Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fox News Posts Latest Charlie Hebdo Cartoon

It's always odd to see news programs or articles discussing cartoons that they won't even show. (Check CNN's site to see what I mean.) Fox News originally wouldn't show the Charlie Hebdo cartoons, but it seems they've changed their policy.


akairey said...

How ever some people may feel about FOX news, they have posted many of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons, just on many of the shows they have throughout the day. I have personally seen them, so it's not "changing their policy". I for commend them for actually doing so unlike the other wanna be "JESUIS CHARLIE" news outlets.

Unknown said...

These idiots kill for this?
CNN and their cohorts are the greatest cowards in the history of western civilization. Same problem exists with the CBC of Canada. Sunnews network on the other hand have shown all the cartoons. I do not agree with the images but they have a right to express their opinion. They are guaranteed this right. Now the magazine has become very popular worldwide.

Unknown said...

Muhammad is not in Heaven right now like our Lord Jesus Christ who is sitting now at right hand of God the father that Muhammad will cry for mischievous command he gave Muslims to kill non-Muslims and sorry for these innocent blood shed for 12 journalists. But still it is good start for reconciliation and thanks FOX NEWS for coming to sense to speak truth.

According Quran and Hadith Muhammad’s aorta was severed by eating poisonous meat presented by a Jewish woman to test Muhammad’s true prophecy and was killed, proved to be false prophet (Quran 69; 44-46 and Sunan Abu-Dawud 4498).
“And if Muhammad had made up about Us some [FALSE] SAYINGS, We would have seized him by the right hand; Then WE WOULD HAVE CUT FROM HIM THE AORTA”.
Quran 69:44-46. At dying bed Muhammad to express his pain said his Aorta has been cut and thus fulfilled Quran’s Sura 69: 44-46.

Seeing is also believing, after all these blood shed due to teaching of Quran proves that Muhammad is a false prophet.

May Almighty God open up inner eyes of everybody to see His glory in this world and to find PEACE and SOLACE after this national tragedy!

Unknown said...

Could this be a tactic? I mean, if we wanted to draw them out, all anyone would need to do is start displaying these things and mocking the prophet. It would of course put innocent lives at risk but who's ready to finally bust these rat nests wide open? I say display them everywhere, like bait... The rats will come, and when they do, the people need to be ready.

Osama Abdallah said...

The Paris shooting false flag is rapidly being exposed like wild fire:

1- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FvwA4pDGZI&list=UUfZ_DOYXY1fz_i6Qn1P-q3Q

2- https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=paris+terrorist+attack+fake

3- https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=charlie+hebdo+false+flag+shooting

4- https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=paris+shooting+false+flag

5- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBPvQNua-GQ (By InfoWars.com)

6- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhakAe-tPtw (Another important video by InfoWars.com)

7- https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=paris+shooting+fake

8- https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=charlie+hebdo+shooting+hoax

9- https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=paris+shooting+hoax

10- https://www.youtube.com/results?q=charlie+hebdo+lie

Israel is false, and it's servants are false, and the neo con toilet papers who have hijacked the Bible and turned it into a tool to serve this satan are also false.

Osama Abdallah

Stephen said...

Sun News in Canada has posted these several times. In fact Sun News was the only to show these cartoons from the beginning, Fox News was a little late. Sun News also posted the Danish Cartoons.

Unknown said...

@ david wood

do you know that the fatwa you quoted (http://islamqa.info/en/22809) is , now, OFFline ^^

i think ours muslims friens are ashamed ^^

Stephen said...

Osama and his stupid conspiracy theories. This stuff is going to happen as long as Muslim refuse to own up and realize the problem is Islam. But for people Osama be can always blame the Jews Israel and if he really disparate blame Bush.

Stephen said...

The question I would ask any Muslim what would Mohammed do?

Hazakim1 said...

Osama...let me guess? The Zionist boogie man (the same one that gave you gas last night) is behind this. Did you ever stop to ask yourself if the gas was caused by those 6 chili-dogs you ate? You're a clown Osama.

Japie said...

