Monday, June 22, 2015

U.S. Muslim Convert Justin Nolan Sullivan Arrested for Terrorist Plot

Justin Nolan Sullivan is the latest American Muslim convert to plot mass killings in the name of Allah. Why didn't Sullivan, after converting, conclude that Islam is a religion of peace? Because some converts don't get their information about their religion from politicians or the media. Some actually want to know what their religion commands. When they examine the Muslim sources with a sincere heart, there's no way to miss the call to jihad.

Sad to see another life thrown away.
Muslim convert Justin Nolan Sullivan
Reuters—A North Carolina man has been charged with an alleged plot to buy a semiautomatic rifle which he planned to use to kill Americans to show his support for the Islamic State militant group, the U.S. Department of Justice said on Monday.

Justin Nojan Sullivan, 19, of Morganton, North Carolina, who was arrested Friday, is due to appear in federal court in Charlotte at noon (1600 GMT), said a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Western District of North Carolina.

Sullivan is charged with one count of attempting to provide material support to Islamic State and two counts of weapons charges.

According to the complaint, Sullivan, who described himself as a Muslim convert, was tracked by the FBI after his father called the police in late April to report his son was trying to burn Buddhist religious objects in their home in an apparent Islamic-State inspired tirade and the family were scared to leave the house.

This month, Sullivan plotted with an undercover FBI agent to buy a semi-automatic rifle at a gun show, telling the agent "the war is here," according to the complaint.

He then asked the agent to send him a homemade silencer as he planned on carrying out "minor assassinations before the big attack for training" and planned to send a video to Islamic State.

He was arrested at his home after receiving the silencer through the mail, prosecutors said. (Continue Reading.)
To understand why Justin Nolan Sullivan decided to wage jihad, watch this:


Unknown said...

To stop Jihad factory in America, News media must take educational program among Muslims to break the knowledge about Muslims' believes that their Allah wants from them to be an active participant in killing to make America a Muslim country.

Muslims, being less than 2% of America's population found it feasible to make America a Muslim country by the way media treat Muslim when a Jihadist come out openly. No Muslim leader or Media spread the news that discourages Muslims to be a Jihadist and level them it is an act of evil. Christian Churches and media discourage Christians by spreading that God hates killers as it happened to Quran burning pastor of Florida. Why do Muslim organizations not spread news thru every Mosques of America that killing is sin?

David correctly explains Jihadist by Triangle. Jihad = Knowledge+Belief+ Obedience. So one of three factors of Jihad Knowledge, Belief and Obedience is broken then Jihad factory would be bankrupt. That is only solution. Thanks David wood.

Unknown said...

Just the sound new converts make as they walk by, I guess.

MustSee said...

Islam is the only "faith" where there is a high chance that a new convert to that 'faith' will commit some act of violence or terror.

This to me is clear proof Islam IS Satanic.

Unknown said...

and then you have situations like this:

Anonymous said...

Dear Muslims friends,

Dr. Wood's makes an excellent point, that if you are to go directly to the sources and read the Qur'an using rules of interpretation and reason, the Qur'an's directives are clear, it is only as they are strained through the ever-increasing man-made filters that you can arrive at an Islam that preaches peace and love for mankind.

The problem of 'what does the Qur'an actually teach?' is not a new problem, it has been causing conflict since Mohammad's time. There are records of both men and women in Mohammad's life who said "that doesn't sound right?", but it didn't take too long before people realized that you don't question Mohammad too hard, or his teaching, if you valued your life.

Today, when enough history has been put between us, the argument for meaning is the "historical or cultural context" argument, but why were people arguing about the meaning of these teachings during Mohammad's life? There could be no historical or cultural issues distorting their understanding. This conflict regarding meaning continued within Mohammad's first followers, his family and the Caliphs. It's been an issue ever since. Does this seem strange for a faith that supposedly came to correct the misunderstandings in earlier revelations?

