Thursday, March 1, 2012

United Nations Calls for Disciplinary Action against Quran Burners

More groveling, as the U.N. tries to distance itself from anyone associated with Qur'an burning.

Think about how futile "disciplinary action" against the soldiers who burned the Qur'an would be. If the U.S. gives the soldiers a light punishment (a slap on the wrist), Muslims will be outraged that we don't take the matter more seriously. But if we give the soldiers a heavy punishment (say, jail time), we will simply be enforcing Sharia on U.S. citizens. Either way, we lose.

KABUL - The United Nations joined Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Thursday in calling on the US military to take disciplinary action against those who burned copies of the Qur’an at a NATO air base, calling the incident a “grave mistake”.

Despite an apology from US President Barack Obama, the burning of the Muslim holy book at the Bagram base north of the capital ignited a wave of anti-Western fury across the country.

At least 30 people were killed in protests, including two American soldiers who were killed by an Afghan soldier who joined the demonstrations.

“After the first step of a profound apology, there must be a second step ... of disciplinary action,” Jan Kubis, special representative for the UN secretary-general in Afghanistan, told a news conference.

“Only after this, after such a disciplinary action, can the international forces say 'yes, we're sincere in our apology',” added Kubis, without elaborating on what action should be taken.

Obama, in a letter of apology to Karzai last week, said the burning of copies of the Qur’an had been “inadvertent” and an “error”.

Distancing the United Nations from the anti-Western uproar, Kubis lamented the attack on a UN compound in Kunduz province in the north last week, which angry demonstrators charged with weapons. UN staff was relocated around the country.

“We were not the ones who desecrated the holy Qur’an,” Kubis said. “We deeply, deeply, profoundly respect Islam.”

In some of the toughest language yet from an international organisation over the Qur’an burnings, Kubis added:

“We were very hurt that the international military allowed the desecration of the Qur’an. We rejected and condemned this act, it doesn't matter that it was a mistake.”

The call from the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan for action came after Karzai demanded the Qur’an burners - whom he said were American soldiers - be put on public trial and punished. (Read more.)


sara said...

Next they are going to ask for a public execution of the people who burned the quran, but no one has apologized to the family's of the people who have been killed.
This is unbelievable even the UN is supporting this inhuman behavior, this is the first step what next

agrammatos said...

Military is governed by the UCMJ. I have forgotten most of what I used to know about the UCMJ (which wasn't much being just an enlisted grunt back in the mid 70's). As far as I can recall they might be charged under Article 134 (the "General" Article) unless there were some other specific orders that were violated in the carrying out of their day to day duties.

Very sad to say the least. We're no longer governed by the laws of this land it seems. The sheer arbitrariness and inconsistency of those calling for judgment and "justice" speaks volumes.

Unknown said...

It is time we pull out of UN. They are constantly caving to political correctness. They are certainly not on our side.

Joe Bradley said...

Grovelling? Did someone say "Grovelling"?

Gwawr said...

It is time to disband the UN.

Radical Moderate said...

Well putting the nonsense of the UN aside, I will say again if there was a commander that ordered these Qurans to be burned then they should be disiplined under the UCMJ not Afgan or UN courts.

I mean this was just stupid dumb

Radical Moderate said...

Also that fool in charge Hamid Karzi should be charged as well.

That fool waited a entire week until he made a statement. He let his people riot, bomb, burn, kill and be killed.

Then when he finaly did make a statement he was asked about the two officers killed he said "Well it could of been westerners who did the shooting" even though the Afgan police had come out earlier and said that they were looking for a Afgan as the shooter.

We need to get out of Afganistan. Hopeully some good will come out of this and that is the troop withdraw will be excelerated.

wheatington said...

I think people should read the Koran before burning BUT if this idea becomes a UN directive, I would hope every kafir in civilization would burn a Koran the nest morning.

I will not submit to Islam.

Anonymous said...

I have two words for the U.N


oh yes Allahu Akbar

TLAM Strike said...

Video from 2011:

Pakistanis throw Korans in to sewer to dispose of them.

Unknown said...

How about 911? How about all the Bibles they burned that day?