I would go with some sort of agreement to ban offensive material such as cartoons. But then it needs to happen both ways. In the Islamic scriptures, I am called a kafir - the lowest of creatures. I am offended by that. So if muslims are willing to remove any references and teachings with regards to the kafir from islamic scriptures, then I am willing to agree on some "Lets not offend one another" kind of law

Stephen said...

Hope those dogs were Kosher OOOPS I mean Halah

Unknown said...

Who is this Osama?
How did he uncover our anti-Islam conspiracy in France?
Do we have a spy?

Well Mr Osama.
Two can play at that game. If you will not desist in exposing us then I will just have to expose a Muslim falsehood.

Yes good people, today I can exclusively reveal that the creation and continued existence of Israel is in reality a Muslim conspiracy designed to discredit Jews and the US.
Right back to the UN resolution that called for the creation of Israel the Muslims had this planned.
Obviously all Muslim nations had to vote against the resolution to cover their tracks.
What has not been reported is that their agents also bribed representatives to support the resolution. The representatives of Brazil, Costa Rica, Luxembourg, Byelorussian SSR and others were all secretly given a barrel of oil to support the resolution.
To date, none of these people has ever denied receiving this barrel of oil.
What more proof could anyone need?
The Costa Rican government was so incensed at its own rep for voting against its wishes that the country descended into civil war a year later. Coincidence you say? Don’t be so foolish, there is no such thing as a coincidence.

David Ben-Gurion the first prime minister was actually Danish bin Guler. Not a Jew born in Poland at all but in reality a Muslim born in Irbid. Every Israeli leader since has in reality been a Muslim.
Except for Yitzhak Rabin. He was an experiment where they let a Jew be the leader but tightly controlled things behind the scenes. There was a near disaster though when it looked as though he might actually achieve peace with the Palestinians. They only just managed to have him killed before the damage was done.

They also fail to tell you that the six day war only really lasted five days. Yes, so embarrassed were they by the math flaws in the Quranic inheritance system they decided to try and show that the entire rest of the world was also bad at Math.
This was just a useful side effect though. Below is what really happened.
Some Copts in Egypt found out about the conspiracy and were going to expose it to the world. Muslim agents found out what they knew and the Copts had to flee. One step ahead of the agents the brave Copts formulated two desperate plans. One, paint details of the plan onto airfields so that any passing plane could see them. Two, contact the USS Liberty which they knew was monitoring radio traffic in the Mediterranean.
The Muslims rushed into action. Planes left Israel to destroy the airfields before the Copts could paint their message. They also attacked the American ship’s listening abilities. The plan worked perfectly, the Copts were unable to make the world aware and were soon captured.
These Copts were never seen again. More proof of the lengths to which these Muslims will go to cover their tracks, as if any more proof were needed.
Jordan and Syria ceded territory after this to persuade more Jews to come to Israel and unknowingly work for the Muslim Umma.

They want you to think that Benjamin Netanyahu is a Jew. He is a Muslim named Muhammad bin Yassin. To maintain the fiction he cannot answer the call to prayer. Have you ever heard the call to prayer at his house? Of course not, point proven.
He has a wife in Israel. What you didn’t know (until today) is that he has another two wives (and 8 children) living on benefits in Leicester, UK. Of course he has never denied this. He cannot, because if he does he thinks he might accidentally divorce them under Islamic law.

Be aware Osama.
If you continue exposing the deceptions of our people then I will continue to expose your people’s deceptions.
You think I am bluffing? Well let me tell you that the next thing I will expose is how the US was conned by Muslim agents into invading Iraq. How undercover Muslims infiltrated the US army (even eating hot dogs to allay suspicion). How they committed atrocities to stir up anti-US feeling amongst other Muslims.
I know these things Osama, be warned.

ellie said...

I do not believe that CNN and the other news outlets are so much cowards as they are just in lock step with their owners some of which are far left radicals (communists/Marxists) and some are actually owned in part by Islamic interests.
These news outlets filter the news that will actually be reported to the American people and they only hire news reporters and commentators that will put the proper spin on the stories.
Al Jazeera's owner put out special requirements concerning how that news network was to handle this issue. Strangely enough that was exactly how the White House and State Department has been speaking about the subject matter as well.

David said...

'osama abdallah' is quickly becoming synonymous with mental illness. Poor guy :-(

gcm said...

Gaslighting Osama.