Monday, January 9, 2012

Muslim Convert and Military Veteran Craig Benedict Baxam Arrested on Terrorism Charges

Apparently, Baxam doesn't have cable television. If only he'd seen TLC's "All-American Muslim," he would have realized that real Muslims throw footballs, not bombs.

GREENBELT, Md.–A former U.S. Army soldier has been charged with attempting to provide material support to terror group al Shabaab, the Department of Justice announced Monday.

Craig Benedict Baxam was arrested Friday upon return to his home state of Maryland after he was captured in Africa during an alleged attempt to reach Somalia, where the terror group is based.

Baxam, 24, joined the Army in 2007 and served in Baghdad and Korea. During his enlistment, he completed eight months of advanced intelligence and cryptology training, the Justice Department said in a press release.

According to court papers, Baxam secretly converted to Islam days before leaving the Army, one month ahead of completing his deployment in Korea. He returned to Maryland in July 2011 and reportedly sought to move to Somalia to join al Shabaab.

Baxam allegedly flew to Kenya using money from his retirement savings account, and carried several hundred dollars in cash to give al Shabaab as an offering after crossing the border into Somalia, the Justice Department said.

"The complaint alleges that Craig Baxam intended to travel to Somalia and join the terrorist organization Al-Shabaab," U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein said in a statement. "Mr. Baxam was caught in Kenya before he reached Somalia, and there is no allegation that anyone assisted him." (Read more.)


SGM said...

Yet another proof of how evil this religion is. Why is it that Moslems don’t see it?

Here is how Abdullah Kunde, Osama Abdullah, Kim and others would interpret it.

“There is no terrorism in Islam. The authorities got it all wrong. You have to look at the whole life of Craig to understand his true intentions. Just like how we understand the Quran when Allah says, “fight those who do not believe in Allah and his prophet” which includes the whole world does not mean to kill every one. Similarly, even though Craig is caught red handed, it does not mean that he is a terrorist. You have to look at his early life. He had to have used the word peace at one time or another. So therefore, he is the most peaceful person on the face of the earth.”

When Moslems try to convert people, they present Islam as the most peaceful religion on the face of the earth. However, when people do convert, why is it that immediately these converts start terrorist activities. This never happens in any other religion. Especially in Christianity you will never find a convert who after his conversion, immediately gets involved with terrorist activities. But you will find hundreds and thousands of examples in Islam starting with Mohammad.

Some thing to think about.

Osama Abdallah said...

"The complaint alleges that Craig Baxam intended to travel to Somalia and join the terrorist organization Al-Shabaab," U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein said in a statement. "Mr. Baxam was caught in Kenya before he reached Somalia, and there is no allegation that anyone assisted him."


It seems that the zionist CIA have run out of Christian or Jewish or Muslim-sellout turds to play their dirty games.
So what do they do? Hire white Jewish "New Converts to Islam"! They're much easier to find, since they're either Jews or neo-cons Christians who are so full of hate towards Islam and Muslims, or they're just dumb mules that had been fooled.

So now we have Craig Benedict Baxam, and a Jewish Masonic turd, Rod J. Rosenstein (you can tell he's Jewish from the last name) cooking this one. What's even more dangerous is that they now can ALLEGE anything on anyone!

Osama Abdallah

Deleting said...

Osama wouldn't know a zionist if they came up and smacked him on the butt....

Foolster41 said...

Of course! it must be the pent-up rage of those awful Christians and Jews! After all there are so many Christian and Jewish supremacists and terrorists, right? They just have to release it all once the've converted to Islam!

There's no real need to say how little credibility you have. You lie and now spread ridiculous conspiracy theories that make no sense. This is very much like what Osama said recently about Jews being behind muslim terrorism!

Anonymous said...

Another convert to Islam involved in some sort of violence and terrorism;

Man in custody after shootout with police in Alabama City

How many new converts to Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism or other religion are involved or engaged in terrorism, terrorist attacks, bomb plots, murders, assassinations, assassination attempts or plotting attacks on innocent people?

Islam is the only religion today that has converts that are involved or engaged in all these things above and other violence.

Explain this to us Osama? Why are so many converts to Islam in so many countries involved in terrorism and plots? It would be different if it was an isolated incident in one place, but we are talking about ALL over the world.

This to me proves that Islam is an evil cult. There are dozens of attacks and acts of terror or assassination plots by new converts to Islam, proving Islam is from Satan.

Anonymous said...

The case is very clear.

