auke Feitsma said...

David you are right. Obama is a man who is a humanist who believes that he can alter the behaviors of people. Just like Marx, Lenin, Engel and Mao did. That it looks like he is advocating islam is because; everyone who is against Christ is someone who advocates the works of the ruler of this world.
That he could get elected is because most people in the west think that the Bible is not reliable. That it is a book, especially from the beginning, with fairytales. Happenly Jesus saves, so it is not important to know that the Bible is a reliable history of the world.
Sorry for my English.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Mr. Wood. Well, ya got me there. If what you write is accurate then he ain't a mahometan (luckily, ABS is completely ignorant about what the man eats and drinks)

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Mr. Wood. O, ABS just remembered something; it is a tenent of Mahometan doctrine that all men are born Mahometans so, Barry Sotero, who was raisedd a Mahometan may be a Mahometan, just an unobservant one.

Gary Fouse said...

By all means, everyone should take CAIR up on their offer (drive up their costs) and read the Koran. As David knows, the final major sura is sura 9, which is arguably the most vioolent and hateful. It also abrogates all those peaceful verses that the apologists love to point to.

Kudos to Carson for bringing the discussion of this issue into the public discourse.

Unknown said...

I have to agree with David Wood.

I'll add to the case Hanlon's Razor:
"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity."

About sums up Obama's entire Presidential career, if not his entire political career, doesn't it?

Harry said...

@David Wood, I have to disagree concerning Obama's faith. I live with three Muslims and three others in the past. Zahir eats pork rarely drinks and just sacrificed a goat according to tradition. Sara his wife who is also Sunni formerly Ishamli does not eat pork and sometimes drinks. Bilal is a gay Sunni who I have not seen eat pork but has drank. None of them go to Friday prayers.
The point here is that in all religions there are those who do not follow their faith as outlined in their books perfectly. ISIS is real close. Obama's family history, his Indonesian Catholic school records that identify his faith as Islam and the verbal slipups all indicate that He is a Muslim. Has he destroyed the Middle East or has he escalated the caliphate which is why all the moderates are running?
You are right in that his Muslim faith is taking a back seat even if deception to his Anti-Colonialist/Marxist/Communistic upbringing including the fact that he is also a puppet for the global elite. (PTHB

P.A.Spayd said...

Two years ago, I read the koran. I was appalled at the hatred that Muhammed showed towards all non-muslims. I was further appalled that our leaders kept saying "Islam is a religion of peace". Well, they never picked up a koran and read it! I took copious notes in my little Steno pad. Since I take weekly Bible studies at our church - and taught on DVD by Dr. Mickey (James) Efird, a retired Professor of Divinity from Duke University, I felt I had a good background study in Scipture. I have studied the past 5 years with our weekly group, our pastor and the Dr. Efird studies and workbooks. Comprehensive and enlightening. So I read the koran, then based upon my learning of Scripture, I concluded Muhammed was a mad nutcase, pedophile and wife beater who santioned the murdering of everyone who disagreed with him! The koran reads like a Charles Manson rant! Whew! I am surprised that the murder verses in the koran never reach the populace. Hmmm, never mind. I am NOT surprised we are spoonfed what the Propaganda Ministry feeds to us.

Emmanuel said...

"I wouldn't have any problem with a Muslim president, provided he or she doesn't take certain passages of the Qur'an seriously.)"

So, in other words, you DO have a problem with a Muslims president, and like any coward, are hiding behind double-speak to hide this little factoid because you're afraid of being called racist or a bigot.

And here I thought you had a pair, man.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Serge Trifkovic made a trenchant observation that is applicable to any Mahometan elected as POTUS (even though he was not discussing the POTUS).

Paraphrasing, Trifkovic (sp?) observed that when a adult Christian male decides to return to the Faith he had drifted from, he comes face to face with Jesus Christ, the King of Peace and he is obliged to act like Him whereas if an adult Mahometan decides to return to the Faith he had drifted away from he comes face to face with the "perfect man" Mahomet who was a psychotic brigand who consummated a marriage with a 9 y.o. and beheaded hundreds of jews and he is constrained to mimic Mahomet.

Why any Christian Patriot would be blind to this reality is beyond me and now ABS will disengage (again) but will repeat again that you do a TON of great work and you do more in a day than the rest of us bellyachers do in a year.

God Bless you, Sir, for all of your good works.


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hugh watt said...

This Muslim President; at his or her inauguration would they be sworn in on the Bible or the Koran?

Tru2isnow said...

David you are a man of valor. I salute you and your un-shakeable faith and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ. We need many more Christians to stand up and defend the hope we have and expose the lies of islam. May the Lord continue to protect all the members of acts 17 apologetics.
Thank you guys and God bless.