Saturday, March 26, 2016

"What did Jesus preach: Christianity or Islam?" Jonathan Mclatchie vs. Ayoob Karim: Catch the LIVE STREAM here!

Tomorrow, March 27th, I commence a series of moderated public debates in South Africa. Here is the link for tomorrow's livestream.

Topic: "What did Jesus preach: Christianity or Islam?"
Speakers: Ayoob Karim (Muslim) and Jonathan McLatchie (Christian)
Date: March 27th
Time: 2:30pm 

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Unknown said...

what did Jesus preach ?

Well that depends which source you use . if you use the earliest sources for Jesus then he preached nothing.

Philo 20-30CE - a celestial being fulfilling some of the prophecies of the Torah

Paul - 50CE - Jesus is a celestial being and no sermons or miracles or virgin birth or john the baptist or herod killing infants or world wide tax or the jerusalem earthquake happening when jesus died or the darkening of the sun for 3 hours after the crucifixion or the curtain in the temple tearing ---- NOTHING IS MENTIONED BY PAUL

Mark - 70CE - an anonymous manuscript written in eloquent greek by highly educated and most likely jewish /christian . here the character of the earthly jesus is first introduced.

Matthew /Luke 75CE-80CE -- approx half of what is in the anonymous gospels of Matthew and Luke is in Mark. They have been euphamistically rebranded as synoptic where the word " plagerized seems more appropriate.

John written around 90CE - a new badass Jesus is introduced who likes to talk during the crucifixion and do more hardcore deeds than the other gospels writers claimed what Jesus did.