Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Libyan Branch of Islamic State Kills Ten in Hotel Attack

How is it possible that so many Muslims, from so many different countries, are all misreading the Muslim sources in exactly the same way?
Tripoli, Libya (Associated Press) — A Libyan affiliate of the extremist Islamic State group claimed responsibility Wednesday for an attack on a Tripoli luxury hotel that killed 10 people, including an American and four Europeans.

The group, calling itself "Islamic State in Tripoli Province," said it launched the attack Tuesday to avenge the death of Abu Anas al-Libi, who was snatched off a Tripoli street by U.S. special forces in 2013 and died in U.S. custody earlier this month due to complications from liver surgery. Al-Libi had been indicted in U.S. federal court over his alleged role in the 1998 al-Qaida bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

The group identified the attackers as Abu Ibrahim al-Tunsi and Abu Suleiman al-Sudani, noms de guerre that suggest the attackers were Tunisian and Sudanese. The claim of responsibility was dated Tuesday but first appeared on jihadi forums Wednesday.

"The operation is not the last one on the lands of Tripoli... Let the enemies of God, the crusaders and their allies await what would harm them," the message read. (Continue Reading.)
To understand jihad, watch this:


Unknown said...

David, I watched recently your "Three Stages of Jihad" video and just wanted to commend you. Superb work, as usual. Very very informative and something I had not seen explained in quite that way before. Thanks and keep up the fantastic work you do.

Unknown said...

David, I recently watched your video, "The Three Stages of Jihad". Superbly done, I must say. As with all of your videos, you are again clear as day and back up what you say with numerous references to reliable and respected sources. I found the video quite informative and it presented topics I had read about separately in a manner that made them all make more sense. To see the three stages put side by side like this is very helpful because it reflects verifiable reality. For the three stages, I thought immediately of: The U.S.A.(Stealth), Northern Africa and Europe (increasingly) (Defensive) and of course Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Pakistan as easy examples of Offensive. Great job. Stay safe and keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

@ Osama Abdallah,
[Iblees] said, "By your might, I will surely mislead them all….”- Quran 38.82,
Leave your Scientific Miracles of Quran aside, but see devilish (Ibleesh) works, Muhammad performed by power of evils as stated in Quran 38.82. Out of many evils works found in Quran, only two examples are given to prove Muhammad was influenced by devils not by Holy God depicted in the Bible.

Because the Bible does not support Muhammad’s Ibleesh works, such as rape, killings, injustice to non-believers, pedophilic etc.; and there is no reference of Muhammad, he blamed the Bible is corrupted. It is natural for Muslims to blame for survival.

#1) Muhammad committed adultery having sexual relation with Zaynab, wife of Zayd his adopted son and should be punished to death by stone. But to avoid punishment Muhammad fooled his followers saying Allah approved this act by a new revelation. Osama Abdallah only devil can approve to marry a daughter-in-laws. We do not need further discussion about Quran.

#2) Muhammad at the age of 53 married a six year old girl Aisha, daughter of Abu Bakr. No comments necessary for Pedophilic.

Osama Abdallah, now you know why a rationale people do not come to convert into Islam. They know Muhammad’s tricks to confuse people by saying lie about The Holy Bible. Peoples convert to Islam who is convicted, illiterate, and frustrated about their life.

Surely God Almighty will punish Muhammad at Final Judgment Day for his deception about God’s gift for salvation to mankind. Muhammad will be blamed for today’s innocent killings, burning, looting, raping etc. around the world. He is not in Heaven nor would he ever be in Heaven. God is righteous and justice.

Any comments other than blind faith, Osama Abdallah to justify Muhammad’s marriage to his daughter-in-laws and to a minor child of six years old!!

Jason said...

David Wood , my muslim friend bring up an issue which im abit confuse and i'll study it today and please donot reply if you are not have more importance thing to do.

God a deceiver in the OT.

1 Kings 22:23..""So now the LORD has put a deceiving spirit in the mouths of all these prophets of yours. The LORD has decreed disaster for you."

2 Chronicles 18:22..""Now therefore, behold, the LORD has put a deceiving spirit in the mouth of these your prophets, for the LORD has proclaimed disaster against you."

Jeremiah 4:10.."Then I said, "O Sovereign LORD, the people have been deceived by what you said, for you promised peace for Jerusalem. But the sword is held at their throats!"

Jeremiah 20:7.."You deceived me, LORD, and I was deceived; you overpowered me and prevailed. I am ridiculed all day long; everyone mocks me"

Ezekiel 14:9.."And if the prophet is deceived and speaks a word, I, the LORD, have deceived that prophet, and I will stretch out my hand against him and will destroy him from the midst of my people Israel"

2 Thessalonians 2:11.."So God will cause them to be greatly deceived, and they will believe these lies"

thank you.

my personal email-

Anonymous said...

