Thursday, July 7, 2016

Ismaa'eel Abu Adam: "Why I Left Islam"

Ismaa'eel Abu Adam was a convert to Islam and a Muslim apologist. In his recent video "Why I Left Islam," he explains why he can no longer defend Muhammad.

Ismaa'eel is already receiving endless abuse and even death threats for his apostasy. Be sure to pray for his safety and subscribe to his YouTube channel.


Steve and Sarah said...

If any of my sons ask me what "courage" is--I will simply say "this."

I hope every believer in the Lord Jesus Christ will pray for this man and his well being.

Unknown said...

@New Muslims converts, be aware of Muhammad and his Quran before you are brainwashed by surah 69:43 and 69:40. Thanks be to God for opening Mr. Isma’eel Abu Adam inner eyes to see Muhammad’s black magic (tricks) to hypnotize Muslims submitted to power of Devil, by the name Allah.

Muhammad hypnotized Muslims by followings: 1) Muhammad kept Quran in Arabic and in poetic form to keep Muslims in the dark for rest of their life; 99% Muslims do not understand Quran. 2) Muhammad left no original Injil Sharif to proof corrupted Bible, Muslims should ask their Allah to drop one on Qubba al-Sakhra to proof that the Bible is corrupted. 3) Muslims’ Allah is not so powerful, that he took 20 years to give 19 surah to Muhammad. 4) Quran is collection of political surah made by Muhammad to win hearts and minds of his followers by the name of Allah, and enjoy his life as playboy as well as great warrior. Muslims foolishly believe Muhammad made surah, edited by ‘Uthman and his scholar to fit into modern world. 5) Ask Muhammad's Allah to drop a copy of Quran, if original is still in Behest, we will all believe Muhammad and his Allah. 5) Last not least, Muhammad was killed by poison that proves he is false prophet as per his Quran’s litmus test Surah 6:44-46. 6) Muhammad is a false prophet; he need all Muslims' prayer to be in Behest (Heaven).

Muslim convert from Christianity, please be advised that you threw free gift of Jesus' sacrifice for you to accept terrorists' ideology, kill non-believers, rape, and keep sex slave etc., etc., introduced by playboy Muhammad. Muslims are prisoners of Dark world, need tremendous courage like yours Mr. Isma’eel, to come back to Light from terrorists’ dent alive. God will protect you for His glory Mr. Isma’eel as He promised, in the Bible. May God bless you!

Osama Abdallah said...

As'salalamu Alaikum,

Brother Ismaeel should read the Bible to see how GOD Almighty *******turned King David's wives into prostitutes as a punishment for WHAT DAVID DID. Not what the wives did, for they did nothing. I have given several examples that show how GOD Almighty gave customized Laws that were different from the Standard Ones in the Bible:

If Allah Almighty wanted to thoroughly destroy the pagan Arabs' egos and arrogance towards Islam, just for being tribal and blind followers to their fathers, by having their wives become harems for Muslim men THEN WHO IS BROTHER ISMAEEL OR ANYONE TO JUDGE?

Not that he is a cheese burger fast food convert, but I would like to warn all Muslims to be cautious from marrying new converts. You don't want your offspring to get stuck in a confusing contradiction between the two parents. Some of those so-called converts are irresponsible Western people who just want to try different things.

Also, if he wish to judge the Quran's Divinity, then he should look into the Quran's Miracles. Mere human emotional arguments are dangerous. If Allah Almighty wanted to humiliate the pagans, who were too tribal and hypocretical, then it is up to Allah Almighty. We can't reject Allah Almighty's Law due to emotional reasons. The Quran is proven to be Divine and the True Word of Allah Almighty through Its Overwhelming Scientific and Numerical Miracles:

Take care,
Osama Abdallah

TAREK said...

Buffoon Osama which miracle of the quran are talking about. You cannot stand any debate at all brother C P humiliated 1000 of times and you are still posting. Do you want another dose of humiliation?

Unknown said...

@ Osama Abdallah, do not lie, like your prophet Muhammad about the Bible. Punishment for lying on word of God is death. Muhammad was killed by poison for his lying about the Bible as corrupted (Muhammad had no knowledge about the history of the Bible, it is not a book dropped from sky as he fooled Muslims about Quran). Muhammad also lied about Jesus Christ downgrading our Lord God Jesus to mere prophet lower than Muhammad. Do not forget our Lord God Jesus Christ would come to judge all people including you, not Muhammad. Muhammad is now not in heave and all Muslims pray for him for his forgiveness; but Jesus Christ is now in Heave at right side of the God the Father. Don’t be fool following command of Muhammad, who need your prayer to be in Heaven. Be practical, my brother!

Where did you find in the Bible that God made David’s wives prostitute?? When David acknowledged his sin to Nathen (Prophet) 2nd Samuel 12: 13, God forgive him but punish David by taking away his 1st son born to Uriah’s wife by him (2nd Samuel 12:14-18). Read the Bible then comment. May God help you opening your inner eyes to see Light of the World that Jesus brought from heaven over Dark of the World Muhammad brought by sexual last, killing, sex salve, taqya (lie) etc. etc.!!

Reg Singh said...

A decent human being is incapable of rape.

tenkaren said...

Thank you Osama for your honesty in saying that the Muslims did in fact rape women.

Unknown said...

It's great that this man has seen the truth concerning Islam. However, what he needs now is to see the Truth in Jesus Christ, because that's the only Truth that will truly set him free.

