Monday, September 26, 2016

Nahed Hattar: Killed for a Cartoon

Nahed Hattar was raised as a Christian in Jordan, though he considered himself an atheist. After posting a cartoon mocking the Islamic view of paradise, Hattar was arrested for insulting Islam, even though he apologized and said that he was only making fun of ISIS. Following his arrest, he requested security to protect him, but his request was denied. He was subsequently shot to death outside the courthouse.

Westernized Muslims are now insisting that the cartoon Hattar shared has nothing to do with Islam, and that the view of paradise the cartoon mocks is the view of ISIS, not of Muhammad. In this video, I go through Islam’s most trusted sources, to see if Muhammad’s view of paradise is different from that of ISIS and al-Qaeda.


Elder said...

If a Jihadist gets 100 virgins a day, and has the strength for it we can calculate that with 1440 minutes in one day, the Jihadist can get 14 minutes and 24 seconds with each virgin and that includes the getting to a new virgin or letting one out and an other one in, the foreplay, and and hopefully some words afterwards. There is not a lot of time for romance left and many women will refer to such experience as "the minute man". Oh and I did not mention that in order to have 14 minutes and 24 seconds of quality time with each virgin, the Jihadist can not do anything else. No eating, no time for personal hygiene, no sleeping, not even some time to brag to his fellow Jihadists about his prowess.
Perhaps it is becasue I am not a muslim but as much as I love the company of a woman, I can not see this as my type of paradise...

Ehh Gabriel, Please, can I give all those virgins back and have just one wife and can she be my soul mate as well, please???

Unknown said...

God bless you david wood... i have posted this video in groups. from the you tube Channel. god bless you sir.

Andrew said...

I've always wondered what mulimas think they they are going to get in the afterlife?

I don't think there are too many muslim men embarrassed by the islamic view of heaven. They all seem to look forward to it.

Unknown said...

And al-Lah's crown is inscribed with the numbers "666"!
Let the Viewer understand. (--What could be more apt?)
And 72 whouris -- that is all they can be considered!

Certainly a low view of "paradise", unworthy of a man
of any principle!

Arise, ye Muslims! and cast off the chains of darkness.
Emerge into the Light of the true Prophet, Priest, & King,

Unknown said...

Damn, the time with a virgin, per day (100 a day) is, bizarrely, the time a doctor can spare to discuss your venereal disease, your ulcers, or your high altitude sickness.
But none of these seem to be a problem, in heaven. I can only conclude that it is a Spiritual realm, and there is no body.
So, no sexual gratification, no wine, and no breathing.
That's because " heaven" is a Spiritual PLace, not An Islamic Carnal Whorehouse.
Nice try, Mohammed, but what other bullshit stories do you have up your sleeve? said...

I understand that a westernized Muslim who feels guilty can suddenly become a Jihadist based on a sincere belief in this promise of paradise for those who die in the act of Jihad.

However, is there a teaching in Islam that the afterlife is a state of disembodied existence? (If so, that could be pretty frustrating in the presence of the virgins.)

marstaree said...

Please answer the lies on this website...

They need to be educated, as they claim sharia has freedom of religion, speech, prohibits torture, etc. I would, but they've blocked me because I'm a "hater" aka someone who disagrees with them.