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Should Christians Eat Halal Meat?

Christians often ask me if they should eat halal meat (i.e., meat from animals that have been slaughtered in accordance with Islamic practice). Even in Western nations, meat at local markets is frequently "halal certified," and not all packagers bother to label it as halal. Further, many Christians enjoy sharing meals with their Muslim friends, so dietary concerns may arise.

One may object to halal meat for a variety of reasons (e.g., the methods of slaughter that are employed, the serving of such meats to school children who don't get a choice as to what their school serves for lunch, the Islamization of the meat industry, etc.). However, the question about Christians eating halal meat is usually based on a passage in 1 Corinthians 10. Muslims pronounce Islamic phrases (bismillah, "in the name of Allah," and Allahu akbar, "Allah is greater") over animals as they are slaughtered, so many Christians wonder if eating the meat of these animals is condemned by the Apostle Paul. Here's the first part of the relevant passage:
1 Corinthians 10:14-22—Therefore, my beloved, flee from idolatry. I speak as to wise men; you judge what I say. Is not the cup of blessing which we bless a sharing in the blood of Christ? Is not the bread which we break a sharing in the body of Christ? Since there is one bread, we who are many are one body; for we all partake of the one bread. Look at the nation Israel; are not those who eat the sacrifices sharers in the altar? What do I mean then? That a thing sacrificed to idols is anything, or that an idol is anything? No, but I say that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to demons and not to God; and I do not want you to become sharers in demons. You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons; you cannot partake of the table of the Lord and the table of demons. Or do we provoke the Lord to jealousy? We are not stronger than He, are we?
Notice that Paul is specifically discussing meals that function as part of worship. He refers to the "Lord's Supper," in which Christians gather for a meal commemorating the sacrificial death of Jesus. He also mentions Jewish sacrifices, in which the person who brings the offering consumes a portion of the sacrifice (as do the priests).

Paul goes on to say that "the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to demons and not to God," and that Christians "cannot partake of the table of the Lord and the table of demons." Does this mean that Christians who eat halal meat are "partaking of the table of Allah," so to speak? Let's keep reading, because Paul clarifies the issue for us.
1 Corinthians 10:23-31—All things are lawful, but not all things are profitable. All things are lawful, but not all things edify. Let no one seek his own good, but that of his neighbor. Eat anything that is sold in the meat market without asking questions for conscience’ sake; for the earth is the Lord’s, and all it contains. If one of the unbelievers invites you and you want to go, eat anything that is set before you without asking questions for conscience’ sake. But if anyone says to you, “This is meat sacrificed to idols,” do not eat it, for the sake of the one who informed you, and for conscience’ sake; I mean not your own conscience, but the other man’s; for why is my freedom judged by another’s conscience? If I partake with thankfulness, why am I slandered concerning that for which I give thanks? Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.
Since Paul advises Christians to "eat anything that is sold in the meat market without asking questions for conscience' sake," he obviously doesn't care whether the animal has been slaughtered in the name of a false deity. He even says that it's perfectly acceptable to join a pagan for a meal, knowing that the meat may have been slaughtered as a sacrifice to a pagan deity.

Paul's concern is when the meal is eaten as part of worship, and the impact this may have on new or weak Christians who have been raised to think of the idols as objects of worship. Indeed, Paul's remark about the "table of demons" is connected to chapter 8, where he refers to "dining in an idol's temple" (1 Corinthians 8:10). Such meals were part of the worship of idols, and if new or weak Christians see Christians eating in the temples of idols, they may be tempted to join in the worship of the idols.

The situation is quite different at a market or at a private home. Obviously, if I don't ask questions at the meat market or I don't ask questions at a person's home, I can't be involved in the worship of a false god by consuming meat, because nothing about the deity has been mentioned to me. Yet if a new Christian, who thinks of the meat as part of the worship, tells me that the animal was sacrificed to an idol, he is clearly concerned about the religious connotations of the meal. As such, I cannot eat the meat, because "by sinning against the brethren and wounding their conscience when it is weak, you sin against Christ" (1 Corinthians 8:12).

Applying these principles to the question of halal meat, an important difference becomes apparent. Although Islamic phrases are recited over the animals when they are slaughtered, this isn't the sort of sacrificial worship Paul discusses in 1 Corinthians. "Halal" simply means "allowed" or "permissible," not "sacred." Halal meat has met basic requirements for being consumed by Muslims. This doesn't mean it was prepared as part of Islamic worship.

But even if we view halal meat as somehow sacrificed to Allah, this shouldn't be a concern, because the god of the Qur'an, like the idols of Corinth, is nothing. Hence, Christians should have no religious objection to eating halal meat, whether in a store, at a restaurant, or at the home of a Muslim friend. The only exception would be if we are in the presence of Christians who are sincerely bothered by the eating of halal meat, because they think of it as somehow honoring Allah. In such cases, Paul says that we shouldn't eat the meat (1 Corinthians 8:13).

