Thursday, September 25, 2014

Anjem Choudary and Eight Other Muslims Arrested in UK Terror Raids

My two-time debate opponent Anjem Choudary (click here and here for our debates) has been arrested as part of a terrorism investigation. Will the Islamophobia never end?
Daily Mail—Radical preacher Anjem Choudary was one of nine men arrested early this morning as part of an investigation into Islamist terrorism.

Choudary, 47, and eight other men aged 22, 31, 31, 32, 36, 38, 39 and 51 were arrested by Metropolitan Police officers in London this morning, and have all been taken to police stations - where they remain in custody.

His arrest came shortly after he posted a series of nine tweets at about 5am today with an anti-Western tone, referring to the ongoing crisis involving ISIS militants in Iraq and Syria.

Muslim activist Abu Izzadeen - born Trevor Brooks - is also among the nine men arrested.

Some 19 residential, business or community premises were being searched today as part of the investigation, Scotland Yard said.

Eleven of these were in east London, one was in west London, one was in north-west London and five were in south London - while a residential address was also being searched in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire.

A police spokesman said: ‘These arrests and searches are part of an ongoing investigation into Islamist-related terrorism and are not in response to any immediate public safety risk.’

Officers confirmed that the nine men were arrested on suspicion of being members of a proscribed organisation, supporting a proscribed organisation and encouraging terrorism.

Al-Muhajiroun is understood to be the banned organisation in question, sources said this morning.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Choudary said he has no sympathy for Alan Henning, a volunteer aid worker who was captured in Syria.

ISIS militants threatened to behead the 47-year-old in a video released earlier this month, which showed the murder of another British man, David Haines.

Choudary is reported to have said: ‘In the Koran it is not allowed for you to feel sorry for non Muslims. I don't feel sorry for him.’

Choudary co-founded the now banned group al-Muhajiroun. Fanatics Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, who were both jailed earlier this year for the brutal slaying of Fusilier Lee Rigby, were both seen at demonstrations organised by al-Muhajiroun, before it was banned. (Continue Reading.)


Stephen said...

Being arrested is one thing being convicted is another. The man is a very crafty and shrewd lawyer and should not be under estimated. My persona; view is the Brits do not have the stomach to pursue this beyond an arrest for political gain.

They not only need a conviction they need a very long term imprisonment.

Actually what needs to done is make being convicted of terrorism and treason a capital offence. Beheading should be the way the sentence is carried out and then stuff his carcass in a pig skin and mail it to Mecca.

Allahu Akbar

ignatius said...

Arresting Anjem is long overdue. His citizenship should be revoked and he should be deported. I doubt that it'll happen, though. And he is just the tip of the iceberg.

Isaac Kandasamy said...

Hey Mr David,
I know this is not the place for this post but couldn't find a way to contact you. I have few questions to ask you to improve my knowledge but is there anyway I can contact you in a private chat or email? I tried to look but did not find it.

Unknown said...

Thanks God British intelligent finally got wisdom to find Anjem Choudary is nothing but a fanatic terrorist. It won’t be overstated to say that Islam is religion of terrorism and sharia laws are laws of devil, laws of dark age.

Question should be asked, does Sharia laws improve quality of Muslim lives in Muslim countries? Answer is no. Pakistan is example where Muslim Allah’s Sharia laws are code of people’s life but people of Pakistan are most corrupted in the world and the country became a failed state.


Anjem Choudary is very honest man, he is reading the same Qur'an, as i am. While we are reading the Qur'an, it say the same thing, which Anjem Choudary is saying ;)

smalltallest88 said...

Aren't this the people that preach peace about Islam?Islam is peace they preach. ISIS is not Islamic. The word jihad means holy war against oneself. I really tire for this muslim people trying to coin another meaning to what their so called holy book written from god meants.

Anonymous said...

they finally got 'andy' ... ? ... we feel no pity for alledged criminals.

Dacritic said...

I am getting more and more disillusioned with British authorities and Britain in general. Is it just me, or is London and the rest of the UK becoming a hotbed for the spread of Islam, and therefore terrorism? If an ignorant, stupid person who does not bother to read converts to Islam, it probably won't bother so much because he won't know anything about what Islam really teaches anyway (which is the case for many of my countrymen). But if smart, educated people convert to Islam, it's bad, because they will read, and they will understand what Islam is really trying to say, and then become terrorists. You guys heard of "Jihad John" already? Another suspected Brit.

Answering Judaism said...

Choudary belongs in a prison.

BondiJack2017 said...

He belongs behind bars forever.

Answering Judaism said...

Indeed Bondi

Radical Moderate said...

Amjem and all Muslims should be deported to the Islamic state. It makes no sense to keep Muslims in western nations now that they have a Caliphate.

Sisgp said...

I wonder if he will be free to preach his hate and push islam on the general prison population?