Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pakistani Christian Sawan Masih Sentenced to Death for Blasphemy

A Christian has been sentenced to death for supposedly doing what I do every day (criticizing Muhammad). Am I a racist for objecting? Am I a bigot for standing against Sharia?
Sawan Masih
LAHORE, Pakistan (AP) — A court convicted a Pakistani Christian man and sentenced him to death Thursday in a blasphemy case that sparked a riot last year in the eastern city of Lahore, according to his lawyer.

Naeem Shakir, the lawyer for Sawan Masih, said a judge announced the verdict during a hearing at the jail where the trial has been held out of fears that Masih might be attacked on his way to court. Shakir said he would appeal.

Although Pakistan has never executed anybody under the law, crowds angered over blasphemy accusations have been known to take the law into their own hands and kill those they suspect of violating it. Once an accusation is made it is extremely difficult to reverse, in part because law enforcement personnel do not want to appear to be going easy on suspects.

Such vigilantism has created a climate of fear, forcing frightened judges into holding court sessions inside jails and keeping witnesses from coming to the defense of those on trial.

Many human rights activists say the blasphemy law, which allows for punishment of life in prison or death, is misused as a way to target people for personal gain or revenge.

The incident that led to Thursday's conviction began March 7 last year when a young Muslim man accused Masih of maligning the Prophet Muhammad. Police arrested Masih, but the next day a mob ransacked the neighborhood where he and other Christians live, setting fire to homes and destroying household possessions. (Continue Reading.)
Of course, it's nothing new for Muhammad's followers to kill unbelievers for criticizing Islam. This has been happening since Muhammad made criticism of Islam punishable by death:


Unknown said...

Just another day on that slice of our planet celebrating the 7th century's wonderful mindset.

Faith in jesus said...

They're day of judgement is coming
Our God is good. Our God is Great. Our God is just. Amen

John 8:24 said...

This is so awful...but something that is expected to take place only in Muslim countries. Why is that so? Can some western Muslim apologist explain?

And look what happens when a blond woman walks through a university in another Muslim country in broad daylight!

Are these Muslim men, men or beasts?

Only in a Muslim country!

Termin80r said...

this just pisses me off even more... is this how they naturally are? I never see any Muslim doing anything constructive... all I could ever see them do was 50% war-related acts and 50% sexually related... they need Jesus face to face.

thatreaderxx said...

Vineet, this is how they naturally are because that's what their prophet did! War, terror and sleeping with captives, deflowering a little girl and allowing boys to sucking his tongue! I can't stomach even typing this let alone follow such a vile man as a prophet.

Thank God, our Lord and Saviour, from rescuing me from the grips of this satanic cult and pray he softens the hearts of Muslims so that they accept Him. Amen!

Michael C said...

Pakistan is a failed state.