Again, there may be other concerns about halal meat. One may object to the treatment of the animals or to the application of Sharia principles in Western industries. But if we are wondering whether Paul says that we are sinning by eating halal meat, we can see that his only warnings for us are: (1) Don't eat halal meat as part of any worship towards Allah, and (2) Don't eat halal meat if a new or weak Christian is bothered by it. Apart from those cases, the general rule is that "everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with gratitude; for it is sanctified by means of the word of God and prayer" (1 Timothy 4:4-5).

For more on this topic, here's John Piper:


Sentry on the Wall said...

The issue is not whether Halal products have been sacrificed to Allah, as meats sacrificed to Allah are not inherently sinful to eat. The New Testament is clear on that.

However, the real issue is that in purchasing Halal products in general, the funds go to Islamic groups, which all support Jihad (whether they use violent, cultural, or political methods). I will never knowingly support Islam by buying Halal products.

It isn't possible to absolutely avoid them, of course, as all products are not labeled as such. We can't control what we don't know about, and sin isn't involved in food at all, for the believer. As a moral decision, however, if a product is labeled with a Halal-based logo, I will buy and use something else.

Support of Islam in any form is simply something that I won't knowingly do, as all of Islam is based in Jihad, and Jihad requires the subjugation of anyone who is Kafir (non-Muslim). To participate in my own destruction just strikes me as something obvious to avoid.

Paul Dean said...

If you get to a stage where all meat is Halal (for the convenience of the retailers), a Muslim can say, "even Western countries acknowledge that the Quran has the best advice".

This is pretty much already the case in the UK for lamb. The biggest exporters of lamb in the world (New Zealand and Australia) make all their lamb Halal.

While acknowledging what you've said, I would add that if you have a choice, choose non-Halal.

John 8:24 said...

Actually, Christians should STOP buying Halal altogether and specifically request for non-Halal only!!! This should be done as a protest (not because it has something to do with sin). Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial!!! (1 Cor 10:23). How is buying Halal and thereby promoting a lot of other evils, including helping enforcement of Sharia and forced dumping of Halal food on the majority, beneficial for Christians or the society in general? I would say that Christians should actively campaign and join hands with people from other faiths (for example, Sikhs), animal lovers and atheists who despise Halal. There should be enough momentum created in the opposite direction that companies should start branding food non-Halal! That would be a real win for the silent majority.

Having said that, the only exception should be made when one invites a Muslim friend, who only eats Halal, over for food.

ignatius said...

Thanks for this insightful discussion. Halal meat is also sold where I live, and in some situations, such as when we are hosts to people who don't eat pork, the chances are that we will be buying halal meat. One would have to travel across town to get non-halal meat.

Tom said...

Yes, Thanks guys, for this informative discussion, I am for not buying halal just for the reason that I cannot promote, what it will propagate!

Dacritic said...

I agree that if we have a choice, we should try to go non Halal, unless dining with a Muslim friend. Besides the religious and jihad issues that have been mentioned by the brothers above, it is also about animals being conscious when they are slaughtered the Halal way. Now I know this is a grey area, but while Muslims in advanced countries might use stunning, still many others do not. They prefer the animal to be conscious. It's a personal thing. We might begin to avoid meat altogether or just eat fish. But for me, I'll do non Halal over Halal any day.

Unknown said...

The article doesn't really discuss the real problems with halal in the west - it is contributing towards the expansion of Islam in our western nations. Also it has been shown that in some countries some of the money from halal is going to support terrorist organisations. Christians need to wake up to what is going on and take action - this is one of the easiest ways we can protest against Islam - stop buying halal food or halal certified products. I wrote a blog on this topic:

David Ford said...

[Dacritic]"We might begin to avoid meat altogether or just eat fish. But for me, I'll do non Halal over Halal any day."

Meat, whatever it's labeled, is extremely unhealthy and best avoided.

"Forks Over Knives"

_The China Study_

"Dying to Have Known"

Unknown said...

