Friday, March 28, 2014

Pro-Sharia Islamist Yahya Snow Defends Pakistani Blasphemy Laws and the Execution of Christians

There are two ways to defend Islamic blasphemy laws. First, there's the direct approach, which is used in Muslim-majority countries. In countries like Pakistan, Muslims can simply appeal to the commands of Muhammad, who ordered his followers to execute critics of Islam:

Second, there's the indirect approach, which is used in Western nations. In countries like the United States or Great Britain, Muslims can't silence critics by killing them, so they have to silence critics by other means. The weapon of choice is an endless barrage of name-calling hurled at anyone who dares draw attention to the horrific treatment of non-Muslims (and Muslim women) in Muslim countries.

Most disturbing is that the Muslims who hurl abuse at anyone who criticizes Sharia typically pretend to be interested in open discussion of these atrocities, even though they attempt to silence all such discussion.

Consider Yahya Snow's take on the recent news of a Pakistani Christian receiving a death sentence for supposedly mocking Muhammad.

There you have it, Ladies and Gentlemen. We "love" hearing about one of our Christian brothers being sentenced to death, because it gives us ammunition against Islam. Yahya probably thinks we enjoy reading about Christians being slaughtered in Foxe's Book of Martyrs because it helps us condemn non-Christians. (This reminds me of one of my debates with Sami Zaatari, when he claimed that the Qur'an doesn't promote rape when it allows Muslims to have sex with their war-captives, since the women wanted to have sex with the Muslim men who had slaughtered their families. Muslims, it seems, often think we enjoy being treated as "the worst of creatures," as Qur'an 98:6 calls us.)

Notice how Yahya pretends that he wants free, open discussion. Well, how exactly is that going to happen? Muslims certainly aren't doing anything to stop Sharia, so the task falls to non-Muslims. But when non-Muslims talk about Islamic blasphemy laws, or the persecution of Christians and other minorities in Muslim countries, or the rampant sexual abuse of little girls in accordance with the Qur'an, we're condemned as "bigots," "hate-mongers," "racists," and the all-too-common "Islamophobes."

But suppose we take Yahya's advice and keep our dhimmi mouths closed. What then? The only thing that stops these killings is the outcry from Western nations (which embarrasses Muslim leaders into calling off the executions). If we follow Yahya's advice, there will be no outcry, and the executions will proceed. Hence, the man who pretends to want open discussion is actually defending blasphemy laws and the execution of Christians.

Given Yahya's open hatred for Christianity and Christians, is anyone surprised?


Anonymous said...

Yahyah says that we hate Muslims, but we don’t hate Muslims otherwise we would be going against Christ’s command.

“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbour and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven… For if you [only] love those who love you, what reward do you have? Matthew 5:43-46

If we hate anything it is the Islamic doctrine itself because it is just one great lie, and which cannot bring salvation to anyone.

And since God has commanded us to take on and defeat all false doctrine that exalts itself above Christ, then Yahya cannot play the victim and falsely accuse us of any personal hate or phobia towards Muslims when we are only doing God’s will by attacking only the false doctrine of demons (1Timothy 4:1) itself.

…casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God… 2Corinthians 10:5

Unknown said...

Peace and greetings in MY LORD JESUS CHRIST to all!
I would like to address yahya on some misconceptions he have over this whole issue. Let me start by saying that I'm not an arm chair expert sitting on my chair bad mouthing muslims as you mentioned. I'm a Christian living in Pakistan in the same city where this is happening as we speak. You said something along the lines that people are blowing this out of proportion but let me inform you that the trial of Sawan masih was held in an undisclosed jail cell for the fear of his life and of the judge and prosecutors (if they do find him not guilty) there was no defense witness because all were threatened of death if anyone stood in defense witness stand. And then sawan masih is found guilty on the charges of blasphemy and not one, let me repeat not ONE of the 3000 muslims who attacked the Christian community of about 5000 people was convicted due the lack of evidence. You mentioned something along the lines of personal disputes and you couldn't be more right. The dispute was between sawan and his Muslim"friend" who had a business of selling alcohol (mashallah brother, selling or consuming alcohol is haram in your religion and illegal in my country but that Muslim never got convicted for that either ...why? Lack of evidence Offcoarse) And if you didn't know then let me inform you that 200 Christian houses were burned along with 2 churches and more than 100 Christians were killed all in the name of personal dispute that you so clearly mentioned. You mentioned islamophobes, funny word it is because to Christians who live on Pakistan its not an irrational fear of Islam but a very horrible reality of life for being just a Christian. You mentioned something about these people being minorities but let me pop your mental cheery that in Pakistan since 1947 there have been over 2000+ cases of blasphemy (that's about 35 per year roughly since Pakistan got its independence) and none was ever convicted in the court of law but only about fewer than 10 survived. The rest were brutally murdered some along with their families all in the name of peace and tolerance by that small minority of muslims but none of the majority of peace loving muslims intervened. These same "MINORITIES" regularly kill all and any one who talks against these atrocities including muslims (salman tehseer and shahbaz bhatti being prime examples). So when you or any taqiyya practicing muslims tells us that the radicals are minorities and the majority of muslims are peace loving and tolerant, i can only come to two conclusions. One being that you really don't understand the meaning of this simple English word or you are just too ashamed to admit to the fact that all muslims are like that.
I hope i have cleared some of the bugs that you had in your mind.
In Christ, take care

