Friday, September 23, 2016

Leaving Islam: Volume Two

Someone sent me a request for another installment of "Leaving Islam." In "Volume Two," we read the short testimonies of ten former Muslims.


Angelo Immanuel said...

Hi, Robert, may be you didn't read this testimony of mine in the volume one. So I am copying and pasting almost everything here. If brother David and his team allow to post then you can read. Brother David, this is volume two but same topic, so could you please allow this post? In volume one I wrote to brother David - Hi, brother David, the second person who wrote to you is very interesting to because he said '...........if God exists.......' because just like you I am an ex atheist( maybe some what agnostic ). I am from Calcutta, India. Zakir Naik is from Mumbai, India. I was listening to Zakir Naik and sometimes I was confused about trinity and when he said that Muhammd is in Bible, and Jesus never died and stuffs, I thought to become a Muslim. Then I saw you, Sam Shamoun,James White, Robert Spencer, Samuel Green debating Shabir Ally and others. I decided to research more. Then one day I saw a video here Nabeel Qureshi's friend caught Zakir naik making more that 25 mistakes in just 5 minutes. Biggest mistakes were 1 ) Zakir Naik said all homo sapiens died 500,000 years ago 2 ) vitamin c was INVENTED( not discovered ) that was so funny when brother Nabeel said Zakir himself is homo sapiens.......... But the greatest comfort was when you said - If Jesus never died and Allah lifted him to heaven and tricked people to believe that Jesus died, then Allah is single handedly responsible to spread Christianity. That was AWESOME!!! then another FANTASTIC POINT was when you Shabir Ally debated and you said that if 1 ) Bible is Allah's book 2 ) Muhammad was the paraclyt 3 ) Muhammad is in Bible and Bible was corrupted by st Paul, then 1 ) st Paul is more powerful than Allah, so he was able to corrupt Allah's book 2 ) Allah has 3 books OT NT and Quran, then Allah is confused because in NT Allah said Jesus died and in Quran, Allah said Jesus didn't die 3 ) Muhammad's holy name is in a corrupted book 4 ) Jesus sent paraclyt / Muhammad that means Jesus is greater than Muhammad. These points were AWESOME to keep me remain Christian................ Then, I read Quran more collected more points and also by my dirty mind I made some more points( huhuwhahahahahahha.......) - 1 ) just read the first page of Quran. sura 1:1,3 Allah is ENTIRELY( not partly ) merciful. Turn the page. Sura 2 verse 6 and 7. Allah has set a seal on us that we don't believe in Quran and Allah will give us great punishment for not believing in Allah. 2 ) Quran 17:111 says Allah has no partner and no son - a ) Allah is eternal and Allah's word is eternal( logically and also from Quran - 85:22). So ALREADY there are 2 partners. one is Allah and one is Allah's word b ) if you read Quran 3:45 SLOWLY then you will see Allah has a son. Allah gave his word( word was ALWAYS PRESENT WITH ALLAH AS A PARTNER ) to Angel Gabriel, angel Gabriel brought that word to Mother Mary and Mother Mary got pregnant and gave birth to Jesus. That means what? That means WORD became flesh and dwelt among us........... Now I have 2 videos in youtube. 1 )Muhammad is Bible 2 ) Jesus never died in cross. You can type these title or my name in youtube to watch those videos. I am from Calcutta, so, sooooooo many people from everywhere come to Calcutta to visit Mother Teresa's tomb. I give them these points and they get surprised and more people come to know your website and all. I also tell these points to my students( students means not religious students. I am not religious teacher. I am a kick-boxing trainer. I train boys self defense against knife attack and I train girls self defense against knife attack and also deadly things about how to fight a group of people. May be 5-7 people. I train this to finish rape and especially GANG-RAPE ). So I would also like somebody to attack me or any of my students as Theo Van Gough.

Angelo Immanuel said...

Read the description of my facebook cover photo, to know why Muslims should leave Islam and why people should not convert to Islam.

quicreva said...

Hey David!

By all means, don't listen to western Christians on how to evangelize Muslims! Most of these westerners suffer from a terminal case of political correctness. From what I've seen, Father Boutros's approach is the most effective. Most Muslims have been indoctrinated since early childhood against questioning ANYTHING pertaining to their religion. Their intellects and critical thought potentials are thus comatose. Before they can seriously entertain thoughts of leaving Islam, they have to be roused from their intellectual slumber. In-your-face challenges seem to wake them like nothing else.

Of course we as Christians need to speak the truth with love. It is not loving to allow your brother or sister to continue in error, however. Muhammad was a very evil man, and the teachings of Islam are equally evil. if followed, they lead directly to soul-death, the complete alienation from God. Better to upset these precious souls than to condemn them with our politically correct silence.