I beg to differ, kindly review below comments that i wrote sometime back.
"Hi, I realized somethin’ that has really disturbed me for months now. I’m here to share my thoughts and also obtain ideas from a person/people who really understand the bible far better than I do. I’m Kenyan but currently workin’ in Somaliland (100% Islamic country). My inquiry on how muslims pray gave a shockin’ revelation- I realized the prophesy in the book of Daniel and Revelation is about Islam and it’s ideologies. Initially I thought we differed only about Jesus Christ but worship the same God, I was wrong, allah is indeed the beast that has been prophesized/talked about in the bible. Mohamed and islam are actually the antichrist for they deny the Jesus and the cross (…he who denies the Son denies the Father and he is the antichrist…). I now realize what the Bible meant by “All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast—all whose names have not been written in the Lamb’s book of life, the Lamb who was slain from the creation of the world.b “ and “..Even the elect will deceived..”. Here is the wisdom- Durin’ the last supper, Jesus took the bread, broke it and gave thanks to the Father before sharin’ with the disciples, He did the same with the wine before commandin’ the disciples/Christians to always do this in remembrance (this is worshipping God). On the contrary, People (Christians, muslims, young, old, rich, poor) are worshipping the beast unknowingly by partakin’ in the unholy communion (Halal). Muslims demand Halal materials and they impose their ideologies to everyone else. Before this ritual slaughter, the animal must face north (mecca) then allah is given thanks just like Jesus thanked God. The meat and other animal products are distributed all over for everyone to partake (worship). “……the thief came only to steal, kill and destroy…”, I link this verse to the numerous diseases that has become real mountains to mankind. Scientific researchers can only trend/link red meat/meat to diseases but cannot conclusively isolate/identify the real culprit. SDA are vegetarians by choice- they say it’s because of health reason but cannot conclusively point out issues with meat.
Muslims have infiltrated the Governments of the day through politics/democracy (the harlot) so that they can impose their ideologies throughout the world. The halal industry now involves apparel (clothes, bags, belts, shoes etc), food, infrastructure, furniture, medical industries. Some halal materials are labeled in Europe but most are not (Christians don’t care because they are not aware and God has cast deliberate delusion). In kenya, halal meat from abattoir is distributed all over for everyone to partake (worship). There are ‘boycott halal’ movements all over the world but is it too late?"

Unknown said...

I agree 100 percent with Lee Hicks. The western world is caving in everyday to Islamic pressure. How can chains upon chains of restaurant be forcing its many patrons to eat halal meat. If any body wants halal meat, they should stay away from eating what the general population eat and form their own halal restaurants. I am tired of this nonsense. Halal my foot. The liberals have gone mad.
Islam has an agenda and it is by slowly influencing the nations to comply to sharia law. Its shameful that the west is condoning this.

Sentry on the Wall said...

David Ford, the idea of meat as inherently unhealthy is simply not true. When done correctly, the low carb method of eating (high protein, adequate fat, and low carbohydrates) has been shown to be among the healthiest of the options out there (unless there are specific ailments involved, such as gout).

Agricultural-based diets promote high cholesterol, diabetes, and even at times excess weight.

Diets with meat as a staple and limits placed on anything that raises blood sugar controls blood insulin, which leads to many other health benefits.

Meat as unhealthy? Not true in the least.

smalltallest88 said...

This is really one of the question that has been bothering me for years now. In Nigeria, I don't think there are any Halal label on meat but I am sure the meat sellers in Nigeria always recite a verse of the quran before th slaughtering of the raw. Reason why I said this is that th most populated place in Nigeria where ram are breed are in the northern part of it. Th Northern part of Nigeria is mostly populated with Muslims. The people that specializes in slaughtering of rams are Ibadan's, the people who hail from Oyo State. I for one have stop eating any meat during the muslims festive period even though 80% of my friends are muslims. I don't buy the idea of eating meat that comes from the muslims. So I go non Halal and I will suggest christians all over the world should do same. Say NO to Halal meat!

Sentry on the Wall said...

Moose ouma, your comment started out well, but I believe that it went off the tracks early on.

Due to length requirements, I can't include quotes from your post, so I'll simply address aspects of it as well as I can.

Allah is not just another name for the God of creation. I believe that Islam will be the vehicle through which the Antichrist, the expected Islamic Mahdi, will come on the scene. Allah is derived from a Babylonian false god named Bel, and is not just another name for the God of creation. Islam is the many-headed beast of Revelation, though the Antichrist has not come onto the scene yet.

Mohammad and Islam in general would be of the spirit of Antichrist, for that spirit denies salvation through Christ alone and denies His deity. However, there is coming a specific individual, the "man of sin", who will be the literal antichrist. He will probably come from Turkey, and will be the expected 12th Imam, or Mahdi, that Islamists are waiting for.

All inhabitants will not worship the antichrist, and will not bow to Allah. Many will be saved during the coming tribulation, which means that they will not take the mark of the beast.
The Word states that were it possible, even the very elect would be deceived. This is actually saying that the elect will not be deceived, though it will be tempting.
Also, the Antichrist will be fighting wars for the entire seven years, and will not be the world dictator, as has been widely taught. He will cause many to take the mark, but many will not. Also, it will be a literal mark on the forehead and right hand. This simply does not refer to Halal meats.

Jesus was simply using a basic example of bread and wine to give believers a way to remember what He would sacrifice for us, the breaking of His body and shedding of His blood for the remission and forgiveness of sin.

