Thursday, September 22, 2016

Trump vs. Muhammad: Part One (A Reply to Craig Considine)

Rice University sociology lecturer Dr. Craig Considine has tweeted: “Prophet Muhammad protected ethnic and religious minorities with all his might. A far, far cry from Trump's approach.” Did Muhammad really treat religious minorities better than Donald Trump? Let's examine the evidence.


Unknown said...

David you rock as always! I think the title Dr. went to Craig's head because it appears nothing else did especially common sense. Craig is just as bad as the imams on the Sept 19th 2016 Sean Hannity show. Which leads to my next statement; David please go on the Hannity show and set these lying imams in their place. I have to say Sean needs your help. Thx God bless David!

Hezkiel Feroz said...

As I told you before, Arab money have been pour in at universities in America, paying intellectuals to speak good about muhammad n islam, this is call the arab/ Moslems lobbies!

Angelo said...

We know Donald Trump. But who is Muhammad ? Is he prophet ? no, because his name is not written in previous scripture and he is not from Israel. Is he paraclyt ? If yes that means 1 ) Jesus was telling His( Jesus ) disciples-brothers, don't die now, wait for 600 YEARS!!! THEN I will send you the comforter. 2 ) Jesus is God because Jesus was sending the paraclyt / Muhammad 3 ) Muhammad is a property of Jesus 4 ) Bible is right........ oh sorry, Bible is corrupt. And Muhammad's holy name is in a corrupted book. By the way, who corrupted Bible? st Paul corrupted? then st Paul is more powerful than Allah because OT NT and Quran are Allah's book and st Paul was able to corrupt the book.
Is Muhammad a good teacher? if yes, then why did Allah say that Jews and Christians should not consult with Muhammad BUT Muhammad should take knowledge from Jews and Christians?

Quran 2: 77 - 97, Quran 29 : 46, Quran 3: 3 - 4, Quran 5 : 43 - 48 ( Christians and Jews should not turn to Mohammad and they should judge things acording to their scriptures ), 82, 83, Quran 21:7( Muhammad should take knowledge from Jews and Christians )