Thursday, March 27, 2014

Yahya Snow Conceals Proof That Muhammad Thighed Aisha

For years, Yahya Snow has been accusing us of lying about Muhammad "thighing" Aisha (putting his penis between her legs and moving back and forth until he ejaculates). I've ignored Yahya for most of that time, because I learned long ago that he doesn't know even the basics about the Qur'an or Hadith, and that, when I quote the Qur'an or Hadith, he simply doesn't care. It's kind of pointless to argue with a Westernized Muslim who thinks he knows more about Islam than his own prophet!

Things changed recently when Yahya began attacking Sam right after Sam's mother died. This was a new low, even for Yahya (who was already a few rungs below Nadir Ahmed on the apologetics and character ladders). Yahya continued attacking Sam by claiming, once again, that we had fabricated the issue of thighing. Most of his article, as usual, consists of personal attacks (standard practice for lower level apologists, who try to demean the opposition rather than refute their arguments). But there are a few portions where he attempts to make some substantive claims:

So there you have it. The claim that Muhammad thighed Aisha is based on a fatwa quoted on a Christian website, we've been rebuked into silence on the issue (i.e., we're not simply ignoring Yahya), etc.

Once again, Yahya displays his ignorance, and it's up to Sam and me to show him his error. Sam began by posting a link to a fatwa on Islam Web:

Since Islam Web is an Islamic fatwa site run by Muslim scholars, you might expect Yahya to immediately correct his error and apologize. Instead, Yahya erased Sam's comment and the link to the fatwa! Even now, Yahya's site claims that our accusation is based on a fatwa we found on a Christian site. So Yahya knows that his claim is false, but he conceals the truth by erasing the proof!

But Yahya wasn't done. After I wrote a brief summary of the evidence (taken directly from Sahih al-Bukhari) that Muhammad promoted the thighing of virgins, Sam posted a comment in the comments section of Yahya's article:
Yahya, since you've accused us of lying about Muhammad and thighing, it's only fair of you to post a link to the following article on thighing, so that your readers can examine the evidence and judge for themselves whether we are lying or not. Please include the following link in all articles and videos in which you accuse us of lying about thighing:

Muhammad and the Thighing of Aisha
Yahya had challenged us for evidence and claimed that we were lying, so it seemed fair to let his readers examine both sides of the issue. Instead, Yahya again immediately erased the comment and the link! Sam even invited Yahya to come on our show and debate the evidence, but Yahya erased that comment as well! It seems that Yahya wants to keep his readers in complete ignorance of the facts, pretending that we're running from him, while simultaneously calling us liars!

This is precisely what we've come to expect from Yahya, and it's why we never take his accusations seriously. He tries desperately to portray himself as an apologist, but when he is confronted with actual evidence and sources, his solution is to conceal the evidence and sources. He's like a spoiled child who throws a tantrum to get attention, but doesn't know what to do when he suddenly gets the attention he craves. This means, of course, that we will end up ignoring him again. But as soon as we ignore him, he will claim that we've been rebuked into silence!

I suppose we should all be thankful for Yahya. He's shown us the depths a person has to go to in order to defend Islam. Thank you, Yahya, for reminding us why we could never do what you do!

To sum up, here's a screenshot of Yahya's comments section:

Kind of reminds me of Muhammad's companion Uthman burning all Qur'an manuscripts in order to conceal the differences and pretend that there's only one Qur'an!


Anonymous said...

If someone bothers screen shot each post on they put on of the whole comment section before yahya has the chance to delete it it would be quite funny to see him squirm out of it.

David Wood said...

Too late. He switched to "comment moderation" to avoid that.

thatreaderxx said...

Another method is to screen capture as you comment on his site and put it up on youtube lol. Although, I think at this point, he is playing a childish game and wants you to lower yourself to his level.

Anonymous said...

actually that is not a bad idea

Faith in jesus said...

Yahya snow has proved over and over again what a deceitful uneducated excuse of a Muslim apologist he is. Untill he can have a grown up debate or dialogue I would not entertain him. The gospel has been explained to him it's now time to brush the dust of your feet.

rivan said...

Is Yahya Snow and Yahya Seymour the same person or different persons?

Unknown said...

Want to know what Yahya Snow is doing in his spare time?

Then please watch this youtube video

David Wood said...

Wow. The guy in the video is like a Muslim Benny Hinn.

Radical Moderate said...

"Our Prophet prohibits seclusion with a fiance"

But Yahya Snow thinks its ok and even believable that a homosexual man can be involved with another homosexual man, including sleeping in the same bed for 25 years and not have engage in sexual activity?

David Wood said...

Rivan said: "Is Yahya Snow and Yahya Seymour the same person or different persons?"

Totally different people. I have much more respect for Yahya Seymour, both in terms of his knowledge and his character, than I have for Yahya Snow.

Anonymous said...

yahya has posted up a poor excuse for deleting comments on his site. since he switch to comment moderation. i suppose there is no point posting there

but i will put my response here and see if someone can get him to answer

"Terrible excuse yahya,if someone is throwing abuses I will let them and keep it on the blog to discredit them. By deleting the post it only shows you have things to hide.

Would a lawyer destroy the evidence for his case? NO

Also it adds to evidence against your credibility because you are destroying evidence.

Also its quite convenient to use it to throw strawmans and red herrings IF you don;t post them up. the only way block taht possibility is actually show the comments"

rivan said...

David said "Totally different people. I have much more respect for Yahya Seymour, both in terms of his knowledge and his character, than I have for Yahya Snow."- Thanks for clearing that up David.

Anonymous said...


well that confirms it. Snow won;t even put up my post on his site which i posted anonymously to questioning how deleting comments won;t make sense. similar to the one i posted above

guess he can;t take the heat.