Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pakistani Christian Rebukes Yahya Snow for Minimizing Muslim Persecution of Christians

Yahya Snow is quick to condemn us when we speak out on behalf of the Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Ahmadis, or members of other groups who are being horribly oppressed in the name of Allah. Anyone who gets in the way of Islamic domination is, according to Yahya, an enemy of Allah and must be viciously attacked with lies and slander.

Yahya's recent defense of Pakistani blasphemy laws drew a response from a Pakistani Christian, who was kind enough to correct Yahya on some of the issues.
Peace and greetings in MY LORD JESUS CHRIST to all! I would like to address yahya on some misconceptions he have over this whole issue. Let me start by saying that I'm not an arm chair expert sitting on my chair bad mouthing muslims as you mentioned. I'm a Christian living in Pakistan in the same city where this is happening as we speak. You said something along the lines that people are blowing this out of proportion but let me inform you that the trial of Sawan masih was held in an undisclosed jail cell for the fear of his life and of the judge and prosecutors (if they do find him not guilty) there was no defense witness because all were threatened of death if anyone stood in defense witness stand. And then sawan masih is found guilty on the charges of blasphemy and not one, let me repeat not ONE of the 3000 muslims who attacked the Christian community of about 5000 people was convicted due the lack of evidence. You mentioned something along the lines of personal disputes and you couldn't be more right. The dispute was between sawan and his Muslim"friend" who had a business of selling alcohol (mashallah brother, selling or consuming alcohol is haram in your religion and illegal in my country but that Muslim never got convicted for that either ...why? Lack of evidence Offcoarse) And if you didn't know then let me inform you that 200 Christian houses were burned along with 2 churches and more than 100 Christians were killed all in the name of personal dispute that you so clearly mentioned. You mentioned islamophobes, funny word it is because to Christians who live on Pakistan its not an irrational fear of Islam but a very horrible reality of life for being just a Christian. You mentioned something about these people being minorities but let me pop your mental cheery that in Pakistan since 1947 there have been over 2000+ cases of blasphemy (that's about 35 per year roughly since Pakistan got its independence) and none was ever convicted in the court of law but only about fewer than 10 survived. The rest were brutally murdered some along with their families all in the name of peace and tolerance by that small minority of muslims but none of the majority of peace loving muslims intervened. These same "MINORITIES" regularly kill all and any one who talks against these atrocities including muslims (salman tehseer and shahbaz bhatti being prime examples). So when you or any taqiyya practicing muslims tells us that the radicals are minorities and the majority of muslims are peace loving and tolerant, i can only come to two conclusions. One being that you really don't understand the meaning of this simple English word or you are just too ashamed to admit to the fact that all muslims are like that. I hope i have cleared some of the bugs that you had in your mind. In Christ, take care


ned said...

Yahya and every muslim if I am not wrong want to shut their eyes to modern brutalities of islam. This recent one is one of the many cruel acts of quran followers. They r just following their quran spirit. Jesus said ...My Words are Spirit..." and His word was based on Love and same spirit works in Christians. Quran induces the spirit of spirit of death...Jesus said Satan is liar and murderer...
These Christian persecution acts leading to death are based on lies following by death of an innocent Christians.. we do not need some rocket science to figure out who is persecuting Christians in Pakistan and all over the world. I will pray and we should all pray to GOD to help the release Sawan and his safety.



Unknown said...

My goodness..! Western muslims, wake up..!!!

Unknown said...

Greetings to all in JESUS CHRIST!
my wife tried to get on answering and guess what?????????????
Its a banned website in Pakistan that promotes hatred lol.
There you go yahya! There goes you're peaceful dialogue lol.
Now the question is please explain where is the tolerance and equality of Islam you speak of?
You are a joke and all can see it.

Farhan Qureshi said...

Hey, David, long time brother, hoping for the best and praying for your son and family ...

>>> Yahya Snow is quick to condemn us when we speak out on behalf of the Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Ahmadis, or members of other groups who are being horribly oppressed in the name of Allah <<<

This right here! I like Yahya, but to minimize persecution is unacceptable; the reality is that Islam does influence some people to be terrorists, persecutors and oppressors and to minimize it or pretend that its not a big deal is an insult to human dignity.