Friday, November 14, 2014

Egyptian Terrorist Group Ansar Beit al-Maqdis Announces Allegiance to ISIS

The United States continues its policy of dropping bombs on ISIS jihadists. Meanwhile, ISIS is rapidly expanding. Keep in mind that President Obama compared this group to a "JV team" less than a year ago. Since the JV comparison, ISIS has taken over large sections of entire nations, and jihadists groups from across the Muslim world are announcing their allegiance. This entire problem, of course, could have been avoided if the President had listened to the people who warned him that rapidly pulling the troops out of Iraq could have devastating consequences. But let's face it: Our Commander-in-Chief has never been interested in listening.
Ansar Beit al-Maqdis
Cairo (CNN)—ISIS has a new residency in Egypt, according to a YouTube message posted Sunday.

In the audio message, the Sinai-based militant group Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, or ABM, allegedly announces its allegiance to ISIS, which calls itself the Islamic State.

The roughly 10-minute clip blames tyrants and their "Jewish agents and their allies" for decades of Muslim suffering. The message also calls ISIS "the emergence of a new dawn."

If verified, this would be a new, dangerous chapter for the deadliest group in Egypt. Since 2012, ABM's attacks have grown more daring and sophisticated. The group has killed hundreds of Egyptian police officers and soldiers. The largest attack was last month in the Sinai Peninsula, killing at least 31 soldiers. Analysts put the group's numbers at from the hundreds to roughly a thousand.

While ABM's attacks, until now, have almost exclusively targeted the Egyptian government, there is growing fear that an association with ISIS could expand the threat to civilian and tourist sites. (Continue Reading.)


Unknown said...

President Obama’s remark ISIS as JV TEAM signifies his inexperience in presidency of a superpower country like America. He cries for Rahinga Muslims in Burma who fight for separate independent Muslim state within Burma, but he keeps silent protecting Christian around the world from Muslim torture.

Dacritic said...

Sometimes when I read such things I really don't know what to say but there is something I want to release and voice out. David, do you have a Christian website to educate people about Christianity? I sincerely feel with your knowledge you can help many new Christians and even long time Christians understand their own beliefs more. I don't know what to say about Obama. I mean, what does he want to achieve? Does he seriously not see that the real problem is Islam itself? Feeling tired reading about him sometimes... If we can get him to sit down with the apologetics team here and talk that'd be great.