Saturday, August 9, 2014

Dearborn in Uproar over High Rank on Terrorism Watch List

Dearborn residents are understandably upset that their city ranks second on the U.S. terrorism watch list. I was a little confused when I saw that thousands of residents are supposedly on the list. I know lots of people in Dearborn, and they're not terrorists. However, after watching the following exchange between Osama Siblani (of the Arab American News) and Richard Thompson (of the Thomas More Law Center), I think I figured out what's going on. Siblani isn't a terrorist, but he openly supports Hezbollah (a terrorist organization) and says that the U.S. government engages in terrorism. The U.S. government is probably adding people who support Hezbollah to the watch list, even if the people are otherwise peaceful and moderate. Since many Dearborn residents support Hezbollah, this is likely the reason for the high numbers.


Mike said...

osama is clear following the "explanatory memorandum" to a T he along with many many others are using the constitution to tear down Americas walls of protection from tyranny from within.

Tom said...

This guy osama said "..I love this country more than you.."
Now, where did we hear this sort of refrain before, hmmmmm AH YES,
"... We love Jesus more than you"!

muslims always point the finger at others, In this case he says America is wrong to label, hizbellah, hamas etc as a terrorist organisation!

islam just makes them so incoherent & illogical!

Anonymous said...

The hosts are clearly not able to allow a fair, even discussion between Richard Thompson & that other guy. The Hezbollah lover is allowed to interrupt Thompson all throughout, without any attempt to muzzle him. Such behavior would earn him a sound cudgeling in a truly sane & rationale society.

Unknown said...

"...I love this country more than you.."

Why then? It's becoz of it's freedom..!!! Freedom where you can't practise in many Islamic country, including which is under Hezbollah... Moron...

Kafir said...

The Islamist terrorist believe in violent Jihad and that deceiver on the show believes in stealth Jehad (cultural Jihad) but both have the same goal, same agenda and same religious motivation. He is more dangerous than the stupid terrorists, you cannot see and feel his acts under the blanket of lies but when you come to know than it will be too late. They will use our secular laws to paralyze our own systems and culture. Day after day you will see more demand from them by the name of religious freedom. So politicians should put a line on religion that it cannot cross that line. They should not get extra treatment by the name of their religion. It is great and divine for them but not for us. There are other religious people also live in this country but they do not have any intention to destroy our civilization and culture and replace it with Islamic sharia laws. Because of our spineless politicians, oil addicted lobbyists, one eyed bias medias and blind and clueless citizens they do not care to declare their agenda openly and publicly. If you really interested about their intentions, goals, agendas, religious motivations, Please do not ask any person who lives in the western countries they will deceive you, it is permitted in their religion so go and ask the people from Islamist countries you will get the right answer because they are not out numbers there. "15"Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. 16"You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they?…" Matthew 7:15. All terrorist's, (violent or non violent) goal is to take over USA because it will be easy for them to take over other countries(piece of cake). If you able to control the head then other parts of the body automatically come under your control. Be cool don't be fool. Make sure this is their long term goal even if it takes 1000 years. Do not fear to tell the truth, maybe people will call you racist or bigot but make sure if you are really raciest and bigot then you would hate all race except yours all religions except you religion. Israel and Hamas war we noticed thousands of peoples(specially Muslims and their sympathizers) protest violently on the street and destroyed government and public properties all over the world by the name of Innocent children and women and human rights but did you see any protest at all for the minority people of the Iraq savagely killed and chased out from their home by Islamist terrorist? Did you see any protest at all against Boko Haram Islamist terrorist group who kidnapped and raped over 230 Christian girls and every day killing Christians because of their faith? Did you see any protest when the sympathizer of Muslim brotherhood destroyed over 100 of ancient Churches and killing and raping the Copt Christians? But we saw a big destruction and killing around the world when someone made a movie about their prophet. So if you do not protest or tell the truth soon you will be the victim of this foreign culture. Thanks.

Unknown said...

For the life of me I don't understand why we have to put up with this. Muslims who live in USA get their citizenship but they are not loyal to USA. Just today I was having a conversation with a Muslim friend and what I was asked is this.
Muslim:" how do you know that isis is oppressing Christians and yazidis in Iraq?"
Me:"these are facts and I follow the news"
Muslim:"the media is Jewish (end of story)"
Me:"why do you believe that their is genocide committed by Israelites in Gaza?"
Muslim:"I follow the news and media."
How many "Muslim Americans" protested against al-qaida killing the US General in Afghanistan, which happened last week.....none.
Why? Cuz he's just an American that's all.
America needs to wake up before these rats take over this country.

Dacritic said...

For America to wake up, you have to fire your president. The one who calls himself Christian but so willingly indulges Islam. How far is he into his second term? He's trying to be cool by being very accommodating to Muslims, but has not studied the Islam ideology enough. He goes to a Muslim country, and visits a bloody mosque! What business does he have with a mosque only God knows. Get someone into the White House who is not afraid to upset Islamic apple carts, who is willing to do what this blog does, and expose Islam for what it really is. Maybe the new president can hire David and Sam and Nabeel as professional debaters. Any Muslim coming forward asking for "extra rights" will be asked nicely to defend his faith with these debaters. I'm not joking.