Friday, September 16, 2016

"What does the Qur'an Say About the Bible?" Jonathan McLatchie vs. Aqil Onque

Here is the recording of my debate on ABN from last night, in which I engaged Muslim apologist Aqil Onque on "What does the Qur'an say about the Bible?" Enjoy!


Akshay singh said...

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Christin said...

Could you post the website for ABN? Thank you!
Christin Sukaryan

Unknown said...

@Aquil, as you started your debate with prehistoric position of Quran, we can say general principal of believing is “seeing is believing”. We know from hadith that Quran is a book containing 114 surah revealed to Muhammad piece by piece by 22 years of Muhammad’s life time. It did not come all at a time. ‘Uthman 20 years after death of Muhammad, compiled surah and made Quran as we see now. So your statement in the debate that Quran existed before 1st surah was revealed has no evidence to support and cannot be believed. If Quran existed before and kept in a safe place in behest (Heaven) as Muslims believe, why did Muhammad’s Allah take 22 years to reveal 114 surah, when God of Abraham took few minutes to make a dry path across the Red Sea within minutes to escape Israelis from Pharos army??? Any justification to believe for taking so long period of time, if Allah is same Mighty Holy God of Abraham.

Quran is a political book. Muhammad during his life time made surah piece by piece as required to control his people politically by fear of Allah and Judgement Day. 21st century Muslims countries still use same technique Quran as political fascist guideline to control people of Muslims world, and squeeze their thrust for freedom of expression.

Richard C. Silk said...

Qur'an 4:157 is perhaps *THE MOST* insulting passage I have ever read.

Add another attack to the #Islamic #Jihad:

Keith said...

Richard, unfortunately the Pope doesn't seem to have read Q 4:157.

Unknown said...

Is Mount Paran really in Arabia near Mekka? If I recall correctly, you acknowledged this claim.

But I googled a little bit about it and it might not be totally clear where it really is. It is most likely in Israel or on the Sinai peninsula but definitely not near Mekka.

Here are all passages where Paran is mentioned in the Bible:
Genesis 14,6
Genesis 21,21: Ishmael and Hagar: the place where Ishmael settled down
Numbers 10:12
Numbers 12:16
Numbers 13:3
Numbers 13:26
Deuteronomy 1:1
Deuteronomy 33:2
1 Samuel 25:1
1 Kings 11:18

But now I understand why Aqil made this claim that Paran is near Mekka, because they believe that Ishmael lived there and the Bible associates Paran with Ishmael (Genesis 21:21).

And could someone please clarify what Deuteronomy 33:2 really refers to? This did not come out in the debate or I missed it. As far as I understand it, this verse refers to the Exodus from Egypt and the law that was given from God to Moses.


Unknown said...

if u (christians) say jesus is God or equal to God , then y u sanctify just the bible? where are the other words of jesus?
let us say that the bible is about 1000 pages, and the prophethood of jesus is about three years, then it' mean that jesus almost said a words of one page a day!!
i can read one page in two minutes!!
that means jesus was talking just 2 minutes in a day ...2 minutes in every 1440 minutes no more!!
it is impossible that jesus was talking just 2 minutes in a day when he was teacher!!
when u (christians) say jesus is god ...then u must sanctify all his words not just the bible!!
the bible must be a massive book!!
the clergymen hide the other words of jesus!!....u (christians) must ask them "where are the other words?"...1

sari said...

mahmood, mohammad has 9 wives what make you think he still had time to write quran?? during his orgasm?

Unknown said...

sari, there no need of 9 wives for orgasm....even no need of one wive
wive means to be responsible for her all the life...
i think you agree with me in my first comment....