Saturday, September 17, 2016

Muhammad vs. Jesus: Judging Religions by Their Central Figures

Christianity and Islam are the largest religions in history, and around half the people in the world consider themselves to be either Christians or Muslims. But Christianity and Islam disagree on fundamental doctrines and practices, so they can't both be right. Is there a way to judge these two religions? Some people judge religions based on the worst adherents of the religions. Others insist that we should judge religions by their best adherents. However, rather than judging religions by their adherents at all, we should turn to the central figures of the religions.


The Burwell Family Travels said...

as there is nothing so easy to do as to think, there is nothing so difficult to do as to think well.

Mojnu Mia said...

@David, believe it or not Muslims have been brainwashed by Quran by a test of writing a surah like Quran. They were spellbound with this Muhammad’s tricks and stupid Muslims surrendered to will of Devil and become a slave, like Arabian folk story Allauddin’s Magic lamp and the giant. Don’t Muslims know that no two writers can write a poem exactly same, like two parallel lines won’t meet anywhere???

In all cases burden of proof goes to plaintiff (Quran’s Allah), but Muhammad cleverly by his business tricks put the burden to Muslims to proof his surah was not written by his Allah.

We find in the Bible that Holy God proved His actions by miracles such as delivering Israelis from Egypt by making a way thru Red Sea, gave Ten Commandments written in two stone tablets. Jesus gave life to dead people, blind got eye sight, lame walked, God raised Jesus from death and appeared to 500 people to proof His resurrection and finally Jesus ascended into heaven in front of many people. But in Islam Allah gave burden of proof to Muslims and made them slave.

Jesus made us free bringing us into light opening our inner eyes to understand devil’s tricks. Thanks God

May God help open Muslims’ inner eyes to break shekels of devil by the Holy name of Jesus Christ!!!

Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque said...

Brilliant, Sir!!!!