"Accidental worship" is not possible, and eating of Halal meats does not constitute worship.
The Word is clear, there is no meat, even that sacrificed to idols, that is inherently sinful to partake of. God doesn't classify this as worship at all.
Worship is an act of the will, giving glory, attention, loyalty, and praise to someone, or some thing.
Believers in Christ do not, and cannot, accidentally worship Allah simply by eating Halal meats. This is an unscriptural stretch.

As to the rest of the comments, I will sum up here. You indicate that Christians are unaware, because God has created some sort of delusion. The deceiver/liar is Satan/Allah, not the God of creation.

Halal meats and foods pose ethical questions for each believer, and each must follow their conscience. Do they choose to partake of them? They haven't sinned or worshiped Allah. For me, the issue isn't one of meat sacrificed to idols, but one in which I will never knowingly support industries that support Islam or Islamic doctrine. This is my person choice and belief.

Know also that Mohammad was not the Antichrist (the man of sin) that was spoken of in scripture. Mohammad was a false prophet, directing worship to a false god. He was a murderer and pedophile (he married a literal child), but he was not the rider on the white horse.

This is important to know, so that you are not surprised or blind-sided when the Mahdi/Antichrist comes onto the scene. All the indications point to the tribulation coming soon, and it is likely that believers will be here for at least the first 3 1/2 years, seeing the Mahdi set himself up as Allah on Earth in the newly rebuilt Jewish temple. This will be the real advent of the Antichrist.

Hopefully the above comments are helpful for you, Moose.

Unknown said...

1 cor 10:28-29 "But if any man say unto you, this is offered in sacrifice unto idols, eat not for his sake that shewed it, and for conscience sake: for the earth is the Lord's, and the fulness thereof:
Conscience, I say, not thine own, but of the other:"

I dont think this is talking just about "weak christian" but also of nonbelievers.

Unknown said...

Lee Hicks, this delusion is caused by God himself and He gives a reason for that in 2 Thessalonians 2:" ……that is, the one whose coming is in accord with the activity of Satan, with all power and signs and false wonders,10and with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved. 11For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false,12in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness."

The text in 1 Corinthians 10 has two dimensions: 1) In the context of food and 2) in the context of worship.
Now, because the word "lawfully" appears in the text, it actually brings the whole issue to the context of food (i.e.clean and unclean foods as offered to idols).I have no problems with eating these foods for conscience sake or other peoples sake but when it comes to worship (as in the case of halal) then it takes another angle.Remember, allah that the muslims worship is not just an idol that the pegans used to worship, this allah has similarities with the beast of the Bible. My question is, would you worship satan just for conscience or unbelievers sake?

Conclusion: Avoid halal with all your effort not only because of it's support to undesired activities but because of the worship part of it. And if it is within your powers, avoid any other products from these animals mainly shoes, belts, clothing

Sentry on the Wall said...

Moose Ouma, again you miss the mark. Every idol is representative of a false god, and food sacrificed yo it I'd in false worship. Also, Satan is the one posing as each false god, do in this respect Allah is no different. Eating halal foods by believers is not an act of worship, and the Word is crystal clear about it. Sin and worship are not involved. I believe that avoiding halal products is preferred, as many groups gain funding from such sales. However, to promote the idea that halal products are different from other meats used in pagan worship and sacrifice is scripturally without merit. Avoid halal by all means, but stay on sound scriptural ground when doing so.

Unknown said...

Halal has everything to do with sin and worship according to islam, check this out:
'Eat not, Oh believers, of that meat on which Allah (swt)'s name has not been pronounced at the time of slaughtering the animal, for surely it is Fisq (a sin and disobedience of Allah) and certainly the evil do inspire their friends to dispute with you and if you were to obey them by making a dead (un-slaughtered) animal lawful and eating it, then you would indeed be Mushrikoun (polytheists)' [Surah Al Anam 6:121]

Sentry on the Wall said...

Moose, of course halal has to do with worship of Allah, that isn't the issue. Every meat sacrificed to idols (thus to the false gods) involved worship. That is the point of what is addressed in the New Testament regarding meat sacrificed in worship to any false gods.

To eat of such meat isn't sinful for the believer, no matter who the false god is. Satan is the reality behind every idol and false god, and Islam is no different in this regard. It is no more significant to eat meat sacrificed to Allah than it would have been to eat meat sacrificed to Baal. The point is the same, that such sacrifice does not cause any meat to be sinful or unclean for the believer.

From my perspective, Halal should be avoided, not due to some sinfulness of eating or using the products, but simply because some of the proceeds go to support Muslim Jihad goals. For me, this is the only reason to refrain from Halal meats.