Osama Abdallah said...


Christian_Prince had been thoroughly refuted and defeated here:

Also, if you want me to debate him, then have Anthony Rogers or anyone on Paltalk that owns a room to setup a debate between me and CP. CP is a coward that interrupts and red-dots his opponents when he sees his smokescreen about to be totally removed and his lies totally exposed. So I am willing to officially debate CP ON ANY TOPIC OR TOPICS HE CHOOSES in any room that he is not an admin in. That is my condition. I can also debate him only on weekends. I got too much traveling for business going on.

So let's cut all of the empty rhetoric and nonsense, and see if he'll accept to debate. Setup the time and date and I'll make myself available that day, Insha'Allah.

@Nojmul Huda,

Since you spoke about lying on GOD Almighty is a sin in the Bible, I'd like you to read about the story of Rebekkah and how she deceived Isaac into thinking that he was anointing Eesau when he actually was physically touching and anointing Jacob. Isaac was blind and his FULL INTENTION WAS TO ANNOINT Easau. But because Rebekkah wanted Jacob to be anointed instead, she placed goat skin on Jacob's shoulders and back to deceive Isaac into thinking that he was touching the hairy Eesau. You can read all about it at:

I have thoroughly proven that even according to the Bible, Ishmael was the sacrificial son, not Isaac. The Jewish stories are full of lies invented on GOD Almighty.

I'd like to read what you have to say about all of this.

Take care,
Osama Abdallah

Unknown said...

@Osama Abdallah, we both agree that argument for argument sake is act of devil, ends up fighting with nonsense talking. Your Quran itself is void of any physical evidence of its own unique identity other than its source documents, the Bible. What extra point you could add in your website. You know that Quran is incomplete without the Bible’s detail account of any incidents written in Quran. It is waste of time to read your website to hear your bla, bla. Where did you find a book based on oral traditions is scientific in nature??? Only stupid can trust oral tradition.

I asked you above to give reference from the Bible in support of your statement that God made David’s wives prostitute. I showed you from the Bible that you lied about God’s word and punishment for manipulating word of God is death. There is gulf of differences between Muhammad’s lies about the Bible to become false prophet and carry out evils’ order to kill, rape, marry daughter-in-law etc., by the name of Allah and Rebeca’s lie to get Isaac’s blessing for their younger son naturally god fearing from Esau to Jacob. Esau was stupid animal hunter, not god fearing. Mother knows better than anybody else about their sons’ future. God blessed Jacob and thru his 12 sons made Israel a nation as He promised to Abraham. State of Israel is land, God promised to Abraham before anybody lived there. Read the Genesis, you will know the truth. Muslims can’t get God promised land to Israel by fighting another thousand years.

From David’s sin we learnt lesion from righteous God that though David was God’s favorite, he was not excused from receiving punishment for the sin he committed marrying Uriah’s wife. If Muhammad would have been prophet of the same Holy God, what punishment did he receive from God marrying his daughter-in-law, and had sex with captive women, who had husband alive??

Nothing, this proves that all surah that Muhammad made by the name of Allah in Quran are lies about Holy God. Holy God won’t allow Muhammad to marry his daughter-in-law while his son alive and rape women, and allow men to have sex with married women. It proved that Quran is product of Muhammad-made surah, made as necessary during his life time to enjoy sex life where his eyes go and allow his soldiers motivated by raping women by Allah-Hu-Agbar. Terrorists and ISIS Muslims are practicing in modern time to maintain Rashidun Caliphate, using sex. It does not need rocket science to understand that Muhammad used Allah’s name in Quran to win hearts and minds of stupid Muslims like you. This proved Muhammad lied about the Bible being corrupted as well as downgraded our Lord God Jesus Christ, as prophet lower than Muhammad. Without original Bible no one can believe Muhammad that during his life time he saw two form of bible, one original bible when he commanded Muslims to read bible and the other corrupted. Where is the proof Mr. Osama??? Come to sense brother to get eternal life!

TPaul said...

I'd like to hear your take on the Koran's unscientific mythological concept where the "drop emitted" actually emerges from.... Allah the blunder master guesses it comes from between the backbone and ribs... This stupidity itself should cause you to leave the cult of hate, but of course you will not because you have lies injected into you from your mother's milk...
Ismaeel has shown integrity in pointing out the true flaws in Islam.
Why don't you try the truth for a change instead of engaging in your apologetic buffoonery.

TPaul said...

Osama says.... "Christian_Prince had been thoroughly refuted and defeated here...."

I like the way this goof ball who thinks he is highly intelligent, directs traffic to his web site that probably nobody visits. So he surfs all the anti Islam sites and puts links to his obnoxious web page there in hopes that someone would read the nonsense he spouts...
Osama is truly full of himself..

Andy said...

Osama says the Quran is divine. Uh oh, we have something other than allah that is divine. This opens a whole can of worms. Divine in what sense? Like an angel? If not an angel, why? Like Allah? Then allah has something equal to him? If so, is this divine word personal? So many questions, let the fun begin.

Andy said...

I've seen Osamas debates, he really should stop trying to debate. It's embarrassing. So when he says so and so has been thoroughly refuted, it's only in his mind this takes place.

Royal Son said...

Osama. I challenged you to a debate on Paltalk some time ago, and you accepted at first. When I followed you up on it however you declined.

The debate topic is:

Which is more rational - Islam or Christianity?
Do you accept?

Unknown said...

The quran is false