Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Islamic Sharia Courts in Britain Are Now Legally Binding

Closer . . . closer . . . closer . . .

Sharia will soon be everywhere.

"Islamic Sharia Courts in Britain Are Now Legally Binding"


Radical Moderate said...

I for one, want muslism to practice islam on themsleves. I personaly think that all muslisms living in the west should be allowed to practice their relegion to the fullest. But if they want to do this, then they have to give up all rights and protections that the west provides for them. In other words let them do to themsleves what their god commands them to do.
If a muslim wants to chop off the hand of a muslim theif. So be it. If a muslim wants to have his adultreous muslim wife stoned to death. I say only if they buy the rocks from kaffirs at a inflated price.
If a muslim wants to chop off the head of another muslim murderer. Then let the streets run red.
The point being is to give them a full dose of the poison, not just a little bit.
Like snake venom, the only antidote for this poison is the poison itself. Let them practice it on themselves with no other recorse but to leave.

donna60 said...

The problem with that idea is that part of Sharia law is that a person who leaves Islam must be killed. So even if a woman wants to leave Islam so that she can be given custody of her children, or a better divorce settlement, she would be killed for doing so.

When do you intend on counting children as Muslim? They believe it occurs at birth. But should a Muslim child be punished by Sharia law, when they didn't decide for themselves to become Muslim?

The fact of the matter is, Sharia Law cannot be allowed in the United States. We would be forced to watch too many victims put to death, stoned, and cruelly abandoned in unfair divorce settlements.

That really needs to become a political marker, in which we decide which candidate to vote for as our elected leaders, and that is to how they view Sharia Law, because it is already here in the US. It can and will only get worse.