Thursday, March 1, 2012

Admiral General Aladeen - Today Show Appearance


minoria said...

Guys,just very recently has posted an article on 29 February that says:

1.They discovered a Bible 12 years ago that is in Aramaic.

2.It is in a Turkish museum and they have recently analyzed it.

3.The Muslims says a protestant pastor called Insan Zbeck says it is from the 5th or sixth century.

4.That that Bible has Jesus saying as only a human,not God.

That it denies the Trinity and the crucifixion.

That it has Jesus saying an Ishmaelite will come who will be a prophet and his name will be Mohammed.

I really think it is all a forgery.

Here it is:

It is in French,you can translate using Google Translate:

Neverrepayevilwithevil said...

This is all a lie. Muslims will always fabricate things to justify their warped ideology. There are many bible manuscripts available for viewing all over the world. The earliest dated quranic manuscript discovered in Yemen is under lock and key due to the numerous contradictions contained in it. If the moslems have nothing to hide they should bring it out into the open for all to see.
Please see this video that I find interesting on islam's plan to conquer the world. Watch here

Joe Bradley said...

I've been "Rick Rolled" many times but, I have to say, I've never laughed harder.

Walter said...

Minoria, you would of course need to analyze its historical context when they release the text. I expect it will be very similar to the pro Islamic Gospel of Barnabas which is one of the worst written pseudopigraphal and anachronistic false gospels. Yet that's what they hope it is!

What do we see there? Incorrect Roman economic details (uses Medieval Mediterranean exchange rates and commodities that did not exist at the time of Jesus), historical mistakes placing Jesus death in the same decade as his birth by citing who the governor was when he was born, references to Late Medieval Catholic practices, Ottoman Islamic practices, St. Jerome's Latinization errors (meaning the author would be drawing from the Vulgate for information, placing its writing in the mid 4th century at the absolute earliest), it includes the shahada, and etc. The writer even calls him Jesus Christ the entire book while writing he insisted, "I am not the Messiah."!!!!

However, even if this was truly written prior to Islam's influence, there's still several glaring problems that object to it's historicity. It contradicts all sources from centuries before it. Let's put it in perspective.

Today, I could write my own biography of Shakespeare and have the same temporal separation from his life that the writer/scribe of this false gospel allegedly have from the life of Jesus. Now if I wrote something that contradicted all early reliable accounts of Shakespeare's life without providing any evidence that these "corrections" are true, no one (and I mean no sane person) would believe me unless they approached my writing with a strong non historic motivation to believe me.

Samatar Mohamed said...


"I really think it is all a forgery."

Hard to tell. Until it is analyzed further, we can only speculate. I incline to agree with you though that it is probably a forgery. It seems too convenient, doesn't it.

minoria said...


I really do not think an Islamist government in Turkey is the best guarantee that such a document is authentic.

If all I have added is not enough it is said the letters in the Bible are "gravĂ©e en lettres d’or"

Literally it means "engraved in letters of gold",wow,real gold I assume.Not it is more like the "Thousand and One Nights" more than anything else,where the Caliph ordered a wonderful story to be written down in letters of real gold.


"The Jesuits and How they Helped the Native Guaranies"

Fernando said...

Dear Minoria... from the facts I gattered around thye net, it's no a "Bible" (a library of books), rather one single book... thaat says a lote aboute the credibility of those stuying it, does it not?

but here you can find that same news in the Daily Mail:

Fernando said...

Absolutellie right... muslims onlie know how to lie, butt eben in that they're dumbs... more information and desconstruction off this another myth...

Tatersalad said...

Your move Mr. President ! If you place any U.S. serviceman on trial, prosecute them in anyway or even use non judicial punishment, you will see the wrath of the United States citizens, democrats, conservatives and independents. You'd better think this one over real good before you proceed any farther with this one. (See #3 for sure)


3. U.N. prosecution possible according to Barack Obama regime, State Deptartment and DOD:

minoria said...

Hello Fernando,

Thanks for the information,the whole thing is alot like a telenovela where it gets stranger and stranger.Unless Daniel Wallace or even Ehrman takes it seriously then all indicates it is a modern book.

Search 4 Truth said...

This is so accurate to the Middle Eastern and many Western mindset! You wouldnt believe how many Muslims I talk to that think that if anyone is critical of Islam then its the JeEEEEWSSSS~ BOO!

90% blame the Jews for everything!