There are converts to Islam in Canada, Russia, Australia, Germany, France, United States and other places who have been involved in terrorism and violent plots, proving Islam is from Satan. The numbers speak for themselves and there are dozens of reports.

Muhammad's own nurse maid said Muhammad was possessed by a demon. Muhammad's own tribe believed Muhammad was a possessed poet. When that "angel" came to visit Muhammad in the cave Muhammad HIMSELF believed he was possessed by demons and tried to kill himself several times. The only reason he didn't was because his wife and her uncle lied to him and told him he was a prophet. Later Muhammad when he started out his prophethood was possessed by Satan, by his own words, when he bowed down, committing shirk, to Uzza, Al-Lat and Manat, than later when he was older a Jewish man cast a DEMONIC spell upon Muhammad controlling him and making him crazy for a long time.

So following the Islamic text Muhammad was possessed several times from childhood to his death from several Islamic sources and evidence.

So that is why new converts to Islam act out when they get the "spirit" of Islam, which is Satanic and evil. If not then why would they commit so many crimes.

Anonymous said...

Why do Muslims always scream ZIONIST?

Allah is a Zionist and the Quran promoted Zionism. True.

Allah said in the Quran that Israel was for Israelis and assigned them Israel. Allah was only mad with the Israelis because they wouldn't destroy the Palestinians and forcefully take their land. So Allah was on the side of the Israelis. Allah is a zionist.

Allah put all the prophethood upon the Jews in the Quran.

Anonymous said...

uh, Osama the two converts in the news are NOT WHITE or Jewish..LOL

You busted yourself.

Craig B. Baxam is African-American.

Luis Ibarra-Hernandez is either a Latino or Philipino.

So once again you do not know anything.

Now explain why so many converts to your Islam are involved in terrorism, bomb plots, murder plots, and violence?

Nimochka said...

unbelievable! These days not a week goes by without a muslim terrorist's plot for mass murder being discovered by the american police! I wonder how long it will be before one of these murderers slip through their finger and carry out his bloody act before they can catch him! Why authorities don't wake up and deal with this problem seriously and at its roots?!!!

Nimochka said...

@Osama Abdallah: If you think that by making such jew-hating disgusting comments you are actually bringing any sympathy for the cause of your religion you are badly mistaken!! You are just confirming our already strong suspicions that Muslims have a very deep-seated and pathological anti-semitism in them to the point that they have a crazy paranoia of "Jews" and see a Jewish plot behind any negative light that shins on them!!!

You see Osama, the Jews have been subject to some of the most intense and cruel persecution in the history of mankind, but they never ever acted in kind to those people groups who persecuted them so viciously. And yet you Muslims and many others feel justified to hate them and feel a totally irrational paranoia against them without any evidence. But Muslims who are every week caught all over the world trying to blow up non-muslims and kill people and gun people down and commit suicide bombing in your twisted opinion should be considered blameless! If anybody is suspicious of your Muslims community (and for very good reasons) you call it "Islamophobia" and pretend to be victims, but you have no problem reveling in you pathological and irrational "jewophobia" anytime any of your murderous co-religionists gets caught trying to murder people!

We all know that Islam has no "Golden Rule", but can't you cut the double-standard crap just a little bit?!! It simply makes normal decent people want to throw up!!!!

Ermac said...

Hi David - Didn't know if you saw this this morning or not.

Oklahoma to become sharia compliant soon...

SGM said...

@ Osama Abdallah,

I am 1000% sure that you have no proof of any link between CIA and Craig Baxam. In your hate towards Jews, and for that matter towards all other religions especially Christians, you concocted this theory to blame the CIA and Jews instead of Islam. It is just like how you explain the Quran when it says that the Sun sets in muddy pool of water, you concoct stories to justify such an obvious blunder. And many others like it.

For you, it is second nature to concoct stories in order to rescue Islam from any obvious error. Not only you, but all Moslems have to come up with such ideas because there is no other way to rescue Islam. You have to LIE. Only if you come out of darkness and bondage of sin, you will realize and see how ridiculous and stupid your attempts are to make Islam look innocent.

Just think about one thing today. In your heart you know that you have no proof of any link between Craig, Jews and CIA. You just believe it because that is what you want to believe and not what you should believe. Without any proof, how can you spew such hatred as you have done in your response earlier.

I am trying to show you how misled you are while in bondage of Islam. Maybe one day the Lord will have mercy on your soul. It is my prayer that He open your eyes and fill your heart with love and remove all the hate you have towards Jews and Christians. May you come to believe in the risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.