Thursday, July 7, 2016

An Open Challenge To Mansoor Ahmed

I would like to issue a public challenge to Mansoor Ahmed to participate in two moderated dialogues with myself, Jonathan Mclatchie, one on the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, and one on the Islamic doctrine of Tawhid. The particulars can be agreed after Mansoor agrees in principle to participate.

I would suggest Zoom (the webinar platform I use for my Apologetics Academy) as a suitable online venue for such a dialogue, but I am open to pursuing a "real-life" public dialogue, or even a conversational radio debate, if that is preferred.

Mansoor strikes me as a confident debater, so I see no reason why he should be averse to accepting this challenge if he is confident that his claims and views can be defended in the context of moderated debate. To accept this challenge, all Mansoor has to do is send me an email at and we will work out the particulars from there. I look forward to hearing from him.


Andrew said...

I just watched the whole thing. Which I will comment on in that thread. He would never debate you. He is like the energizer bunny. You wind him up and away he goes. All has is catchphrases. "Is the father fully God, or is he one third God" And on and on. No wonder Williams says Mansoor does not do debates.

He reminds me also of the Monty Python skit of the man who pays for an argument then complains that that he does not get an argument just a disagreement.

Unknown said...