Monday, January 9, 2012

Devout Muslim Sami Osmakac Arrested in Plot to Attack Crowded Areas . . . in Florida

Hmmm. Another attempted terrorist attack by someone who believes in following the example set by Muhammad and his companions. And here I thought that TLC's show "All-American Muslim" would convince Muslims that they should focus on football and tattoos instead of carrying out Allah's will. I'm totally shocked.

Man charged with Tampa car bomb plot:

FOX NEWS--A 25-year-old man described as an Islamic extremist was arrested in an alleged plot to attack crowded areas in the Tampa, Fla., area with a car bomb, assault rifle and other explosives, authorities said Monday.

The U.S. Department of Justice said Sami Osmakac, a naturalized U.S. citizen who was born in the former Yugoslavia, was arrested Saturday night.

Osmakac, from Pinellas County, allegedly told an undercover agent that "We all have to die, so why not die the Islamic way?'" according to a federal complaint.

FBI agents arrested Osmakac on Saturday after he allegedly bought explosive devices and firearms from an undercover agent. The firearms and explosives were rendered inoperable by law enforcement. The federal complaint says that shortly before his arrest, Osmakac made a video of himself explaining his motives for carrying out the planned violent attack.

He has been charged with one count of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. His first appearance in federal court is scheduled for Monday at 2 p.m. ET.

Sources close to the investigation told Fox News that Osmakac was being "closely monitored by law enforcement" for months in what authorities have described as a "sting operation."

Federal officials said a confidential source told them in Sept. 2011 that Osmakac wanted Al Qaeda flags. Two months later, the federal complaint said, Osmakac and the confidential source "discussed and identified potential targets in Tampa" that Osmakac wanted to attack.

Osmakac allegedly asked the source for help getting the firearms and explosives for the attacks, and the source put him in touch with an undercover FBI employee.

On Dec. 21, Osmakac met with the undercover agent and allegedly told the agent that he wanted to buy an AK-47-style machine gun, Uzi submachine guns, high capacity magazines, grenades and explosive belt. During a later meeting, Osmakac gave the agent a $500 down payment for the items.

"According to the complaint, Osmakac also asked the undercover employee whether he/she could build bombs that could be placed in three different vehicles and detonated remotely, near where Osmakac would conduct a follow-up attack using the other weapons he requested," a press release from the Department of Justice said. "The undercover employee said he/she could possibly provide explosives for one vehicle. Osmakac also allegedly said that he wanted an explosive belt constructed to kill people."

On Jan. 1, Osmakac told the agent that he wanted to bomb night clubs, the Operations Center of the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office and a business in Tampa, Florida.

Osmakac told the undercover FBI agent that he wanted to detonate a car bomb and use the explosive belt to "get in somewhere where there's a lot of people" and take hostages.

He also allegedly told the agent that "Once I have this…they can take me in five million pieces," in an apparent reference to a suicide blast. During that meeting, the agent told Osmakac he could always change his mind about his plot.

Osmakac had created a "martyrdom video" and tried on a bomb belt before being arrested Saturday, law enforcement officials told Fox News. (Source)


SGM said...

Day after day we see how violent Islam is and how its followers are ready to slay and be slayed. Note that this guy admitted to die the Islamic way. And what way is it, to kill innocent people and be killed in the process. And Osama, Kim and other moslems want this religion to take over the west. May God help us. When is the west going to wake up?

Did you notice that Moslems are not happy in Gaza, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon and any other Moslem country. WHERE ARE THEY HAPPY? In Australia, England, France, Italy, Germany, USA, Canada. They are happy in almost in every country that is not MUSLIM.

Not Islam….
Not their leadership…
Not themselves….

They blame the countries they are happy in!
They want to bring terror in the countries they are happy in.
They want to kill the innocent people of the countries they are happy in.
They want to bring Shariah in the countries they are happy in, whereas it has not worked in any Moslem country so far.

May God protect us from such evil.

Search 4 Truth said...

What? He couldnt have been a Muslim, they are all so tolerant and loving and respect all religions. Read this posting from a Muslim after I presented the evidence of Mohamed killing apostates and offensive jihad! This is from youtube! LOL!

I said it b4, all these killing,fighting are not real. these words are used to indicate other words. 4 these 2 hadith, these killing means banning,boycotting. suppose U had an argument with a friend in fb, at last U won. when u'll tell your other friends about it, U often tell them "He couldn't stand in front of me, I killed him in the end LOL". did U mean physical killing? NOPE!! then why U try to explain Prophet's speech in wrong way? can't he say anything with emotion for U?  TANMOYTHT001 16 hours ago

The attacking and killing in the hadith are debating and boycotting! He said it was debating in another response! The mind of a Muslim, what a terrible thing that has been wasted. LOL! Can you believe it? Absolutely fascinating to me! There should be an in depth study! But there already has been, its called delusion and indoctrination. Completely incapable of critical thinking. Reminds me of some of the Muslims who respond on this blog! LOL!

WhatsUpDoc said...

This is nothing to do with Islam this is a Jewish/CIA conspiracy to defame Islam. Jews and Christians do these things from time to time. LOL

Dolly Bell said...

Yeah, suddenly the terrorist piece of shit comes from the "former Yugoslavia" ... Or maybe the terrorist came from Serbia even, he must have been a Serb, eh?

