Thursday, January 29, 2015

Islamic Eye Exam


Unknown said...

It only represents radical Islam not Islam as a whole

kngrmd said...

Anonymous said...

hi david i need your help to what is right or what is wrong about this letter

Unknown said...

Richard Reid, the shoe bomber said to himself while he was in prison cell in London before convert to Islam, “Hurray! Islam gives free license to kill infidels, why do I not convert into Islam, enjoy life fulfilling dreams of killing innocent people and at the same time get free pass to Heaven as a martyred and awarded by Allah with plenty of beautiful “ferasta”, angels to enjoy life eternity. Not a bad idea!”

Dacritic said...

Hey Susan, in your opinion, is there a difference between radical Islam and Islam as a whole?

TAREK said...

Thanks Dr. David as usual.
Well I often wonder which holy book is used by the radical islmaist. Is it different from the quran and hadiths use by the so called modrate muslims? A bit confusingcan any muslimplease help me out. Pr. Osama BOFFOON Abdullah are you there. I know you do not like me asking you questions about islam but there is no other way out.
By the the way Dr. David I would like you if possible to please bring the following video of Zaki Naik being challenged by a Christian girl while visiting Gambia.
Zaki Naik afraid of getting corner called her sister which for me is clearly "taqquyya".
Dr. David you are the expert on this field please explore it if you have time.
Thank you

Unknown said...

@Susan Hobson

and what is difference between radical Islam and other Islam?

there can be only one Islam

you follow Muhammad's teachings or not... there is no third option

Unknown said...

Great cartoon exposing the real islam

Rita said...

It's all in the spelling:

Islam is a religion of P I E C E : one piece of you here, another piece of you over there...

kngrmd said...

I have a doubt if anyone can answer me
in recent news in Paris a 8 yr old boy claimed he is with terrorist
news article does not say name of boy
I want to know if that boy has any muslim in his house or nearby(either or one of the parents etc etc). ?Shouldn't someone taught him to say so be punished?

I want to know of that boy is a muslim. Then punish the parents. Or deport while family

Apostolicfdn said...

I failed the eye exam...that's unpossible

Apostolicfdn said...

I apparently failed English as well...that's also unpossible.

Unknown said...

@susan mohammed him self was the best example of radical islam

smalltallest88 said...

Zaik Naik, can't even differentiate Jews from Christianity. The lady from Gambia question ought to have been #1 Was. Abraham, David, and Solomon christians? What do you as a muslim understand by the word Christians? I guess with this two question, she would have left Zaik Naik wandering for how to come up with the right answers which he has none.

Islam is peace, peaceful among each other like what Quran 9:29, 9:5 and 48:29 says.

David said...

This is similar to a neurological condition muslim apologists suffer from where they read that Jesus died and rose again throughout the New testament, and are convinced the same scripture denies these very things.

TPaul said...

Ironically, you are suffering from "religion-of-peace-itis". It's time to change your optometrist.
It's traitorous people like you that are helping Islam spread it's evil roots within our societies.
While you are at it get your head checked out too. I see symptoms of brain washing in you.

smalltallest88 said...

"It only represents radical Islam not Islam as a whole"

Are Radical Islam not Islam? Maybe you need to start checking the records by yourself and for yourself so as not to end in hell.

Osama Abdallah said...

"When thou seest men engaged in vain discourse about Our signs, turn away from them unless they turn to a different theme. If Satan ever makes thee forget, then after recollection, sit not thou in the company of those who do wrong. (The Noble Quran, 6:68)"

"So leave them to plunge in vain talk and play about, until they encounter that Day of theirs which they have been promised!- (The Noble Quran, 70:42)"

The above Noble Verses are clearly speaking about those who insult Islam. And there are many more like them at:

The anti-Islamic cartoon is wrong about Islam, as always.

Osama Abdallah

kngrmd said...

Get the facts Koran says ten percent should fight and rest should work to feed them

Each and everyone are following some sort of jihad . Only ten percent following violent jihad

kngrmd said...