The teaching of the Word is clear regarding eating of meats sacrificed to false gods, and there is no way to read it otherwise. Allah is just one among the many false gods, and the only thing that sets Islam apart is the probable fact that it will be the vehicle through which the Antichrist will emerge.

I'm really not sure why this is so difficult for you to get.

Sentry on the Wall said...

Moose, I thought I'd also post the verses from 1 Corinthians that deal with the subject, in case it is helpful for you. Note that any issue with eating meat sacrificed to false gods only deals with causing other believers with weaker consciences to stumble. Otherwise, they were even able to eat in the temple of the false god, knowing that there is only one true God of creation:

"1Co 8:4 As concerning therefore the eating of those things that are offered in sacrifice unto idols, we know that an idol is nothing in the world, and that there is none other God but one.
1Co 8:5 For though there be that are called gods, whether in heaven or in earth, (as there be gods many, and lords many,)
1Co 8:6 But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him.
1Co 8:7 Howbeit there is not in every man that knowledge: for some with conscience of the idol unto this hour eat it as a thing offered unto an idol; and their conscience being weak is defiled.
1Co 8:8 But meat commendeth us not to God: for neither, if we eat, are we the better; neither, if we eat not, are we the worse.
1Co 8:9 But take heed lest by any means this liberty of yours become a stumblingblock to them that are weak.
1Co 8:10 For if any man see thee which hast knowledge sit at meat in the idol's temple, shall not the conscience of him which is weak be emboldened to eat those things which are offered to idols;
1Co 8:11 And through thy knowledge shall the weak brother perish, for whom Christ died?
1Co 8:12 But when ye sin so against the brethren, and wound their weak conscience, ye sin against Christ.
1Co 8:13 Wherefore, if meat make my brother to offend, I will eat no flesh while the world standeth, lest I make my brother to offend. "

Unknown said...

The passage in the New Testament is not as clear as you may think. 1 Corinthians 10:19-21 No, but I say that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to demons and not to God; and I do not want you to become sharers in demons. You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons; you cannot partake of the table of the Lord and the table of demons.
I agree with you 100% that satan is the reality behind every idol, but I will ask just like Paul asks in the same passage “do I mean then? That a thing sacrificed to idols is anything, or that an idol is anything?” The answer is no because some idols are not just anything but demons according to Paul but according to me, one main idol is not just a demon but satan himself. Paul is also very clear in the passage that he doesn’t want as to be sharers in demons.
From my point of view, there are different forms of idol worship but the most common at that time amongst the Israelites or even some believers (not the gentiles) was worship of worthless objects (see below numerous verses to support this point). So, sacrifice to these worthless objects was of no significance according to Paul but that offered to demons was to be avoided.
For example: A person may worship a cow but anybody will eat beef knowing very well that it is another person’s god because it is insignificant. Another person may worship a stone and give sacrifices to that stone, I can still eat that meat because the sacrifice is insignificant but I will not knowingly eat what is offered to demons.
PLEASE NOTE- Use of halal is not just fulfillment of a need but worship of allah according to quran.
Here are some passages that show idols as insignificant objects.
Habakkuk 2:18 18 "What profit is the idol when its maker has carved it, Or an image, a teacher of falsehood? For its maker trusts in his own handiwork When he fashions speechless idols. 19"Woe to him who says to a piece of wood, 'Awake!' To a mute stone, 'Arise!' And that is your teacher? Behold, it is overlaid with gold and silver, And there is no breath at all inside it.…
1 Corinthians 12:2 You know that when you were pagans, somehow or other you were influenced and led astray to mute idols.
1 Samuel 12:21 Do not turn away after useless idols. They can do you no good, nor can they rescue you, because they are useless.
Psalm 115:4 But their idols are silver and gold, made by human hands.
Isaiah 44:9 All who make idols are nothing, and the things they treasure are worthless. Those who would speak up for them are blind; they are ignorant, to their own shame.
Jeremiah 2:8 The priests did not ask, 'Where is the LORD?' Those who deal with the law did not know me; the leaders rebelled against me. The prophets prophesied by Baal, following worthless idols.

Unknown said...

What you have quoted (1 Cor 8:4-13)is true for worthless objects of worship (idols) but after all that, Paul asks a question (1 Cor 10:19-21) which he then answers as follows: "What do I mean then? That a thing sacrificed to idols is anything, or that an idol is anything? No, but I say that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to demons and not to God; and I do not want you to become sharers in demons. You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons; you cannot partake of the table of the Lord and the table of demons. Or do we provoke the Lord to jealousy? We are not stronger than He, are we?"

Unknown said... that I've read this article and am aware of it...What do I do? Cos I live in Malaysia and it's 60% muslims and today I was out in the supermarket carefully looking out for the halal logo and it is everywhere !!! Even on butter and chocolate bars !! it still wrong if let's say I pray over the meal / meat / candy in the name of Jesus even though it's slaughtered or prepared in the islamic manner?

