Monday, March 2, 2015

Muslims with PhDs Joining Terrorist Group

The Obama Administration continues to insist that Muslims become terrorists because they can't find jobs. Reality, however, just refuses to line up with Obama's theory. Muslims with PhDs and other post-graduate degrees are still joining the jihad.
Reuters—An insurgency in the Indian-held region of Kashmir is increasingly dependent on homegrown, educated fighters with the highest number of local youth joining in two decades, according to Indian army data seen on Tuesday.

The trend represents a new threat in the region where Muslim separatists have been fighting Indian forces since 1989.

At least 70 young Kashmiris joined the insurgency in the last year, army records showed, with most joining the banned group Lashkar-e-Taiba, which was accused of carrying out attacks on the Indian city of Mumbai in 2008.

At least 14 of them have been killed, the army said."Youth joining the militancy is disturbing," Subrata Saha, the head of Indian army in Kashmir, said recently. "If educated youth are joining, it is more disturbing. It is certainly is a cause of concern for us."

Two of the new recruits have doctorates and eight were post graduates, the army data showed. Kashmir has been divided between India and Pakistan since a war after independence from Britain in 1947. The nuclear-armed neighbours have fought two of their three wars over the territory. (Continue Reading.)


Wong said...

What ISIS Really Wants?

Unknown said...

That as much sums it all up. Great work David.

Anonymous said...

What happens next...

CHURCHILL: Hahaha! Had you going there for a moment lads! Jobs for ruddy jihadists? The towers too good for those scoundrels. I say we stop pussy footing around and give 'em what for,eh?

ROOSEVELT: British humour? I'll never get it. For a moment there I thought you were serious Winston. But I argree, it's time we stopped playing detante with the enemy!

(Glances sideways at Stalin)

STALIN: Nyet, nyet! This iz good idea. I have just such a place for them to work. Iz called Gulags. Put them on train, I take them all.

Anonymous said...

Hey, some phds have trouble finding work lol