Muslim Girl Trying to Sue Disney-Sharia Creeping into USA:


initially get job without niqaab

When Comfortable with job come for work with niqaab. If told about Uniform policy speak racism religious freedom or

when given option to work in the back , s ay this is opresion when they can hide their veil hapily

kngrmd said...

Muslim Woman Tries To Use Shariah Law On Australi…:

TPaul said...

@Osama "The anti-Islamic cartoon is wrong about Islam, as always.

How is it wrong? Is Islam's agenda not world domination, humiliation, subjugation and taxation of those who will not eventually submit to this 7th century cult? [Read 9:29]

Does Allah not condone fighting, and chastise believers who despise it?

Does Allah not cast terror in the hearts of the unbelievers, and call for beheading of unbelievers?

So how are portraying these facts in any form, written or caricature, wrong in your eyes?

The fact of the matter is that Islam and all who follow it hate the truth, and the attempt made by anyone, to expose it's barbaric designs on the world.

Not surprisingly the internet is the worst enemy of Islam, and even though western politician lapdogs of Islam, the leftist ene-media and multi-culti ignoramuses whitewash Islam to make it palatable, more and more people (especially Muslims who are the very first victims of Islam )are realizing the true nature of this ideology of hate.

I hope some day the scales fall off your eyes, and you see the truth of Islam for yourself.

Unknown said...

I feel it's extremely important not to prejudice ourselves by assuming everyone of any particular religion feels, thinks, and acts in the same manner...

thankyou, Lindie Gibson / Livingston Montana

Unknown said...

He TPaul, I hope "some day the scales fall off your eyes" and finally see that your prophet was a evil manipulator that among so many wrong and cinical stupid things about your "religion of peace", he admmitted that he was inpired by Satan himself or what do you think about the infamous Satanic Verses of the evil Qu'ran? Explain this to everybody.

Unknown said...

Al right Lindie, but we are sick and tired of what muslims do in a country (USA) that do not belong to them. If they do not like the western way of "degenerate" life, why don't they go back to where they belong, Mecca, Medina, etc. They'll live a happy life among all muslims there and we'll live a happy "degenerate" life here. Who cares!

Dacritic said...


When a religion explicitly commands its people to fight and kill people for not thinking or acting in the "same manner", then that religion should be criticised and repudiated (refer to Quran 9:29, among many other verses).

Jasem said...

Dear Lindie Gibson:
The religion and its adherents are two different topics. The religion and its ideologies are what we preach against because they are the source and justification for the vile, violent and vitriolic acts faithful adherents practice and promote. That some adherents only observe a part of the religion does not, in any way, make their version the composite religion. God bless.

To David:
Great illustration. PC Approved. May the Lord keep you all.

kngrmd said...

Yo lindy don't be dumb man muslims are trained and brainwashes from they are born to follow the writings from koran.

If you read personality development books about luck factor( you will see things and understand things in such a way that coincides with what u truly believe) , positive attitude etc, it will say you will become what u think about all time ,

They will not see anything that is wrong in religion because their brains are wired such way from the time they are born With the help of quran.

There is overwhelmino proof man

When they are minority they are trained to follow quran . develop mild enmity, vengence, anger against all govts, told about peace passages in kuran.

In few generations slowly they introduce radical passages when they become majority by the religious clerics .

Always islam preaches enemity vengence hatred and they fail to grow in life as a community even in usa. This is fact.

Islam makes sure there is no technological development in their countries, they can't compete with any countries . They will remain poor country. ( they allow only basic education)

Bahrain , pakistan , egypt Etc are in civil war for anything and everything because people brain is full of vengence hatred enemity . They are angry on anything and everything Because of their poor state. They show it via arrogance .

TPaul said...

@ olegchavez,
Wow man! I realize in the last paragraph I should not have used the affirmative to convey a negative, but did you even read my response to Osama in it's entirety?
We are on the same side bud ...
In Christ

Unknown said...

islam is against God well the devil rejoice because is winning ..........sinner why ye die .

Unknown said...

