Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Nadir Ahmed Exposed! (Textual Criticism and Taqiyya)

Nearly everyone who has watched the recent debate between Sam Shamoun and Nadir Ahmed thinks that Nadir lost horribly. Nadir, however, is doing everything in his power to make people think otherwise. He even came on this blog and posted a comment from an imaginary viewer named "TR," saying that Sam had been defeated. The evidence proves deception on Nadir's part.

Here is what "TR" wrote:

I think the debate was one-sided. Nadir did a great job by posing 4 arguments which went unchallenged through out the debate. Anyone who gets a chance to hear the debate will realize that Sam could not quote one single verse from the Quran or the Hadith which promotes genocide or terrorism. He instead resorted to quoting scholarly opinions, "possible intentions" of the prophet and showing that muslims could be unfriendly people(sam's interpretation). All of this had nothing to do with explicit evidence showing genocide or terrorism(i.e. 1 samuel 15:3)

Good job Nadir, Must hear debate!

And here is my response:


A friend just emailed me to inform me that someone named "TR" had left a comment saying that Nadir won the debate, and that "TR" happens to sound exactly like Nadir Ahmed.

So I decided to do a little textual criticism, TR. Reading your short comment, a textual critic will note four peculiarities, which, taken together, can help identify a writer. The first two may be seen in your claim that "Nadir did a great job by posing 4 arguments which went unchallenged through out the debate."

First, most people (though not all) would write "four arguments" rather than "4 arguments," so we know that you typically write the number rather than the word. Interestingly, Nadir Ahmed often does the same thing. Consider these excerpts from his website: "Sam Shamoun refused to answer the 3 deadly questions of Christianity"; "The 4 arguments of why Islam is a religion of peace." Both you, TR, and Nadir write "4 arguments."

Yet this is not enough for a conviction. Consider the second line of evidence. You wrote "through out" as if it were two words instead of one. Most people know that "throughout" is a single word, but you don't. It's funny, then, that Nadir doesn't either. When we go to his website, we read the following comment about the debate: "Shamoun was repeatedly challenged through out the debate, but he ran away from this issue and falsely claimed it was off topic." Isn't it amazing that both you, TR, and Nadir misspell the same word in the same context?

But there's more. One also notes that you don't put a space between a word and a parenthesis that follows, e.g. "unfriendly people(sam's interpretation)" and "genocide or terrorism(i.e. 1 samuel 15:3)." The vast majority of people would have spaces here. Not surprisingly, we find that Nadir, too, often leaves out the space between a word and a parenthesis. Here's a section from his site: "Christians believe that Jesus is God( Islam teaches that Jesus is NOT God, rather God’s Messenger). Christians also believe that God inspired the Bible. Therefore, if God = Jesus, then it was Jesus(God) who inspired this commands to go commit genocide . . ." Another coincidence?

Fourth, you write "Quran" rather than "Qur'an" or "Koran," and so does Nadir: "One of the main points of disagreement between the Quran and the Bible are the issues of terrorism and genocide."

Nadir, while it is common for two people to share a particular writing peculiarity, it is quite improbable that two random people would share an entire collection of writing peculiarities. Writing, then, turns out to function like a fingerprint, Nadir. And you've just been caught red-handed.

The conclusion to draw from this evidence is that you, Nadir Ahmed, seeing that no one thinks positively of your performance in this debate, invented "TR" in order to praise yourself. This is absolutely pathetic, Nadir. Do you mean to tell me that you couldn't find a single person on the planet to write a positive comment about you? Are you so self-centered that you would lie in order to promote yourself? Wow! I have to ask, do you write love letters to yourself and show them to your friends to prove what a stud you are?

Like it or not, Sam absolutely crushed you in that debate. You can either take that like a man, or you can invent a hundred false internet characters to say that you won. Which is it going to be, Nadir?

If Nadir will resort to tactics such as this, how can we trust anything he says?


Unknown said...

