Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Islamic State Offering Sex Slaves as Prizes in Quran Reciting Contests

Muhammad allowed his followers to rape their female captives, and sex slaves were awarded to soldiers following a battle. The Islamic State is now offering sex slaves as prizes in Qur'an recitation contests. Is it any coincidence that sex slaves would be offered to the best reciters of the book that promotes sex slavery?
Fox News—ISIS has already committed countless unspeakable acts on Yazidi and Christian girls and women in Iraq, but the terrorist army may have reached a new low with a twisted new contest in which female slaves captured in war are given away as "prizes" to fighters who show they have mastered the Koran.

The shocking practice of giving away human beings as prizes, called "sibya," was organized by the Da'wa and Mosques Department in Al-Baraka province in Syria in honor of the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan and was announced June 19 on ISIS Twitter accounts, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute and the Clarion Project, two independent research institutes that track social media accounts linked to terrorist groups.

An announcement on Twitter "begins with congratulations to ISIS soldiers and departments in the province upon the beginning of the month of Ramadan," MEMRI wrote, "It then announces the upcoming Koran memorization competition, at which it says participants will be tested and given prizes accordingly."

The statement lists the prizes planned for the top ten competitors, with the top three to each be awarded a female slave: 'Winner of the first place [will be granted] (sibya) [a female slave who was captured at war],'" the translation by MEMRI read.

The contest in Syria plays upon two major ISIS themes, said Ryan Mauro, national security analyst for the New York-based Clarion Project: They are the ones who most closely follow "true" Islam and the Islamic State is a “legitimate” state. The contest and its underlying competition demonstrate that fighters are studying the Koran, and that ISIS is not affected by international condemnation.

“By showcasing its slavery, ISIS is boasting that it practices Islam in its most literal interpretation, doesn't capitulate to public opinion and rejects modern interpretations,” Mauro said. “It is also showing it has a functional Islamic educational system and therefore is a real caliphate.” (Continue Reading.)
For more on women in Islam watch this short video:


Vinícius Braceloti said...

Love you bro

Unknown said...

Unbelievable! Muslims offer sex women slave for sexual pleasure as reward for memorizing their holy book Quran, believed to be word of their Allah during this the most holy month of Muslim, Ramadan. It is unbelievable by any standard of religion in this world. God have mercy on us, give us a break!

Ramadan is the month, Muslim believe Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad. During this month all Muslims fast to guard against evil as Quran said 2:183 “O you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, so that you may guard against evil.” (The Holy Quran, 2:183).

This is the way, Allah’s most favorite people Muslims practice to guard against evil by offering sex slave women for reward in memorizing word of Allah. Interestingly there is no demonstration in Muslim countries to protest against these acts of evil by the name of Quran. This proof 1.6 billion Muslims support evil teaching of Quran and hoping to be with Muhammad in Hell after their death.

What an irony that the civilized world under umbrella of UNO is digesting these atrocities by name of a religion Islam! How long will we watch this devil’s work?

Shame on world power watching helplessly Islam’s dehumanizing teaching and do nothing to stop this teaching. World should band Quran altogether or force Muslims to strike out all those surah that spread hatred against humanity.

Thanks David for informing the world with Muslims’ value of life.

Unknown said...

is S4v24 not abrogated by S24v33 ?

David Wood said...

24:33 is about forcing slave-girls into prostitution with other men. How would that abrogate verses about Muslims having sex with their own slave-girls?

Anonymous said...

Good question though. The whole 'what abrogates what' is deliberately confusing.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it's my understanding that there are 3 kinds of abrogation and 4 levels of abrogation.

For anyone, whatever your belief, it's worth understanding this important Islamic doctrine because you will come up against it, even though you may not know it. Here's some links from this website and others. The last one is an Islamic website but it will give you some idea how Muslims are being taught to answer sincere and honest questions about abrogation.






Unknown said...

@david wood good point thanks :)
Words have a meaning as would say muslims