Sunday, September 20, 2015

Six Debates: Support Needed for Additional Camera

Greetings! I have six debates with Dr. Shabir Ally over the next 16 days (four short debates on the Trinity Channel, and two longer debates at the University of Tennessee). I bought a professional camera last year, but the colors and resolution of the recordings doesn't match that of my other cameras. So, I gave one of my older cameras away, and I'm giving another one away to a friend who wants to start making apologetics videos. I'd like to get good recordings of these debates to put on DVDs. (Some of the debates will be broadcast live, but those recordings will have "Trinity Channel" logos all over them, so I need my own footage.) I think I'll need more than one camera angle to make professional DVDs. If everyone chips in a few bucks, I can get a second professional camera so I can switch angles. (I already have professional mics and Final Cut Pro for editing.) The Canon XA20 is $1999, and about an extra $500 for the warranty, extra battery, SD cards, etc. If you can chip in, donations are tax deductible.

***UPDATE*** I just checked my account, and I have more than enough for the camera I wanted (so, no further donations are needed for the camera). But my friend Josh (who's a videographer) just pointed out that since the camera I have now already has an XLR slot for sound, I don't need an XLR slot on another camera (I only need professional sound on one camera). Cameras without XLR slots are cheaper, so I can actually get two cameras without XLR slots instead of one with an XLR slot. Long story short, I'll be recording the debates from three angles! Thanks, Folks!


Unknown said...

Bless you brother David. Donated. Our God will supply all your needs according to his riches in glory. Praying for your family everyday. God is able to make all grace abound to you so that in all things, at all times having all that you need. You will abound in every good work

Unknown said...

It is great you are selling this debate too brother. Great work. Use the money to strengthen the good news of Jesus.

Unknown said...

You and brother Sam should create DVD's from the following videos you guys made. Put them into 4 DVD's and title them as per the title of the videos.

This was by the far the best content I have heard on the topic.