I'm chatting with the brother right now and "TR" are his initials of his name.

David Wood said...

Joseph (Nadir?),

Sorry, there are just too many coincidences here. I'm a professional editor, and I notice writing peculiarities. When someone emailed me and said that "TR" sounded exactly like Nadir, I read the comment and realized that he did indeed sound exactly like Nadir. Coupled with the fact that I know that Nadir is a liar, I was quite suspicious. So I looked carefully at the comment and realized that there were four peculiarities which could identify the author. When I went to Nadir's site, I saw that he has the exact same writing peculiarities. This cannot be a coincidence. They both write "through out" as if it were two words; they both write "Quran" instead of one of the numerous variations; they both skip the space between a word and the parenthesis that follows; and they both write numerals when the number should be written out. Of course, this isn't as accurate as DNA testing, but it's enough to prove that Nadir came on this site, invented "TR," and praised himself in an attempt to vindicate himself after his poor performance. So, nice try. And this is what bothers me. Nadir lies, and then tries to cover it up with more lies. I've seen this in the past from Nadir. It's sad. But don't worry. I happen to know that there's about to be a ton of new material on good old Nadir. (P.S. If you'd like some further evidence, please tell me where "TR" lives, since I can check the location of the internet service provider!)

David Wood said...

P.S. "Joseph" (i.e. Nadir or one of his friends),

I just looked up the location of your internet service provider. Not surprisingly, it's in Illinois. Hey! Isn't that where Nadir lives! Now give it up, or I'll have to start blocking you from posting comments.

Unknown said...

Time Warner is a big company. Depending on the location of the server hosting your Blog, my signal could travel through chicago.


I don't live in chicago and I didn't capitalize it on purpose.

Unknown said...

Time Warner is a big company. Depending on the location of the server hosting your Blog, my signal could travel through chicago.


I don't live in chicago and I didn't capitalize it on purpose.

GeneMBridges said...

Time Warner is a big company. Depending on the location of the server hosting your Blog, my signal could travel through chicago.


I don't live in chicago and I didn't capitalize it on purpose.

Apparently, you are unaware that an IP address is specific to its origin, not the routers through which it passes. If the signal traveled through Chicago but you were located elsewhere, it would not register as Chicago. It is entirely possible to trace your exact location via your IP address via the tracert command from any command line.

Unknown said...
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Only Jesus Savs said...

Hi Nadir and ilk.
I am an Indonesian who spent most of life in Indonesia and still here now. I agree with others that Nadir's performance is terrible.
But what makes me really think that your performance is not only your argumentation but also your saying that non-Moslem in Indonesia live peacefully with only some problems here and there.

Well Nadir and ilk, I don't know what did you mean. Did you mean that it has been the case because Moslem are majority or what?

If that was what you meant, then you are wrong. In the early days of our independence, the moslems representatives tried to insert the word "Sharia Islam" into the "5 Principle" upon which our country operates. That provoked rage among non moslems (Christians mostly) who mainly came from the eastern part of Indonesia where at the time Christianity was predominant. They insisted that if the word "Sharia Islam" was to be inserted into the principle, they would prefer to have their own independent state that had nothing to do with the Islamic Indonesia.

Thus, the fact that we now live in peace was in part because insistence on the part of non Moslems not to establish Moslem country.

Ex-Liberal said...

I only saw this Ahmed guy the other gay and I see his website is down. Did he finally see the light and retire himself?

His reasoning is poor, his knowledge of Islamic Law is thin, and he's easily rattled and left calling names.

On the topic of Jihad with David Wood, he gave nearly zero primary texual evidence for the reams of claims he made, quite possibly the most glaring was the alleged "genocide" that Christians were supposedly perpetrating in the Arabian Peninsula. Not that this matters, because none of the ancient Islamic sources remotely intimate this was the reason for the call to Jihad; indeed, they are very clear and consistent it was a matter of conquering Kafirs as Wood said.