Sunday, September 28, 2014

Somali Adulteress Safia Ahmed Jimale Stoned to Death by al-Shabaab

Sharia continues to gain ground in Somalia.
Al-Shabaab Jihadists
MOGADISHU, Sept 27 (Reuters) - Somali al Shabaab militants stoned a woman to death in the southern town of Barawe on Friday after a court they had set up declared her guilty of adultery, the militants and witnesses said.

The group, which pledges loyalty to al Qaeda, has waged an armed campaign to impose its strict interpretation of Islamic Sharia law. Forced out of many areas of the east African country by African Union forces and the Somali army, al Shabaab is keen to show it has authority over areas it still controls.

Hundreds gathered to watch the killing of Safia Ahmed Jimale in an open field. The 33-year old mother was buried up to her shoulders and pelted with stones by masked al Shabaab fighters and local men.

Some in the audience vomited, said resident Ahmed Abdullahi, who was in the crowd. The killing was witnessed by the al Shabaab governor for the region.

Her body was then dug out of the ground and carried away for funeral prayers, Abdullahi said.

A man who presented himself as an al Shabaab judge said Jimale had confessed to having three husbands. He said the three men were not aware they were married to the same woman and had testified against her.

Jimale had admitted her guilt before the court and declared she was ready to be stoned to secure God's forgiveness, said the unidentified judge.

Courts set up by the militants do not allow legal representation or appeals. Jimale's family could not be reached for comment.

Islamic practice in many Muslim countries permits a woman to have only one husband but a man can have as many as four wives. (Continue Reading.)

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TAREK said...

Hello Dr. David and family!
Thanks for the information.
Well I ' d use this opportunity to ask muslims about this act please? How do you justify it pr. Osama BUFFOON Abdullah? BTW where you, you have joined IS or what?
Muslims: Where is the verse that justify this act is the quran?
Imam: Please do ask Aisha
Muslims: Yes Aisha where it?
Aisha: uh uh Well let us ask the goat?
Muslims: Goat where it?
Goat: I ate it.
Good day and MAY GOD BLESS you all Dr. David and team and family.