Friday, August 8, 2014

Islamic State (ISIS) Takes Hundreds of Yazidi Women Captive as Sex Slaves

Muhammad allowed his followers to take women captive as sex slaves (click here for sources). Yet the world is shocked when the Islamic State (ISIS) follows Muhammad's teachings by taking women captive as sex slaves. Will the media ever realize that some Muslims actually take Muhammad's teachings seriously, and that we therefore need to examine Muhammad's teachings?
Yazidi Women Fleeing Islamic State
BAGHDAD – Hundreds of women from the Yazidi religious minority have been taken captive by Sunni militants with "vicious plans," an Iraqi official said Friday, further underscoring the dire plight of Iraq's minorities at the hands of the Islamic State group.

Kamil Amin, the spokesman for Iraq's Human Rights Ministry, said hundreds of Yazidi women below the age of 35 are being held in schools in Iraq's second largest city, Mosul. He said the ministry learned of the captives from their families.

"We think that the terrorists by now consider them slaves and they have vicious plans for them," Amin told The Associated Press. "We think that these women are going to be used in demeaning ways by those terrorists to satisfy their animalistic urges in a way that contradicts all the human and Islamic values."

The U.S. has confirmed that the Islamic State group has kidnapped and imprisoned Yazidi women so that they can be sold or married off to extremist fighters, said a U.S. official who spoke on condition of anonymity because the information came from classified intelligence reports. There was no solid estimate of the number of women victimized, the official said. (Continue Reading.)


Colleen Wasner said...

Thank you for posting this article. The 'left' is up in arms, as we all know, over Palestine and yet remains silent as we see countless savage acts throughout the whole world at this point. Redundant to you, of course. It would be nice if people were more concerned about offending the Constitution than a miserable religion that has wreaked and continues to escalate its wreaking of unprecedented mass violence.

I am continually told not to offend people who are offending my ancestors who fought for freedom. I worked in the World Trade in the 90s. They obviously want to kill me. They have no need for my Constitution or freedom. Why are they here, again? Could you please tell me?

Please Note: Do the women protesting here in the US against Israel have any clue as to the fact they would not be allowed to even have a position in those countries?

My position, humble as it may be, is this: deportation of those who do not wish to follow the laws of this country.

Hopefully others will come around too, and realize that as they weep for the Gaza babies, the Islamic State did not weep for the 911 victims, but celebrated instead.

Thank you for your clarity and for educating me further about what the Koran actually says. I am passing the information along, hoping that people will wake up.

You are doing an immense service. I have felt very alone in my feelings, and when I express concerns for little girls Islamaphobe!!! is what I hear back, in shouts. You must get it tenfold.

May reason prevail.


Unknown said...

Where are the muslim outcries, where are the muslim streets that last week yelling allahu akbar" save Gaza, Save Gaza". Why do the progressive right groups denounce the barbaric treatment of children and women by the Isis in Iraq. The fact is crystal clear , the muslim world can't denounce ISIS because by so doing they would have to renounce islam its god and its prophet for ISIS just follow the commands of allah and muhammad as outlined in the quran and the adiths. And the progressive right can't cry out either because by so doing they would offend muslims.

judenewman said...

I can't recall ever being so distressed and heartbroken as I have been with the news coming out of Iran. I pray continually for these people firstly that they will turn to the one true God through Jesus Christ Lord and Saviour, and that they will get the help they need.I have seen true evil now and though I know I must pray for all people to come to the knowledge and faith in Jesus, I find the prayers stick in my throat.
I imagine this is how many felt during the holocaust, who felt so helpless not being able to do anything, though I can pray for them

goethechosemercy said...

The Left has no claims on human dignity or its protection.
Whatever claims they did have to charity in the last century are eroding so fast it's a wonder any of them can stand straight.

Unknown said...

Where is the outcry from the so called Hollywood celebrities and feminists. This is totally abhorrent. It is a sad sad day indeed when we can keep on with business as usual and there are hundreds of women in captivity and degrading human conditions in Nigeria, Iraq and elsewhere.
Islam is filthy and the followers need Jesus Christ.

Michael C said...

“Bomb Denmark, so we can invade their country, and take their wives as war booty”, shouted a demonstrator hoarsely in London. He can be seen on the internet (
The Koran has a chapter headed “Spoils of War”. The Religion of Continuous War follows its seventh century model. It should be no surprise that it shows seventh century qualities.
Islam is not modern, diverse, inclusive, or multi-cultural. Get over it.