Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Sacrifice of Kenji Goto

Kenji Goto was a Japanese video journalist who converted to Christianity in 1997. The media widely reported his death at the hands of Islamic State jihadists. But the story of why he traveled to Syria is a much deeper story of love and loyalty. Kenji laid down his life in an attempt to rescue his troubled friend, Haruna Yukawa. Here's Jay Smith discussing Kenji's sacrifice:


Tom said...

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fleuves d'eau vive said...

An even lesser known fact is that Haruna Yukawa is known as Yukawa Harukana in Japan {see this link:}). It looks like he converted to Islam. On his facebook page, a certain Hossam Najjar commented on his last post, addressing him as "Abu Mujahed" - Father of Jihad.

Unknown said...

Yes, Kenji is a true hero

Unknown said...

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