Oh, wait, the US bombed Serbia and domicile Serbs from Hercegovina and Bosna and from the province of Kosovo/Metohija, who were fighting muslim terrorists. Something does not add up. That terrorist must have been one of those "good Muslims" who cut Serbian heads off, while Americans dropped UO2 bombs!

That piece of shit of a muslim terrorist is a "Bosnian", he is one of the US friends, and it is time to stop misleading population providing false information. Yugoslavia vanished 20 years ago!!!

Americans, what goes around, comes around.

Osama Abdallah said...
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search 4 truth said...

There is a video of this guy attacking street preachers in Florida. The ironic thing is the Preachers were charged with a crime. LOL! Typical!

search 4 truth said...

Here are two videos of this nutcase, I mean Muslim.

Osama Abdallah said...


I just re-read my last post, and I want to apologize if it sounded very mean spirited. With all sincerity and Truthfulness, I don't wish for any innocent to die! And so, not everyone who works for the CIA is guilty. In fact, most of them are probably average joes like us. My last post was referring to the evil plotters only; those who conspire 24/7 to create hatred among people.

So I am sorry if this sounded mean-spirited.

Osama Abdallah

Osama Abdallah said...

"Day after day we see how violent Islam is and how its followers are ready to slay and be slayed."


Here is my new post. I deleted the previous one because it was mean-spirited and didn't reflect my person.
This is another CIA agent playing games. He's another goofball-looking loser who is obviously even looking comfortable in the picture. I would imagine some discomfort, regret, or tensity in the face. Yet, if you look at him, you can easily tell he's acting. It's all fake. He's a CIA agent. I doubt if he's even Muslim, or this is even his real name. "Sami" by the way is not a Muslim name. Sami in Arabic has two meanings: (1)Cute or has good charms; (2)A Semite (as in Sam, Ham and Cush).

Osama Abdallah

Search 4 Truth said...

LOL @ Osama

There are videos of him on youtube attacking street preachers and confessing his faith in your evil fascist bigoted death cult.

And it is absolutely amazing to me that Muslims spew these ridiculous conspiracy theories. It just disgusts me!

Baron Eddie said...

He wanted to give thanks to America for giving Kosovo to Muslims ...

Tom ta tum Tom said...

Actually, I'm very grateful for Sami. No, I don't mean I'm grateful for what Sami has done. What I mean is that I'm grateful that Sami is alive.

'Cuz, so long as Sami is living, I am NOT the ugliest red-neck from the backwoods.

Stay healthy, Sami-boy but stay in jail, mmmkay? And, don't look into any mirrors... breakin' mirrors kin be baaaad luck, bubba...

Anonymous said...

In one video he says that Paul created Christianity and that Paul is evil.

BUT the idiot, like other Muslims, don't know that Islamic scholars, like Ibn Kathir, in his tafsir says that Paul is a messenger of Allah

Also Paul died in 67AD (Muhammad was born around 590AD). Muhammad confirmed the bible (injil) as when did Paul corrupt the bible if he died in 67AD?

Osama Abdallah said...

Another proof that this is a fake CIA agent, and not a real Muslim is notice the pierced earing holes on his ears. Muslim men, let alone DEVOUT ONES, are known to not have tattoos or body piercings, especially on the ears. They also don't wear necklaces. He looks like a regular white American kid to me.

Also, since those US CITIZENS SUCH AS RICHARD REID AND OTHER have supposedly tried to do their crimes in the US, then how come we don't see their trials on TV, similar to that of Casey Anthony or OJ Simpson? The CIA turds are behind this. They're desperate to keep the "fear of Islam" alive. Since Muslims aren't violent people, this fears dies down very very quickly, because virtually nothing that would make news comes out of their neighborhoods. And so what the zionist CIA turds need is to keep that fear alive by posting these fake agents to the public every once in a while, since this is their only way to attack the Muslim community. Otherwise, the American people would have no reason to have anything against Muslims, since no danger comes out of them.

Osama Abdallah

Osama Abdallah said...

"LOL @ Osama

There are videos of him on youtube attacking street preachers and confessing his faith in your evil fascist bigoted death cult."


As Allah Almighty Commands us in the Glorious Quran: "Produce your proof if ye are Truthful!"
I am waiting.

Osama Abdallah

Search 4 Truth said...

@ Osama I did provide the evidence long before you came up with your insane conspiracy theories. They are here and the source of them is YOUTUBE! And as for his pierced ears. He is a convert you imbecile.

I cannot believe how insane and low class you are. It's so pathetic.

Search 4 Truth said...

+And are all Muslims devout? And dont ever pierce their ears? LOL! Another logical fallacy by the great debater Osama!

TPaul said...

Osama Abdallah says
"As Allah Almighty Commands us in the Glorious Quran: "Produce your proof if ye are Truthful!" I am waiting."
Why do you deny that allah makes lunatic of all believers (especially new converts)You may be ashamed of allah's commands but these new lunatics take it to heart.
[9.73] O Prophet! strive hard against the unbelievers and the hypocrites and be unyielding to them; and their abode is hell, and evil is the destination.
[9.29] Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they prohibit what Allah and His Apostle have prohibited, nor follow the religion of truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection.
[9.5] So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them; surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.