David Wood said...

Davy Jones,

Did you read my article? You're allowed to eat halal meat.

Unknown said...

David Wood et al,
Thanks for the work you are doing, i really appreciate your effort to keep people informed. So many people (christians, moderate muslims, atheists and others)look up to you but remember, if you slip, so many will go astray.
There is a difference between idols and satan.

Sentry on the Wall said...

Davy Jones, yes, you can eat halal meats. There is nothing sinful about taking in meats that have been sacrificed to any false gods, and that includes Allah. See my earlier comment with the verses from 1 Corinthians, as well as several others.

Anonymous said...

i am doing some research for a business that will be offering Halal meat - but actually the brand premise is on the "respect" that one has for the food you put on the table and share. as a Catholic i can't believe some of the ignorant and bigoted comments here....


Sentry on the Wall said...

+Adrian Woodliffe said,

"i am doing some research for a business that will be offering Halal meat - but actually the brand premise is on the "respect" that one has for the food you put on the table and share."

This is patently false. Halal meats are ones that have been sacrificed by Muslims to Allah, and often the profits associated with such items go to militant Jihadist groups.

It has nothing to do with respect for the food on the table, and is one more area of allowing Islam to have a foothold in the daily lives of others.

Adrian could not be More wrong on this subject, and the business in question should know all of the facts regarding Halal foods before choosing to carry them.

RichardAJH said...

"Halal for Muslims" is as the description says meat for Muslims only. UK slaughter laws were changed to allow Jews/Muslims to slaughter animals via their ritual methods for their own consumption. This meat along with "Kosher for Jews" should not find its way into the main food chain. For Christians it is contrary to the firs commandment to knowingly consume this meat.

WelcomebackmsBMB said...

If you buy gas for your car your money is supporting Muslims

Jon Lester said...

I can't believe how stupid most of these comments are. Halal is basically kosher, and in some places, you'll see Muslims buying meat from kosher butchers. If you spitefully eat unclean foods because you don't like Jews or Muslims, in the name of Christianity, then you're defiling your faith along with your body.

Sentry on the Wall said...

John Lester, you couldn't be more wrong, and hour comments reveal an abysmal ignorance of Islam and what is classified as halal. There is zer commonality between kosher and halal, and you should do your homework before embarrassing yourself in public in the future. All I have time to say is "wow" (with an accompanying facepalm).

Pfishman said...

For political reasons of the slaughter of Christians by Muslims in the Middle East and parts of Central Asia, Christians Should NOT eat Halal Meat at all but simple non meat items when partaking a meal with a Muslim family. I Cor 10:28 explains the principle of meat sacrificed to idol that for the sake of the Muslim family that we will not support the slaughter of our brothers and sisters in Christ. We must make out faith and convictions known to the Muslim community in grace and truth that we cannot support the slaughter of those of our faith represented in eating lamb, beef, goat in a Muslim setting.

Petzl said...

Conscientious Christians should not eat offering to other gods
Jews, Sikhs, Buddhists and Hindusare forbidden to touch Halal offerings also

Turns out Moslems are forbidden to touch "Halal Certification" also!
Food ceases to be "Halal" once "certified" as such!
"Halal Certification" calls Allah and his messengers liars!

It is clearly stated in the Quran “The food of the People of the Book [Christian or Jew] is lawful unto you and yours [Moslem] is lawful unto them.
” Sura 5 - Al-Maeda (MADINA) : Verse 5
It is clear from Sura Al-Maeda that eating meat from a Christian or Jewish butcher is lawful ( Halal )

In displeasing Allah ta`ala and his messenger, a number of curses from their Qur'an are placed upon them such as,
"And let those who oppose the Messenger’s way beware, lest some conflict befall them or a painful torment be inflicted on them." [Al-Noor 24:62]

Moslems actually familiar with their Qur'an and "Surat Al-Ma'idah [5:5]" say they already know what haram foods to avoid because it’s part of their teachings, and the list is quite small

All "Halal Certification" is doing is funding middle Eastern extortionists for terror!

Sentry on the Wall said...

Petzl, you are drawing a completely incorrect conclusion from the verse cited. The point to what he is saying is NOT that conscientious Christians should not eat meat sacrificed to idols, for he says elsewhere that it is perfectly fine for a person to do so.

What he is addressing here is the weaker faith of the one making the statement, and if it will stumble them, then abstain.

