Friday, March 28, 2014

Yahya Snow's Debate Challenge on "Thighing" Happily Accepted!

Yahya Snow has repeatedly accused Sam and me of deliberately lying about Muhammad "thighing" Aisha (i.e., placing his penis between her legs and moving back and forth until he ejaculates), even though our claims come directly from Islamic scholars and Islam's most trusted sources.

However, Yahya denies that he was trying to conceal facts when he blocked Sam's link to an Islamic fatwa site proving that Yahya was wrong, and when he blocked Sam's link to our discussion of the evidence that Muhammad thighed Aisha. So he wasn't actually trying to conceal anything by concealing the evidence against him!

Yahya is now trying to save face by issuing a debate challenge:

Since Sam has been challenging Yahya to debate for a while now (Yahya deletes such challenges, but not in an effort to conceal them, mind you!), we're shocked that he has finally agreed to debate.

Apparently, Yahya would rather debate me than Sam "the Assyrian Encyclopedia" Shamoun, but we're happy to accommodate him.

So the next time we have a set of shows on ABN, you can all look forward to finally seeing Yahya's face. We'll patch him in via Skype, and we'll have a wonderful discussion of the Islamic practice of "thighing" (unless, of course, Yahya comes up with an excuse for backing out of the debate he challenged me to!).

On a related note, after Yahya debates me, perhaps he'll finally get around to accepting Anthony's debate challenge (we already know he'll never debate Sam!):


Anthony Rogers said...

Hey, how was I left out? :)

Unknown said...

I wouldn't hold my breath David.

It's more likely he will claim you never contacted him regarding the debate challenge and any attempt of posting on his forum, as we all know, will be removed (or these days not even allowed to be published).

Save your time David. Keep prodding Zakir Naik for a debate or ask Nabeel if Dr Ravi will do it.

Lamb Of God said...

Would love to see this debate!! I would love to see them discredit their own writings!!

David Wood said...

That's why I posted my acceptance here.

Radical Moderate said...

LOL this is how this is going to work out.

Yahya will respond, with "I will get back to David Wood as soon as I find a Muslim willing to debate him on this topic" lol

Anonymous said...

i recommend having camera on screen while u try and connect of skype so he can;t make up stuff of not being able to to connect on live TV

Faith in jesus said...

Lol can't wait for this one. Talk about baited breath. I pray that Yahya eyes and ears be opened to the truth.

TPaul said...

No news from Yahya, is he "snowed" in?

Anonymous said...

so when is it happening? time and date?

David Wood said...

Have to wait for Yahya to agree.

Anthony Rogers said...


David is being nice. We all know that this is going to take a weird turn.

Case in point:

Not long ago Yahya asked me if I was going to be on ABN anytime soon. In reply I asked him if he was asking out of an interest to finally come on the show with me. He wrote me the following reply:

"You inviting me on the show Anthony? Would you be interested in setting up a FAIR debate, the title: Did Jesus teach the trinity?..."

I replied:

"Yes, I would love to have you on the show to debate that issue. Let me know when you will be able to come on. You will need a skype account with video access. Thanks."

In his next email to me, Yahya changed his tune:

"Anthony, are you willing to discuss the topic I suggested with a Muslim debater? [Not me]"

As you can see, his original challenge was nothing more than empty bravado on his part and a classic example of bait and switch. Of course I told him to have any Muslim who is interested to contact me, but that won't do anything to resolve the lies on his blog that we are running scared of him and can't answer him, something he keeps concealed from his readers by deleting our comments. In order to redress this inequity on his part, he also needs to step up and debate instead of hiding behind the delete button.

Anonymous said...

@David anthony

Sorry about that just eager to see yahya out in the open for once instead of hiding of him constanlty deleting stuff habits. you can;t delete things when its on live television