The answer would be so simple, accept that what the Qur'an teaches is what it means. This is after all, what millions of Muslims actually do. But of course, the problem with that simplicity is that it means that people will be tortured and killed.

Western Muslims are face with certain choices: believe, as this young man did, the Qur'an means what it says, or listen to the voice of men who will tell you that you can only understand the perfect Qur'an as it is re-interpreted, revised and reconstructed by imperfect men.

If you have a commitment to intellectual integrity you'll realize that the truth must stand alone and cannot be greatly impinged by cultural or history context. Eternal truths do not need to be strained! If you are able to accept this, then I hope you will also realize that you cannot live out the tenets of Islam and maintain your humanity.

My prayers are with you.

Jesus is Lord said...

Islam is the Most Unique Religion in the world!

When we look at Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity and Other Religions, You Will Soon Realize That Islam Is Very Unique. As a matter of Fact, we can Find MANY THINGS that we “ONLY” See In Islam And HERE’S A SAMPLE OF THEM:

- Only in Islam that Apostate (leaving Islam) are being killed
- Only in Islam that we hear about Honor Killings
- Only in Islam that we hear about Suicide Bomber
- Only in Islam that we hear about Terrorist Attacks.
*STATISTICS Shows that Islamic TERRORIST Have Carried MORE Than 26,198 DEADLY TERROR ATTACKS Since 2001.
- Only in Islam that we have followers who want to dominate the world under Islam.
- Only in Islam that we see the followers react with such violence, riot and even death when someone makes a cartoon related to Islam.
- Only in Islam that we have followers who want to impose their Sharia barbaric laws in every countries they live in.
- Only in Islam that we see a deep Hatred towards Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of expression, etc.
- Only in Islam that Homosexual are being Hang or beheaded for their sexual orientation
- Only in Islam that we see American flag being burn, Canadian flag being burn, UK flag being burn, France flag being burn, Germany flag being burn but yet live in all these peaceful countries.
- Only in Islam that we see a religion killing its own people. Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims kill each other’s by the thousands since the successors after Muhammad’s death.
- Only in Islam that we see a deep hatred against Israel, Israeli people, Jews & Christians. Anti-semitism and Anti-Zionist, Palestinian Propaganda, etc.
- Only in Islam that we see Churches being burned down, Buddhist temples (ex: in Bangladesh) being crushed, destroyed & burned down, etc.
- Only in Islam that it is acceptable to marry one, two, three or four wives if you want.
- Only in Islam that we see several people with their faces burned from acid thrown to them.
- Only in Islam that if a woman commit adultery, the legal punishment is to stone her to death.
- Only in Islam that we see People being execute for a bank robbery like in Iran!
- Only in Islam that if you steel, the punishment under Sharia Law is to cut off the arm.
- And it Goes On & On….

Have you ever heard of Christian Suicide Bomber?
Have you ever heard of Christian Beheading Muslims?
Have you ever heard of Christian killing other Christians like Sunnis and Shiites killing each other in thousands, specially the minority of Shiites who are being massacred?
Have You ever heard of Christian killing His Son or Daughter because they adopted Middle-Eastern Values or decided to cover his/her face, etc. (Honor Killing)?
Have You ever heard of Christian killing another Christian who decide to leave his Faith (Apostate)?

Anonymous said...

Dear Jesus is Lord,

I've read your other comments and respect many of your opinions.

Many of your assertions above, however, are not accurate. Islam is not the only religion engaged in these things.

There have been some fairly heinous religions during the history of mankind, many of whom practiced some of the above and did so ritually.

Hinduism, which you mention, saw women ritually burnt alive with their deceased husbands, had temple child prostitutes (and still does!), and killed members for reason including 'and' less than apostasy (despite its claim to be a philosophy). Read any of Amy Carmichael's book to learn about Hindu practices.

There is also Ghengis Khan who was motivated by the religious belief that he had been chosen to subdue and eventually rule the world. His conflicts are regarded by historians to have been the bloodiest in human history.