Taking verses out of context is very hazardous, for you then end up promote ideas that are absolutely incorrect. Here is the full chapter for context:

"1Co 8:1 Now concerning things offered to idols: We know that we all have knowledge. Knowledge puffs up, but love edifies.
1Co 8:2 And if anyone thinks that he knows anything, he knows nothing yet as he ought to know.
1Co 8:3 But if anyone loves God, this one is known by Him.
1Co 8:4 Therefore concerning the eating of things offered to idols, we know that an idol is nothing in the world, and that there is no other God but one.
1Co 8:5 For even if there are so-called gods, whether in heaven or on earth (as there are many gods and many lords),
1Co 8:6 yet for us there is one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we for Him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, through whom are all things, and through whom we live.
1Co 8:7 However, there is not in everyone that knowledge; for some, with consciousness of the idol, until now eat it as a thing offered to an idol; and their conscience, being weak, is defiled.
1Co 8:8 But food does not commend us to God; for neither if we eat are we the better, nor if we do not eat are we the worse.
1Co 8:9 But beware lest somehow this liberty of yours become a stumbling block to those who are weak.
1Co 8:10 For if anyone sees you who have knowledge eating in an idol's temple, will not the conscience of him who is weak be emboldened to eat those things offered to idols?
1Co 8:11 And because of your knowledge shall the weak brother perish, for whom Christ died?
1Co 8:12 But when you thus sin against the brethren, and wound their weak conscience, you sin against Christ.
1Co 8:13 Therefore, if food makes my brother stumble, I will never again eat meat, lest I make my brother stumble."

It tells us that if you eat such meat without regard to it's association to the idol, then it is just meat. If you eat it with a guilty conscience, believing it to be tainted, then don't eat it.

The idol is nothing, and the meat sacrificed to it is not inherently off limits.

My problem with Halal is that the funds raised go to the support of Islam, and that is not acceptable for me. As there is no peacable form, and as the religion serves a very thinly disguised Satan, who is masquerading as Allah, I will refrain from anything that will further his reach, scope, and effectiveness. In addition, Halal slaughter is the most cruel and brutal, which is no surprise, coming from service to the cruel and brutal false god, Allah. Halal foods are such a category for me, and I don't knowingly purchase or eat them.

However, each believer has to decide for themselves, and there is nothing inherently sinful in eating Halal foods, simply because they were sacrificed to the false god Allah. That is a wrong doctrine that seeks to exercise control and unrighteous judgment over other believers.

Take care in picking and choosing versed out of context in order to support an unscriptural teaching such as this. Your initial statement, "Conscientious Christians should not eat offering to other gods" is simply contrary to the Word.

Petzl said...

Try "1 Corinthians 10:28"
But if someone says to you, “This has been offered in sacrifice,” then do not eat it, both for the sake of the one who told you and for the sake of conscience.
Conscientious Christians need to abstain from offerings to "other gods"

As I have already pointed out "Halal Certification" for Moslems turns Halal to "Bid'ah" calls Allah and his messenger liars, also curses Moslems who partake of it. Food of the Christian and Jew is automatically Halal. Quran 5:5

Halal Certification is a scam by unscrupulous moneymen who are profiting from misrepresenting Islamic teachings.upsetting both non-Moslem consumers and devoutly religious Moslems, who are dismayed and angered that unscrupulous moneymen are profiting from misrepresenting Islamic teachings.
Moslems say they already know what haram foods to avoid because it’s part of their teachings, and the list is quite small. If there is doubt (mashbooh) whether a food is halal, a simple prayer is said over the food and it immediately becomes halal.

Ahmed said...

Lee Hicks...
It is very saddening to see how ignorant a human being can be.
Before you accuse Islam, go read about it. not from the media.
Islam is not all about Jihad. You are deeply misled.
And kafir does mean the non-muslim you ignorant. It means the one who doesn't believe in the existence of God.
Allah is same God of Christians and Jews.
I hope one day you will bother your ignorant self to read.

And it is very funny this story of yours about halal food finances supporting Jihad haha. Ah God, it is so funny-sad.

Sentry on the Wall said...

Ahmed, your post is filled with so many untruths that I can only believe it is deception and not ignorance on your part that causes them. While I won't spend a lot of time with you, let me touch on just a few falsehoods in your comment.

I have never gotten my information from the media, but from the Koran, Hadith, and Sira, and they are very clear regarding Islam and Jihad. I suggest you read them for yourself, if you have not, for the requirement to seek the supremacy of Allah through "holy warfare" is clear and unambiguous. A Muslim may choose various ways to follow Jihad, but to reject it and unite in peace with non-Muslims is not an option for Allah at all.

Islam has been about Jihad from the time that Mohammad moved from Mecca to Medina, and became a merciless warlord, adding to his pedophilia. He was the first example in Islam of murdering masses of people for Jihad who rejected him as a prophet and Allah as a god. You can lie and pretend all you want, Ahmed, but yes, Jihad is integral to Islam, always has been, and always will be.

Kafir not only refers to non-Muslims, but is one of the most derogatory terms that can be used. No, it doesn't refer to Atheists, but those who specifically reject Allah. Your deception is clear (either that, or you are mind-bogglingly ignorant of event the most basic tenets and beliefs of Islam.