I have a muslim friend who would not be considered radical by any means. We are good friends I call him brother and he me his sister. One day I was sadened by all the beheadings by ISIS and I asked him when he would chop off my head his answer was "When Islam is majority" so when people ask me is islam a religion of peace the answer is only if they are minority otherwise behead the infidels. Even from someone you call brother and would die for. We are still friends and i pray for him. I ask you do the same.

Anonymous said...

Tonja Prindel that's an excellent illustration of the conundrum that many of us face. Many of us, I'm sure, have very good friends who are Muslims and value the personal relationship that we have with them. But like you, I know that my Muslim friends are under compulsion to seek a world that is under Shari'a rule (despite their own personal views and feelings towards me).

Though my Muslims friends and I may agree on many things, enjoy time together and even learn from each other, this does not negate the reality that I am an enemy of Islam, even while being their friend.

The facade that Islam is a religion of peace is only maintained, as you suggested, where Muslims are in the minority. This is true also for Muslims, that is, that they are only able to maintain this belief for themselves when they are not surrounded by other Muslims.

I often wonder if my friends secretly fear what would happen to them if Islamic law became the rule of the land. We have only to look at the history of Islam from the Rightly Guided Caliphs to present time to see what happens to Muslims who are deemed not to be Islamic enough.

There is a very real possibility that our Muslims friends may one day be in need of our protection against their own, and it is with confidence that I can say they would have it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,

This is both a very relevant and prevalent issue and I thank you for bringing it up. Unless I'm mistaken, this is an open forum where all comments and opinions are welcomed so I do apologize for anyone who has dismissed you and called you a name.

You have expressed a very common and widely held belief that is supported by the media and many governments, so its acceptance is understandable.

I think what you might be saying, however, is that this cartoon does not represent all Muslims, and that is absolutely true, it does not represent all Muslims. It does however represent Islam (which is summarized in the teachings of the Qur'an and the example of the Prophet).

Despite popular opinion, the reality is that "radical Islam" is actually Islam as Mohammad lived and taught it. This is not to say that there were not some early Muslims who demonstrated virtuous behaviour, but their overriding belief was that the world needed to come under Islam by whatever means necessary.

In fact, if there was a legal trial where Radical and Moderate Muslims went to court to sue for rights to the Islamic faith, the radicals would win on the basis of primary evidence, whereas the moderate would rely completely on circumstantial evidence. The supposed "radicals" would be supported by historical evidence and the testimony derived from oral tradition as recorded in the Hadiths and Qur'an.

There are many fine people that are Muslim, but it is, in fact, their refusal to follow Islam as it was prescribed that makes them fine people.

I hope this helps in some small way to explain things more clearly.

Dacritic said...

Paige and Tonja, I believe there are also Muslims who are so ignorant of their religion that they really think Islam teaches us to be peaceful with everyone else...unless those "everyone else" starts attacking Islam. I say this not as an insult, but actually as a compliment, because I have too many Muslim friends to count, and for most of them, I don't for one second doubt their sincerity when they're nice to me, which is always. And since Islam is a majority religion where I live, and no one has been beheaded yet, so I take it these guys around me...don't know or don't actually study what Islam really teaches. Now granted, I have not actually asked them if ISIS is actually following true Islam (such questions are deemed "sensitive" in these parts - which ironically, DOES tell you something about Islam ala Charlie Hebdo), which is why I am dropping emails exposing Islam to certain influential people or groups only. I guess if I were to ask them that, then I am only going to open up a can of worms, but a can which would need to be opened sooner or later.

Which is also why I did not call Susan names but merely turned the question back to her. I was once in her position, I thought every religion has their fair share of radicals - but I suppose I now have been enlightened that most of the time it is Muslim "radicals" who kill and their actions are supported by the Quran, Muhammad and the Hadiths. That is the crucial difference between a Muslim "radical" and other "radicals".

Last week, a churchgoer said to me, that while apologetics is an effective way to evangelise, it is important not to be too caught up in the critical mood that we may be in (and we know how easy it is to get into that emotional state on an online forum). Our actions and words as Christians also say an awful lot to others about who we are.