Consider the mountain meadow massacre committed by Mormom believers or the fact that human sacrifice was committed by the Burmese Buddhist up until the 19th century. Consider the Aztec's religion that saw some 20,000 Aztecs sacrificed every year to their gods.

Islam by no means has the monopoly on all these things and is therefore not unique for its endorsement of such things.

And yes, there have instances of Christians killing other Christians, not as a command from the Bible but it has happened (Ireland; the 7 Year War). As for terrorist bombers, I would remind you of the story and righteous sacrifice of Samson. Muslims know well that Christians have messed up, and care little for an argument that these might not have been 'real Christians' or that they were not acting on God's commands.

The thing that makes Islam unique is not the propensity of its teachings to motivate men to violence and a desire for world domination, or even that it justifies evil deeds. No indeed, others have done this in the name of other gods, so it cannot be unique.

What makes Islam unique from other religions is, in my opinion, that it is actually NOT unique!

But if there is uniqueness to be found in Islam it is its astonishingly overt plagiarism of other faiths, specifically Judaism and Christianity (though there are traces of others), and its masterful ability to shake shift into whatever it needs to be in specific situations. Islam is a house made out of parts of mansions, built on the stolen truth and foundations that did not belong to them, and ideals they did not understand.

Unknown said...

There is no irrational unjust command from our Holy God as we find in Muslim Quran where their Allah commanded Muslims to treat non-Muslims unjustly and make Muslim his chosen people even if they do evil works. For Muslims their Allah forgives those thousands time but for non-Muslims Allah ordered Muslims to kill as if non-Muslims were not created by their Allah.

ISIS and Muslims are practicing such as Jihad, women sex slave, killing women for adultery etc. etc. according to command of Quran. But Jesus did not teach to fight different groups of His followers rather He commanded to be united like Holy Trinity is united. So for fighting with Roman Catholic and Protestant in Ireland is totally political not related to Christianity. On the contrary killing Christians and Jews are command of Allah.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Nojmul, I agree there is no command in the bible that calls for, or justifies Christians fighting each other, in fact, the Word of God condemns it. Jesus Himself said it clearly "by this shall all men know that you are my disciples that you love one another" (John 13:35), there's no grey area here.

The point I was making is that we, as the imperfect followers of that perfect faith, have not always followed those truths as well as we should have, and we should therefore be slow to hold up our behaviour or practices as proof that Islam is wrong. This seems, unfortunately, to the a popular method of argument at times - you're wrong because we are better than you!

Islam is wrong because it is not of God and because it has taken the truths of God and carved them into something that does not reflect the heart of God, not because everyone else is better than Muslims as was the assertion. Similarly, Christianity is unique because it is of God, not because of the behaviour or practices of Christians.

The grace that we have received, that being so unworthy of God's love He still poured it out on us (Romans 7:10!), is what we need to point to. This, and not our example or religious practices, is what makes us different and what drives our commitment to see others saved by that same grace.

It is also worth remembering that Muslims couldn't care two hoots what we say about "The Troubles" (the war in Ireland) not being a religious conflict, or World War I or II. All they hear is there are Christians fighting Christians, and they are right. We should be transparent about church history and others should be able to expect that we can give intelligent responses when asked to explain Christians darker moments and failings.

Consider, as an example, the Christmas armistice of 1914 when German and British troops ceased fighting to sing Christmas Hymns together and exchange gifts, and then returned to fighting. I am not arguing that God commanded it, but simply that it has happened. That is the question that we must answer honestly, how can Christianity be true if Christians do these things?

I think that's a fair question, and one that, if answered honestly, will invariably point the enquirer to the grace of God and the redemption story. We should not assert that we are offering Muslims a 'better' way by simply drawing from comparison, we should let them know we are offering them the 'only' way by drawing a line to Jesus.

Mahsheed said...

Dear Paige, I love your comment to Jesus is Lord, I hope I can remember those points.