Wednesday, March 18, 2015

CNN: Whitewashing Jihad (Part One)

Many people in the West are wondering what causes jihad. CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin invited Christopher Dickey, foreign editor of the Daily Beast, to explain. According to Mr. Dickey, terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. Instead, terrorism is the result of three factors: (1) testosterone, (2) identifying with an oppressed group, and (3) a desire for fame. Is he right? Let's take a closer look.


Mahsheed said...

Other causes:

Jihad causes more jihad so once started it feeds on itself..

Jihad is also fueled inadvertently by leftist victimology, since they both encourage thinking that one is victim of any and all isms. Leftist thinking encourages the grievances and suggests violence as a remedy.

Mahsheed said...

Finally, enclaves or incomplete assimilation contribute to it, as people want to fit in with their peers. People crave respectability among their peers so what happens when all their peers are like themselves?

Jason said...

aw~The Bill to amend the Kelantan Syariah Criminal Code II 1993 is a re-submission of the entire enactment with five key changes.

Similar to the original enactment, offences that fall under hudud in the new Bill forms only one part.

The enactment also includes other offences under the syariah penal code, such as qisas and ta'zir.

smalltallest88 said...

I discussed with a friend three days ago who lived in abuja, Nigeria to show me a verse in the Quran that is against killing of human being. He could not even come up with one so I help him by given him muslim most quoted verse, Quran 5:32. That every muslim always take out of context. But he never surprised me cos he admit that Islam supporting killing just that it doesn't support killing innocent people.

My question to him was, as a kafir, am I innocent? He yes. He knew not what his Quran and hadith teaches on kafir. Cos if he knew, he won't have said am innocent.

Am just hoping God will open their eyes cos the logic they use in discussion is beyond human understanding.

Dr. David Wood, do you know the Quran edited by Farida Khanam.

Unknown said...

"These woman have 99 problems but testosterone ain't one" LOL Brilliant

Unknown said...

@ David Wood,

Thanks for hammering so called “Islamic Think Tank” like Christopher Dickey, President Obama and his men, liberal media like CNN; BBC etc. who have been dedicating their valuable time and money propagating Islam saying Islam is as white as snow, only its few followers are bad. Though, they are not confessed Muslims. It is crap as Christopher Dickey said in your video.

They need some more legal hashes to smoke to defend Islam as a religion of PEACE, despite Boston Bombing, Charlie Hadron in Paris, recent Church bombing in Pakistan etc., etc. These so called intellectuals do not keep track, because of their false interpretation of Islam, how many innocent people including journalists have been killed since brutal murder of Daniel Pearl of The Wall Street Journal in February 1, 2002.

They fool general people of the world saying there is nothing wrong with Islam, only few Muslims do it, as it is normal in other religions. Shame on them! If few Muslims are involved why can’t President Obama defeat Jihadists with mighty power in his hand? Why does he allow innocent Christians to kill in Pakistan while praying to their God?

History won’t forgive them for their false direction and allow innocent blood to shed by their white washing of criminal Islam which hates non-Muslims.

sebsite said...

This video should be posted to the comment column under every news item of cnn news.

Anonymous said...

Media provides free dawah for the muslims

Anonymous said...

On my goodness, this was beyond absurd!

He did not even attempt to make sense.

On the basis of his comment, terrorism can be defeated by hormone suppressants, community building activities and a bit more attention.

Along with jobs, perhaps they need to find these young some spots on reality TV shows to satisfy their thirst for fame. (the average is 22 by the way which is not normally accompanied by a hormonal spike).

Is it possible that this man is afraid of reprisals? Or is aware that he is being watched? His comments seem are both ridiculous and desperate.

Anonymous said...

You are so very right Nojmul, history will indeed never forgive them for their complicity in enabling such a great evil to be prolonged. Just as history has not forgotten those who have ignored suffering before them.

One of the hallmarks of arrogance however is men who have forgotten history, or worse, believe they can rewrite it!

School children will learn their names and shake their heads as their teachers recount their deeds.

pelayo said...

My comment is about Christopher dickey's taste in neckties. "it's crap"

pelayo said...

My comment is about Christopher dickey's taste in neckties, "it's crap"!

Ryan Evans said...

I'm listening to you, but I'm not hearing you. You are going 100mph. Please try a more simplistic approach. Like the Reader's Digest version or something. Bottom Line: Islam is not a religion, it's a political movement. All Muslim's are lying sacks of shit sand.