Saturday, September 13, 2008

Nadir Ahmed: Taqiyya Incarnate

I've never made a huge deal out of this, but it seems our friend Nadir is still trying to sucker Christian debaters into exchanging arguments with him. So I've decided to publish the evidence. I'm sure that Muslims will have no objections to Nadir's actions. Christians, on the other hand, will have a different view. Here's the article:

"Nadir Ahmed: Taqiyya Incarnate"

And for those who would like to learn more about the "only Muslim debater in America," please see the following articles and debates:

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Nadir Ahmed vs. James White: "Can We Trust the New Testament?"

"Nadir Ahmed, Jihad, and Taqiyya"

"Nadir Ahmed Exposed!"

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Yahya Hayder Seymour said...

I'd also recommend his debate with you! (can only seem to find the audio)

David Wood said...

"Billions upon billions upon billions of babies saved from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome!"

Nadir Ahmed said...

David.. please do not waste our time with all this paper work. If you really have a case against me then these people need to find the courage in Christ to come and meet me face to face and present their case.

But we all know that all these cowards have ran away.. right ? :)

So, when I call these people cowards... their is a lot of truth behind it - cowards hind behind computer screens and talk behind people's back.

I am ready to deal with all these born again holigans... and listen to their case.

Now for an update on the Ahmed - Scot debate: By the mercy of Allah.. it was proven that the website is unchallengable!

I on behalf of Islamic Center of Peoria presented an open challenge to ministy to muslims the they could not meet the challenge.. then I showed all the cowards for Christ on the run from

1. Sam Shamoun (

2. Jame White (

3. Jay smith (

4. Robert Spencer (

5. Ali Sina (

and more!

Clear evidence that the Christians are not able to challenge

I also warned the audience that do not believe in their pathetic excuses for their retreat.

The mosque will be creating a small professional video commerical for's supremacy... so keep on the look out for it... man it is going to be great ;)

David.. there is no need to respond, rather if you have a case... then I request that you or anyone who has issues come meet me face to face and we can record it.

*with apologies, I forgot to mention that you were the only one ready to accept my challenge. I can correct that.

- Nadir Ahmed

Elisha Kai said...

Nadir has been effectively exposed; does he really think that his website presents anything but rubbish. For example personal insult, attempts to destroy individuals reputations, claims to have won entire debates, while every debate presented reveals Nadir being bashed.

Good job David and the others, keep on the good work.

Nakdimon said...

Yeah, I totally and holeheartedly agree with elisha.

Nadir, let me tell you how I usually approach the debates between Christians and Muslims.

Usually, I get excited to see the muslim present the arguments against Christianity. I also always look forward to the quality of the objections of the christians whenever they debate the muslims.

However, the only exception to this rule is when you are the muslim that christians are debating. When you are in a debate I usually hessitate to listen or watch them. But curiosity gets the better of me in the end and I end up listening anyway. But only curious to see how you utterly make a fool of yourself and of Islam. I honestly can't believe that any muslim would want you as a spokes person for Islam.

I truly think that you are an embarassment to Islamic apologetics. Praising yourself all the time because no one else does is pretty patheric. The debate with James White was the straw for me. Not being able to name one single scholar to support your case when you brag about there being numerous scholars that support you. And then to project your own faults unto your opponent when you know very well that there are no scholars to support your case utterly proves that you are "taqiyya incarnate".


tellville said...

This isn't related to this post but I wanted to ask it.

I've wanted to get a hold of Jay Smith because I'd like to get the latest versions of all his papers on Islam and to ask him some questions about Islam. If you Mr. Wood or anyone else has Jay Smith's email address please email it to me at :

Thank you very much!

El-Cid said...

Nadir never ceases to amaze me with his juvenile behavior. "Come here and face me"...."I am unchallengable" etc, etc.

You should hear him on PalTalk. It's quite a circus side-show. That's about the pinnacle of "professionalism" that he should aspire to, until he gets some maturity anyway.

He embarasses himself in EVERY debate conducted in a professional apologetic decorum.

As per usual, he is drum-banging, bragging, fabricating, and propagandizing. What Nadir doesn't seem capable of grasping, is that credible apologists, more and more, want NOTHING to do with him because of his lack of credibility and character (something that Nadir seems willfully oblivious to). It confounds reason that he is also able to remain willfully oblivious to the magnitude with which his apologetic is repeatedly turned into swiss cheese by more experienced debaters.

His comments on this blog are even more infantile that his oratory flatulations. I keep waiting for him to say, "I know you are, but what am I!", and stick out his tongue.