Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dearborn Muslim Calls for Killing Anti-Islam Protesters

A recent Dearborn Patch article addressed concerns about the location of the annual Dearborn Arab Festival. For several years, the festival has been held on Warren Avenue. However, because the sidewalks adjacent to the festival remain public property during the event, criticism and protest are protected by the First Amendment. In 2012, a group of anti-Islam protesters showed up with signs condemning Muhammad (not to mention a pig's head on pole), and some young Muslims responded violently. Mayor John O'Reilly, a notorious defender of the city's campaign against free speech, hopes that organizers will consider moving the festival to a closed location, where the city will not be responsible for handling protesters.

Of course, the only reason protesters show up at the festival is that Dearborn leaders (with occasional help from the American Arab Chamber of Commerce) spent years violating the Constitutional rights of U.S. citizens. I attended the Arab Festival in 2008 and 2009, and I didn't see any protesters. In 2009, however, the Police Department declared that Christians wouldn't be allowed to distribute pamphlets or Bibles, even on the public sidewalks around the festival. This was the same year we were attacked by security for asking a question at a booth that invited us to ask questions. The following year, we were arrested for having a peaceful discussion with some Muslim teenagers who approached us with questions about Christianity. Two days later, police took us into custody again for attempting to distribute Bibles outside the festival.

News (and videos) spread about Dearborn's contempt for the First Amendment, and this drew a number of protesters to the city (including Terry Jones, who was convicted and jailed for planning to protest outside a mosque). Now that the city has gained worldwide attention for its stance against free speech, city leaders want to move the festival in order to escape the consequences of their actions.

The local population is divided over whether to move the festival, and, even more importantly, over how Muslims should respond to protesters. The Dearborn Area Community Members Facebook group hosted a discussion about the move, and some of the comments were enlightening. A Muslim named Aboudi Berro suggested moving the festival to an area where protesters could be more easily murdered:

Muhammad Khatib, by contrast, advocated keeping the festival at its regular location. However, he suggested arming the security guards (the gang of thugs who assaulted us in 2009):

Perhaps the most encouraging comment came from a young Muslim who defended the First Amendment rights of Islam's critics. Ali Sayed Ahmad wrote:

And here we see the great divide that plagues the once great City of Dearborn. On the one hand, there are many Muslims who genuinely love America and the rights it guarantees. (Here I should include Majed Moughni, a local Muslim lawyer who spoke out on our behalf after police threw us in jail.) On the other hand, there are some who would gladly execute protesters who criticize Muhammad, and more who want such criticism outlawed.

In a sane world, politicians, police, and the media would support and encourage those who believe in freedom of speech and freedom of religion. In actuality, leaders do everything in their power to appease the most hateful voices among us. With better leaders in place, I think there would be hope for Dearborn. But with Mayor O'Reilly, Judge Mark Somers, and a corrupt police force in charge, things just can't move forward. Perhaps instead of changing the location of the Arab Festival in order to silence critics, the city should instead focus on changing the behavior that led to the protests.


apran said...

Ali Sayed Ahmad may show that he was defending the First Amendment right, but did he say the individual muslims who advocated murdering the anti muslims were barbaric fools? I don't think so. Any muslim, no matter how barbaric s/he is, is still better than any non muslim, no matter how good s/he is. So, Ali Sayed Ahmad is doing taqiyah, intentionally or not.

Chief Mac said...

Mr. Wood I have just one question for you.

Why haven't you involved the Federal government? If this was a violation of your civil rights, then there is no such thing.

In the South during the 60s the police used the same tactics. The US government charged the police with violations of the protestors civil rights and arrested and jailed several. Followed by Federal lawsuits that bankrupted several racist organizations.

Gary said...

@ Gee "Why haven't you involved the Federal Government". I take it that you mean the Justice Department under Holder.
You must be joking.

Яша said...

you shouldn't trust any muslim, taqiyya, remember? If things go ugly they will side with their brethren and happily rape and kill with allah's blessing.

Joe Bradley said...


How does one involve a government to take direct action against a Police Force that enforces Sharia against the United States Constitution when the leader of that government is, himself, a Muslim???

As far as the Federal civil lawsuits that are pending against the City of Dearborn for their multiple crimes - they may yet bankrupt the city.

JavaSuccess said...

I'm an Indian Hindu, these guys are really dangerous. World needs to unite and stand against them. how?

Unknown said...

@Apran: "So, Ali Sayed Ahmad is doing taqiyah" and its intentionally because of Islam don't permit to say bad about another muslim in public its strict no.

Radical Moderate said...

Guys you have got to check out the Dearborn page. The first thing you see is a notice in Arabic, I put it in google translate and its the announcement of the lawsuit against Mc D's for not serving Hala food.

Radical Moderate said...

Check this out, on the Dearborn Chamber of Commerce FB page. There is this post...

"Sam Salami wrote: "I respond to some of the things posted about Samer Salami the past couple of days. I would like to know how many of you saints carry a bridge cards or collect welfare though your father's or husband's work under the table? So you think that he deserves to go to jail and you don't? Your all Hippocrates and need to look in the mirror before you judge others. He may have been charged with this crime, but, he has not been found guilty of it. At least he did something that created jobs and generated tax dollars to society. Unlike you, some of you collect welfare, get free schooling and medical care without ever contributing a single thing to society. In our faith it forbidding to talk about others and disgrace them.""

Underneath there is a pretty picture of some multi colored stones with the caption.

"He who is with out sin cast the first stone....Prophet Isa(PBUH)"

Funny thing the Islamic Isa never said that.

goethechosemercy said...

In the South during the 60s the police used the same tactics.

A meaningful statement, Gee.
You could write an essay about what you have observed and what more you can learn about the tactics of constructed authority in the mid-20th century South.
It would be an excellent project.

David M said...

Now we have more of them in the office.. WOW just great wow

Alan said...

Armageddon is about the battle against Islam. It won't be long now.

Faith With Love said...

Wow, I live about 2 hours from Deerborn and regularly share the gospel in my large city with Moslems and hundreds of other people daily. I can attest that they get violently angry, and rude. One knocked my Bible out of my hand screamed a bunch of stuff in my face and my childrens faces about praying 5 times a day and Muhammad. Others have done prayers out loud by me, and write in the sand by my feet things about allah. Some have been polite and taken tracts and listened to me tell them about our Jesus. Some have made professions of faith and prayed to relieve our Jesus while other have acted extremely rude, and angry. A couple of them I have been talking to lately are just denying anything negative about Muhammad, they claim he didn't have a child bride, and that he was an outstanding guy. While others agree that he did and say our laws should promote this behavior. What is your response to Moslems who claim the negative things about Muhammad are not in the Quran and therefore not true? You can answer me here or contact me through my blog I need all the help understanding what to respond to them, thanks! Alyssa