Dk said...

The other group of persecuted people in Pakistan is the Ahmadiyas.

Yahya Snow complains that Christian Islamophobes use material like this as part of an agenda rather than having sincere concern for the Christian man, then why doesn't Yahya snow who is a Muslim do what David has been doing but from a point it out as a Muslim? See Yahya is quick to condemn David, but I don't see Yahya making youtube videos showing his face condemning world-wide atrocities of his Muslim Ummah. That is of course because if "moderate Muslims" cannot object to the "real Muslim" who know that criticism of Mohammed is PROHIBITED under Sharia.

Anonymous said...

LOL yahya referring to those acts as a minority. YET it is MAJORITY of the country who voted to have those BLASPHEMY LAWS in place so that they can be abused in the first place

Anonymous said...

I suggest you post it on yahya blog but i doubt he will put it on since he a coward for putting up posts that contradict him or deletes them so no proof of what happened except what he claims. Or he won;t let them appear at all. If that is the case post it up here and we can have a good laugh at out points proven right about him

Unknown said...

Peace and blessings of our lord JESUS CHRIST with you and everyone. I myself couldn't have said it any better than you already have. We all know how yahya takes critics. Example of brother Sam is infront of everyone to see. I'll try to post on this blog whenever I can. While we're at it I forgot to address 2 issues in my last post that yahya raised. First he said something like Christians in west raise hell over a story like this so they can get donations. Now I have my own organization and we work only for presecuted Christians and non muslims who are effected by this blasphemy law and let me tell you that no one, not even government helps us with it. We risk our lives and our families everyday to help our brothers and sisters in Christ , not for money or glory but because my Lord is worthy and I don't know anyone who would want their brothers and sisters dead so they can make some money. I guess yahya would do that since he has a mentality like that. Secondly he said that Christians hate muslims. I don't know this guy and frankly don't want to but one thing I know is that he knows nothing about Christ and Bible whom he so willingly attack. We can't be Christ's followers if we don't love. I hope that yahya would take that onto consideration next time he opens his mouth.
Peace in CHRIST

David Wood said...

Yahya can't refute arguments, so he has to attack people's motives.

Unknown said...

Brother it's not just yahya , most of the Muslim apologist in USA suffer from some kind of mental sickness. Most of the things that they say about how everyone is equal and muslims are suppose to tolerate other religions and jihad is not physical but some weird personal war. If they say that in a Muslim country, the muslims will turn them upside down and inside out and spank their bums till they all get it straight. (how's that for a minority)

Anonymous said...


Yahya apparently doesn;t like to post up me pointing out why deleting posts is illogical when it supports his case against sam.

I don;t expect him to be able to be man enough to post up yours

Unknown said...

Peace and blessings of our LORD JESUS CHRIST be with you and everyone. Brother thank you for your kind comments but I would like to make it clear that I'm no biblical scholar or have much in depth knowledge of Bible as alot of brothers and sisters on this blog do. I'm just a simple man from a village in Pakistan who got an opportunity to come to this great country of USA. Now I travel back and forth to do our LORD'S work.
As far as yahya deleting brother Sam's post, well brother Sam is in a class way beyond his. Yahya is a slave of his allah and brother Sam is the son of the living God so there is no comparison. And so is brother David, brother Anthony and brother Nabeel (pardon me if I'm forgetting anyone).
I would like to take a moment to , personally and on behalf of the Christian community in Pakistan, thank brother Sam and brother David for their teachings , not only about quran but also our own Bible and to brother Anthony and brother Nabeel and everyone on this blog, there's wealth of information even when everyone is discussing something. Brother Sam and brother David! we in Pakistan play your show JESUS or mohammad in the church and someone translates it in Urdu (our spoken language) and God bless you brothers for that. You brothers and your families are always in our prayers and will be forever.
In CHRIST , take care.