Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Jihad Returns to Belgium

On March 22, 2016, multiple jihadists, under orders from the Islamic State (ISIS), carried out coordinated terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium. Dozens were killed, around 200 were injured. In this video, I explain what will happen in the near future as a result of this attack.


Unknown said...

Thanks David. Keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

Thanks David!

Auke Feitsma said...

Thx David, you are really the best. You love the Truth, just like Jesus is the Truth. Because that is important: the Truth.

Andrew said...

Thanks David. I posted this on my Facebook page.

Analee said...

Your videos are terrific. Personally, I believe that Islam is Satan's greatest attack on humanity ever. When I lived in Europe I knew lots of nice Muslim girls (students ) who were becoming doctors and lawyers. They were not wearing veils, hijabs burkas etc and they did as they pleased. This was in the 70's and 80's and something definitely changed. I never liked Islam much but I never knew why. I just thought, "I wonder why they're always fighting w/ everybody? But I wish people would learn to" tell the truth in love "to Muslims . We love them, but we hate Islam and believe they deserve better.

Unknown said...

Extremely Informative Video,
Thank You, David.

Unknown said...

Sadly David I almost fell for the same thing you talk about in the video. I was almost convinced from having discussions with a muslim person that Islam was the way. I am pretty ashamed of myself especially because I am a Christian. I think you are right about it all. I love watching your videos...they can be kind of scary, but only because they are true. Our future, and the future of our children are at stake. How could I be so blind, and how could we all be so ignorant to believe ppl that give no other way than their own, or else is peaceful? I know I have learned a great lesson. Oh forgot to say your video was the stopper for me. It should've been my conscience that stopped me, but it wasn't until I watched some eye opening videos.

Unknown said...

One thing really baffles me David ,I've read lots and worked through various videos and ABN broadcasts from yourself and the excellent Sam Shamoun and wonderful Pastor Joseph. I see how the Islamic sources per se show Islam to be totally at variance with the God of the Torah and New Testament and that some of the hadith literature is troubling to say the least ( You know the hadiths I mean!).
However what I can't understand is , if you watch the Youtube videos of let's say Nouman Ali Khan or Peter Casey aka 'Dawah addict'. They're both obviously intelligent, well read, have no doubt devoted their time to learning the Arabic, and most importantly speak about reality as if Islam is true, consistent and , almost ,self-evident. Casey is a convert , fresh faced , Western and friendly (Islam is love and peace etc). Khan has this learned spiritual vibe going on and a funky little beard. I'm not a fan of the beard.
But they MUST have read the unscientific and sexually worrying hadiths and the hold-on-to-your-hats Quran verses about attacking the unbelievers !
So is it a case of :
1 They know the hadiths and verses and really believe them. Scary
2 They know the hadiths and verses and don't really believe them (but pretend they do as otherwise for Islamic high jump).
3 They don't know or are ignoring embarrassing hadiths and verses:" sun setting in puddle " etc and are hoping people don't spot them. Intellectual dishonesty

I can't work it out

Great vid by the way.
Dave B

Christian thought for the day : "Pastor Joseph for President, Sam Shamoun for VP."

akairey said...

@David Banks...I think one of the reasons is because they DO NOT question! The follow blindly! Not my words: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrGz3wNUmQk&list=FLo-qZ8onMje41k9J87KapKg&index=66

akairey said...

@David Banks...they also do NOT know the truth of the beginnings of islam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zd9lIuUjPs0&list=FLo-qZ8onMje41k9J87KapKg&index=27

Andy said...

Excellent video. Very clear and precise.

sc said...

David, where can we get the same source books that you are reading from?

David Wood said...

You can buy them on Amazon. You can also download PDFs of the Hadiths I use here: http://kalamullah.com.

Richard C. Silk said...

Swiped from ... https://www.facebook.com/alex.anguren
[Edited for grammar.]
The most brilliant territorial conquest in current history is the [migration of Muslim refugees] in Europe. Without any heavy ammunitions [or] war gadgets, they were able to occupy a territorial space in some European countries, with laws as their protection and their needs met by good hearted Europeans[. All] these refugees who are 90% able bodied males were able to secure sympathy from the international community and a place to call their own. Europe was tricked to play their game. With 5 wives [per] male, they will multiply like rabbits because they have their own land space. Amazing!

Unknown said...

David your the best the Steve Harvey show needs you he is lost its very sad!!! Keep up the good work love ya bro

Keith said...

@ David Banks.

I've asked these questions of David Wood myself. He (and I see no reason to disagree) said that the reason could be spiritual.

I see your point and concern. For millions of Muslims I suppose they are just too ignorant or apathetic or uneducated to go check out the Islamic sources for themselves, so they just accept whatever their imams tells them and when you question them further, they get stuck..."Well you know, that's what WE believe" kinda stuck.

But this makes no sense regarding "smarter" people like those you mentioned above. Then again, this doesn't just affect Muslims. You can use the same idea for atheists, or basically anyone else.

Unknown said...

I think Islam stands out though as opposed to other systems of thought that people follow in that the most basic aspects of truth from a Christian perspective ( the reality of the crucifixion for example) are ruthlessly closed down , shut off and avoided. That's not the case with all other systems of thought - I think Atheists, Agnostics and Jews might all be able to agree that Jesus was crucified
Now what kind of spiritual entity would want it to be the case that the truth is so mutilated?
I used to find Islam intensely attractive, particularly having had some horrible experiences at the hands of Christians ( yuk- remembering). So I took a week off work this year to study it's claims. It was only then that I came across Messrs Wood and Shamoun , which changed my life and made me decide to carry on with Jesus Christ and Christianity.
But if there is a malign spirit ( to say the least ) behind Islam , then those smart Muslim people on Youtube, and the Muslim evangelists I have met , must be under that less than wholesome power! That concerns me.

Unknown said...

“Hi David ….I will show you where the Muslim fighters of ISIS who commit atrocities are not following Islam at all.”- Osama Abdallah

Dear Osama Abdallah,
Well come back to people of God, realizing ISIS is not believer of True God, God of Abraham, Father of Jesus Christ. Your realization about ISIS came after seeing blood bath caused by ISIS around the world. But ISIS is not the only actor that is terrorizing the world. What about other players of Islamic party who are fighting for Muhammad and his Allah to maintain Islamic Umma terrorizing the world, such as Alquaeda, Lashkar-e-taiba, Jaish-e-Muhammad, Indian-Mujahidin, and Jamet-e-Islam etc. etc. who are killing innocent people by the name of Allah-Hu-Akbar. Muslims are still intact because of these terrorists. No one is daring to criticize Muhammad and his Allah. They are the Armies of their Allah and controlling Islam based on Quran and Hadith. Are they not Muslims?

Keith said...

@ DB,

You're right. The cross is the anchor.

Sanjay said...

Hi David,

This is not related to Belgium attacks. I wanted to bring to your notice that the TAJ MAHAL which is credited as a muslim architecture, is actually a hindu temple. Let me know how can i give you more material regarding that.


C├ęsar said...

Thank you David for exposing the truth in a culture of deception. May God grant you strength!