No, Allah is not the God of Abraham, and never has been. Lie after lie, Ahmed. Allah is derived from two Babylonian gods, Bel (the supreme deity), and Allah (the god of rage, rebellion, and murder). Allah isn't just a generic name for God, as you well know, but is a specific name of the god of Islam. Just the Islamic view of Christ will dispel the untrue nonsense regarding Allah being the same God.

Islam teaches that Christ was just a prophet, a Muslim, and that He never died. Supposedly, another Muslim stood in for Him for some reason, being made to look just like Him. Sort of like the changelings from the Deep Space Nine TV series, I suppose.

However, the truth is that Christ was the Word, the second member of the triune God, before He ever came to Earth. He became the Son when he was incarnated through Mary, being sent by the Father, the first person of the triune God. He lived, died, and rose again, ascending back to the Father, and there is no salvation by any other way than Christ.

Not the same at all, you see. In addition, consider that formerly Christian cities have had their Christian populations nearly eradicated through violence and persecution, via instructions from the documents (and thus the god) of Islam. It is clear from the later Medina writings, that Christians and Jews who reject Allah are to be attacked and killed, and even beheaded at times.

Ahmed, grow up and show the tiniest bit of honesty, will you? Allah is not the God of Creation, but is a base pretender to the throne. He is not, and never has been, the same God, and is delighted to deceive such as you to follow him and lie for him. I have done my own research, and suggest that you do as well.

Let me issue my own challenge in response to yours: Read the Bible through, while seeking God to reveal Himself to you. As you read the Gospels, see the real Jesus, and ask yourself whether He is the Jesus of Islam, or whether He is the Savior of the world. In any case, I'll not waste more time with you, so have a good day, Ahmed.

Petzl said...

The Christian God's compound redemptive name is Lord Jesus Christ.
You also need to check out the most holy and undivided Trinity
You then see there is no similarity between Allah and our true God!
Look at the date
This fifteenth day of February in the year of our Lord, two thousand and sixteen.

Blitzmadchen said...

Asatrus should not partake in halal. We have to lobby for our dietary foods.

Anonymous said...

I am very much into health and goat meat is even healthier and leaner than chicken. Unfortunately you can only get this meat- in the US anyway- at Middle Eastern markets which tend to be halal.

So, when I want it, I go get it, olives and olive oil, grape seed oil, etc. And while I'm there I strike up conversations with anyone who will listen and leave Christian tracts in nifty places throughout the store ;)

Unknown said...

lol dont bother to explains, many ignorance people. halal mean purify, as meat u have to slaughter with respect, clean, and not torturing animal when they pray by name of Allah means, like "i slaughter this cow by name of God and bless" not for sacrifices to God! fucking idiot am telling u! ALLAH means god even christian arabs they called god as ALLAH .people are funny, in my country all food mostly halal we live in multiracial and regions country. people here knows what meaning of halal. but western or american d 1 ignorance are idiot! dont bother!

Sentry on the Wall said...

Kieka Ismael, it doesn't matter what the word means, but rather, what the actions of the followers of Mohammad are. You are absolutely wrong regarding the method of slaughter (it is barbaric, intended to inflict the most pain possible. In addition, the conditions are so unsanitary as to promote a very unhealthy product. However, that is only one factor that would prevent me from knowingly buying halal food.

I can eat food that is offered in sacrifice to the false god Allah, for he is an empty idol, and the Word tells me that the idol is nothing of importance. At the same time, the sales of such food products go directly to groups that would try and force Sharia on me and mine. I will never knowingly give money to support the pursuit of Jihad, for Islam IS Jihad. It doesn't matter whether the weapons used are violence, lies and deception, murder, rape, pedophilia, or the promotion of the oppressive system of Sharia. The end goal is the same, and is inexcusable.

Also, as with many, you falsely believe that Allah is just another name for the God of Abraham, the God of Creation. You could not be more wrong, Kieka. Allah is derived from and associated with to Babylonian deities (Bel, the supreme god, associated with the crescent moon and star, and Alla the god of violence, rebellion, and rage), and has nothing in common with the one true God of creation.

Allah is a base pretender, and I would never give money to any industry that promotes the worship of this false god, and that promotes the subjection of all who reject him and his pedophile prophet, Mohammad.

You can toss out all of the ill-informed insults that you want, but Allah is just as corrupt, violent, and absolutely false.

Unknown said...

What really matters in this case,is the intension of buying and eating,if your intension is to eat for food i dnt see the problem.
But about the money funding jihad,then is high time to boycott.

Unknown said...

I wish to feed poor children in my community. The problem is as a chrstian am i forbiden drom cooking and serving halal food to the children who eat this meat