Dear Nojmul,

I always enjoy your contributions and the conviction you demonstrate in your comments. Thank you!

I am just wondering, however, if we can be certain about where Mohammad is? Certainly, I agree with you 100% that Mohammad is not in an Islamic Heaven (not that such a place exists). But can we know for sure what Mohammad did just prior to his death? Is there the slimmet, faintest, even ridiculous possibility that he may have accept Christ before he died?

We know that salvation is by grace alone and we have all heard testimonies from people who have committed heinous crimes who have gone on to accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour. This has included, to my continued shock and amazement, murderers and paedphiles.

It is a faint, improbable and rather slim hope, I admit, but what a glorious thing it would be to discover that God had redeemed the person we perhaps find most unworthy of redemption. This amazing love, a love that asks forgiveness for those that crucify you, is, after all, what distinguishes our God from the far-off god that Muslims seek, but never find.

I am also reminded when tempted to turn my anger against Mohammad that there is no certainty that the Hadiths or the Qur'an represent Mohammad factually. I recognize that Muslims do, so I argue from that point of view for their sake, but for myself I have to allow for other possibilities. Is it possible, for example, that Mohammad was the charismatic figurehead of a movement driven by even more diabolical minds?

Reading the Hadiths at face value, this is an often disturbed and even suicidal man who was aware, at times, that he was under the influence of demons. Were these actually lucid moments when he could have been freed from the grips of Satan? Who was it that convinced him otherwise? Who was it who killed his enemies for him? Justified his indescretions?

I'd very much appreciate your thoughts on this as you clearly have a much deeper understanding of such things.

Peace and blessings,


Dacritic said...

Nawww, it's the Jews again!!

Dacritic said...

Hey Jason. Let me see if I can help out a little. I think there will be others here who might reply as well, or perhaps David himself would.

1 Kings and 2 Chronicles: well, actually if you read the whole chapters, the king, who in this case was Ahab, was not deceived at all. Because Micaiah did prophesy the truth to him, telling him that he would lose the battle at Gilead. Micaiah was a prophet of God. But Ahab didn't listen because he didn't like the guy who only said bad stuff about him.

Jeremiah 4: Here the Lord was giving a warning to Israel to repent, especially if we read chapters 1 to 3 too, or he would bring invaders from the North. I don't see any deception here. Perhaps the others can reply better here.

Jeremiah 20: Some translations use the word "persuaded". I get the feeling that Jeremiah was getting a little weary of prophesying bad stuff (well, as long as they came to pass). But he couldn't keep it in.

Ezekiel 14: Here the Lord is giving a warning to Israel, a clear warning that he wasn't actually deceiving them at all. That if they decide to worship other gods, then they shouldn't be seeking counsel from his prophets. He himself would turn against them.

2 Thes. 2: Here the apostle Paul is telling believers not to be deceived by false prophecies from the "man of lawlessness". This "man of lawlessness" works according to how Satan does. Also, here we find that we should pray that the Holy Spirit open up the hearts of non believers so they can accept the Gospel of Christ too.

Hope that helps. Perhaps there are others here who can help you too.

Unknown said...

English Standard Version
Let no one say when he is tempted, “I am being tempted by God,” for God cannot be tempted with evil, and he himself tempts no one.- James 1:13

Let us not forget that we have been created with the image of God with enormous opportunity to flourish humanity for glory of our God, the Almighty and enjoy our life abundantly in this world.

From the beginning, we have been given independent conscience (free will) with little shortness in choosing Good from Evil. Where there is weakness, there is temptation. Temptation by evil is age old story, the First Lady of human race Eve was tempted by evil, Jesus was tempted by evil and we are being tempted by evils day and night. It is nothing new, it becomes facts of life.

But grace of God also grows many folds since beginning. It is also nothing new to mankind. By one man Adam’s fault we inherited sins from our ancestors same way by one godly man’s (Jesus Christ) sacrifice at the cross, God gave us salvation once for all. It is also facts of life that evils must be defeated, truth is victor not victim. Jesus’ cross is truth, symbol for victory over darkness, cannot be covered by false story as depicted in Quran.

We also know that there is nothing free in this world, everything costs. Our salvation from God is also not free, Christ paid for us all by His blood at the Cross. Let us adore Him. Why should we throw away God’s gift by ignorance?

Jason said...

Dacritic nojimul T.T thx for reply. im appreciate that.

Unknown said...

We need to send a very strong message to the islamic terrorist here in our country that we won't stand for them or their way of life. They and their quran need to go straight into hells fire. When are the American people going to wake up and realize obozo let them in to start jihad here on US soil. They all ready have terrorist training camps here. Thank you obozo for doing this to us, I hope you are happy now. The terrorist want your head you are not safe either. Your own people want you dead.

Unknown said...

Hi David,

Thanks for your excellent blog and analyses. I can't find a kneemail link for you. Do you have a contact form?